5 Ways Psychic Readings Can Help Your Company

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A good psychic can give you invaluable guidance on your company’s well being.

Psychic readings are not just for matters such as love and relationships, although many of my clients have said that their love lives have greatly improved after they had a psychic reading with me.

But as effective as an accurate psychic reading can be in helping solve romantic problems, or preventing break-ups, a good psychic can also give you invaluable guidance on your company’s well being.

The Physical Working with the Spiritual


There’s a word often used in relation to business people, specifically those who own or manage companies. That word is “hard-nosed.”

Someone who is hard-nosed is highly focused, with tough and often unyielding opinions based on solid research.

Running a company requires a strong focus on what is material or physical. This includes numerous documents, data, contacts, equipment, systems and processes, and other things that need to be experienced by the physical senses.

So, how is it possible for a psychic reading, something that accesses the Spirit World, to have any benefit at all for a company?

Can the physical harmoniously work with the spiritual? Yes!

Won’t they clash? Not at all!

In fact, a company that seeks help and guidance from the Spirit World can ultimately gain the upper hand among its competitors.

Becoming Successful Through the Help of a Psychic


You may have noticed while reading my posts, that I often present the endorsements of other credible people or institutions that have had experiences which support what I’m saying.

The reason is, aside from helping you to see the bigger picture, it also gives you priceless information about the experiences of others who were in your same situation, but were able to move successfully out of it.

Here’s a case in point – Fortune.com recently came out with an article about how psychics are helping business executives to succeed in their undertakings.

In the article titled “These execs say psychics are helping them make a fortune” by Polina Marinova, published September 21, 2015, it was described how one of the top realtors in Toronto relies on her psychic for business advice and protection:

“Ask Gillian Oxley how she became one of Toronto’s top realtors with roughly $100 million in sales a year, and she will talk about Colette Baron-Reid.

“She’s my secret weapon,” says Oxley.

A client since 2013, Oxley phones Colette Baron-Reid once a month for her advice on a wide range of business opportunities and client pitches.”

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Steve Jobs, who was the head of Apple, was said to have availed of a corporate spiritual adviser.

Fortune gives more details about the seemingly unusual, but excellent and effective partnership between the business world and the Spirit World:

Its well known that successful professionals have a coterie of advisers investment advisers, leadership coaches, personal trainers but for a small, but growing number, that network also includes so-called intuitive counselors and spiritual advisers more commonly known as psychics. The late Apple chief Steve Jobs reportedly appointed a Zen master to serve as a corporate spiritual adviser.

Steve Jobs! The Man truly had a good grasp of the fact that there was more to life and business, than what could be seen by the naked eye. Jobs was a brilliant trailblazer, and the fact that he gave his trust to a spiritual adviser to counsel him about his corporate concerns speaks volumes of how much he truly knew.

Feng Shui Masters: Helping to Rearrange Business Psychic Energy Flow


But it’s not only in the West that spiritual practitioners have been made welcome by the corporate world.

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Masters of Feng Shui, like psychics, also provide valuable guidance to company owners and employees on how to best use the flow of psychic energy in their places of work.

In the Eastern part of the world, masters of Feng Shui (pronounced as “fung shway”), like psychics, also provide a lot of valuable guidance to company owners and employees on how to best use the flow of psychic energy in their places of work.

The ability to sense where to place certain objects, to avoid bad luck or attract good luck, is an ability that is highly trusted by business owners in several countries in Asia.

There have been many success stories about businesses using feng shui, which is why it’s gaining traction even here in America.

Just the same, Americans are more comfortable with what they are already familiar –  psychic readings.

So, it’s not really a question of which is better to use for helping your company, whether it’s feng shui or the best psychic readings. The real question is, how exactly can a psychic reading for business benefit your company?

Here are 5 ways that can steer your company on the way to success by getting a psychic reading for business purposes.

1) A Psychic Reading Can Identify Problem Areas in Employee-Employer Relationships


Negative vibes or vibrations are among the things a psychic easily senses. It does not matter if the vibes are deeply hidden. Psychics can see with their Third Eye if there is a bad feeling between employers, managers, supervisors, and the other employees.

A psychic reading can give guidance as to how to resolve such situations, in order to create harmonious working relationships which are favorable to higher productivity and better morale.

2) A Psychic Reading Can Also Help a Business Owner to Understand the Most Favorable Times for Projects or Campaigns


Psychics can look into the Spirit World and check whether the forces of the Universe are positively aligned with each other.

For example, astrological influences such as Mercury Retrograde can have a confusing effect on business processes and systems. As such, when Mercury Retrograde is about to happen, a psychic can tell the company owner or managers in advance, what to expect, so they can sufficiently prepare for it.

Aside from astrological factors, a psychic can also do an “extra-sensory sweep” of the company premises, to determine if there are psychic energy vampires within a team, draining the strength of the team members. This sweep doesn’t even have to be done onsite. The psychic is capable of doing an extra-sensory sweep remotely.

3) A Psychic Reading Can Inform a Company Owner If There Are Psychic Energy Speed Bumps That Can Delay Success


Psychic Energy speed bumps often come in the form of employees that perform substandard work. This can be due to difficult Karmic relationships between employees, or even within management.

A psychic can uncover the defective relationships that are due to bad Karma. Once identified, the psychic can recommend ways for the karmic debts in the workplace to be erased.

4) A Psychic Reading Can Let a Company Owner Know Which Competitor is the Most Dangerous to Their Business Interests


Imagine knowing which of your business rivals pose the biggest threat to you. You’d be able to pro-actively strengthen your defenses. You could also come up with alternative plans as back-up support, in case your competitor does something unexpected.

5) A Psychic Reading Can Uncover Security Risks within the Business


Security risks are not always physical, such as doors carelessly left open, passwords passed around, or business documents not kept hidden properly.

The worst security risks are actually those that do not exist yet, but run the risk of developing, due to certain dynamics within a company, such as the personal needs of employees conflicting with business goals.

A psychic can predict when such risks to business security can happen. For example, a psychic will know if a strike or sit-down is likely to happen, or even if company secrets are being gossiped about during breaks.

The examples here are only 5 of the many benefits to be gained by getting a psychic reading for your company.

If you’re a business owner, a company manager, or an employee who is interested to know more about getting intuitive advice to help your company grow, let’s talk about it in more detail during a psychic reading.


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