Watch out for these types of people! (Make sure to read!!)

Hi there,

I received over 50 emails from people who met with a “psychic” with a neon sign out front that ripped them off. I wanted to share these with you! So I decided to write this email to help people avoid this!

Here are some of the emails I recently received:

Dear Tana,

This psychic I went to told me I had a curse on me, and that she needed to remove it,  She told me that she needed $300 dollars in cash, and that when I give the cash to her, that she would deliver it to the temple that she worked out of, and pray at the temple to remove my curse.

I gave her the $300 cash, and I never heard from her, or saw her again. 

Tana, I am so glad I found you! You told me many things no one could have known. You never asked me for more money to remove any “curse”, and you were very accurate! 

You were 100% right! My dog did come back home, after having been missing for two weeks! I cried when I saw him standing at my front door! Just like you told me he would do! 

Thank you so much Tana!

Paula G. – Salt Lake Ctiy, Utah

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I also like this one too! This one really blew me away!

Dear Tana,

I wish I had found you before I went to the first psychic I went to. She also told me that I have a psychic curse around me, and that it needed to be removed. She first asked me for $200 dollars, and said she would use it to buy candles to burn, as she prayed to remove my curse.

Not knowing anything about psychics, I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to give psychics extra money to remove curses. So I gave her the $200 cash.

When I went back three days later, to let her know I was still having the same problems, she told me the power of the curse was so powerful that she would need an extra $500 to remove it. She guaranteed me that it would be gone this time.

A week later, I went back to see her to let her know I was still having the same problems, and a young girl came to the door. She told me that the psychic no longer lived there! I believe she was still there, but she just took my money, and didn’t want me to think she was there anymore.

After my first reading with you, I knew what a real psychic was supposed to be like. You never ask me for any money to remove a curse, as a matter of fact, you never even mentioned anything about a curse.

You’re reading was so accurate, I was blown away! You were 100% right, I didn’t win the lawsuit, and I did end up getting the full amount that I asked for – just like you predicted I would!

I’m so glad they’re honest psychics like you in the world. 

A life long fan,

Tammy C. Mobile, AL

I always warn people, if a psychic has a neon sign out front, they are a charlatan! There are no exceptions to this – period! Some people won’t listen to me, and will still visit them! That’s fine! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Now I know I’m going to receive emails from people telling me they went to a psychic, who had a neon sign out front, and this psychic helped them! The psychic even told them things about themselves that they couldn’t have known. I think that’s fantastic! And I’m glad they didn’t get taken! But neon signs equal charlatans – period!

Dear Tana,

I know you said in past emails that psychics with neon out front are all charlatans, but I didn’t think ALL of them could be charlatans like you say. So I went to one in my town. Her palm reading was only $20 and I wanted to see if I could find an answer to a problem I had.

She told me things that seemed very psychic, and she even told my why I was having my problem. She told me I was filled with a curse from my past life. She said if I didn’t get myself cleansed, my life would end in tragedy within one year! I was so scared. She said for only $800 she could remove the curse, and I would live! So I paid her the money.

Two days later she called me and told me the curse was worse than she thought. She said my family was also in danger of dying! She said she needed another $1000 to save my family from dying too! I paid her the money, because I was scared.

She kept this up for over a year, and I was so scared, I ended up paying her over $20,000 in cash! I know it seems silly, but at the time I was very scared! I wish I had listened to your emails. I would be $20,000 richer if I had!

I then had a reading with you, and your reading was nothing like hers! You told me things no one could have known, and you also accurately predicted the new job I would land! Ironically, it paid $20,000 a year more than my old job, just like you predicted it would! Maybe the universe was paying me back the money i lost

Thank you Tana, I wish I had listened to you in the first place.

Anne L. – Vega, TX

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I don’t have a problem with people visiting other psychics, I just have a problem with psychics who have “gone to the dark side” and take thousands of dollars from innocent people! So I hope you will take this advice, and save yourself from being taken by these charlatans!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Please email me and say hello! I love hearing from people and I feel like I haven’t heard from you in awhile!

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  1. Sam B says:

    There will always be the 1% or more difference so they aren’t all scammers, however this does not dispute the majority are. Depending on whether you have to pay them before you start or at the end if the session, if you wanted to, you could rip the scam right open by playing them at their own game, which I find slightly amusing.

    First, there’s the spiritual knowledge test. This ones debatable since everyone’s at different stages of what they know. For example, you could tell them you’re a possible starseed but want confirmation. If they ask you “what’s a starseed” or look at you funny, that’s strike 1. A typical psychic will recognize the significance of what a starseed is. I.e. soul origin in some cases.

    If they continue and say “Yes you are one” but don’t say what, or alternatively say something that’s not a race of starseed origin, strike 2. There’s tons of stuff on starseed race origins online if you want to know in detail what they are. There’s at least 50+ of them I think, but again, research may be needed.

    However saying this, I know many of us are still learning and I personally have done a significant amount of research in spiritual culture and lore. However, I haven’t seen anyone use the terms “lightworkers”, “starseed” etc being used aside from myself. In fact I am the only one who even mentions these at all, despite them being popularly known by the spiritual community. Even Tana hasn’t of yet. Am I to assume no one knows about such topics or those who do are just keeping quiet. I’m the only one who knows about and/or mentions anything like the Lyrans, Pleiadians, starseeds, lightworkers etc. I’m not bragging, in fact I’m just wondering if anyone does know of them? And I mean previous knowledge of my mention? For a popular and somewhat significant part of spiritual culture, why are they almost unknown here?

    The one that is mentioned is “light seeker” which is kinda the same, yet opposite of a lightworker. Light seekers seek spiritual knowledge etc. We’re all under this category. Lightworkers, do essentially the same but make it their life’s mission to do good and help in any way they can. If you’re the good Samaritan type, a teacher, doctor etc, you’re likely a lightworker.

    Strike 3 would be if they attempt to correct you in a certain fashion: “No, no I’m right, I’m the psychic here, not you!” I have not yet met a psychic face to face or confronted a scam artist, however I have had significant psychological insight, primarily due to past experiences. My strategy tends to involve to out logic, however, not to undermine which can be easily mistaken. Even Tana has said in the past that attempting to test a psychic directly isn’t a good idea as they make not appreciate or take offence. This strategy is not to undermine them, especially if they are genuine. I just don’t usually take anyone’s word for it in preference of personal deep investigation.

    Secondly, there’s the psychic ability test. This revolves on them having to fall back on their so-called “abilities” if they are con artists.

    If they say they need to “pray at a temple” ask to go with them. If they deny, strike 1. Strike 2 is that you don’t need a temple to pray, they can just do it right infront of you. If they deny, that’s the second strike. Even if you’re religious, you don’t necessarily need to go to church to pray despite being the house of god which might amplify etc…

    Strike 3 is that they ask in cash, so there’s no paper trail. That’s obvious.

    Strike 4 is if you’re a psychic sensitive and you sense deceit or alternatively if you test ‘their ‘abilities’ by a trial. Aka pre-emptive observation. Not by testing their abilities directly but just by observing them in front of you:

    Do they look shifty?
    Do they not act like a true psychic should if you aware aware of genuine spiritual practice?
    Do they constantly ask for money?
    Do you sense deceitfulness in their practice?

    I also advise recording either audioally or visually. Some may not like it which is understandable, however you could say its for family and to say that it could be used do you could recommend them to friends when in reality can be used as proof. There would be no reason for a true psychic to deny this as this would only serve as a testament that they’re genuine. A con artist may realize this could be used as evidence against them and deny. That’s a strike right there. If a psychic wants to prove they’re genuine, let them have a public audience.

    I know that some frauds do it in public deliberately to advertise their cone etc however this is primarily 1on1 based.

    If you don’t agree with my statement then I can only say to do your own research and see for yourself. My ramblings can only go so far!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you I agree with you totally I have been to a few myself and your right

  3. malena says:

    thanks. i know the cons are out there as in my younger days i did fall for a few. it is sad how they take advantage of someone when they are heart broken , depress and seeking a way out. thanks tana blessings

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