How To Get A Third Eye Alignment At No Cost

There are going to be many major changes throughout the rest of 2023 that are going to affect everyone! No one will be unaffected!

I was channeling two days ago and when I returned I had typed over six pages of predictions. Well, actually Macar used my body to type all of those predictions.

Channeling is how I energetically connect with Ascended Masters, and allow them to use my coal cords to speak through me! I do not remember anything when I channel. It feels like I fall asleep and have a beautiful dream – yet I am still conscious.

In a nutshell, what he typed was that 2023 is going to be a year of major transitional change which will involve the energetic rebalancing of the blue and violet light rays.

This is going to cause a major shift in consciousness all over the entire planet! In other words, there is going to be a major planetary house cleaning!

This is a good time to place quartz crystals around your home, office, and in your bedroom. Small pieces, about one inch in length, with a perfect point at one end. Place these in all four corners of your rooms, with the points facing towards the center of the room, not away from it.

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Here’s What He Told Me

Relationships are going to be tested during this time, and if you do not have a solid foundation in your relationships, this includes love, work, friendships, and professionals, they will break.

And believe me when I tell you that MANY people are going to be seriously affected by this planetary house cleaning!

There Are 3 Keys You Need

1. Psychic preparation is the key to avoiding this!!

2. Understanding what your Akashic Records say is the key!

3. Knowing what to be prepared for in your future is the key!

This is majorly serious, and people who are not prepared will have undesirable happenings!

So get psychically prepared, and be ready. If you have not had a reading yet, or if it has been awhile, NOW is the time to do it, because it will shine a light on any road bumps you will want to avoid!

Get A Free Third Eye Realignment

I have also decided that during this time period, I am going to start offering Third Eye Alignments** during readings for the next two months. So during your reading, I am going to realign your Third eye Chakra so that you will be able to easily connect with the blue and violet light ray energy. 

** I usually charge $600 to do this alignment but I am doing it for free for anyone who has a reading already scheduled or schedules one in the next 3 days from today’s date, which is 7-27-23.

This will help to keep you grounded during this transitional period, and it will PREVENT you from being affected by this transition! This special realignment will be free, at no extra charge, and my readings for this will stay the same price.

Schedule a reading and get a FREE Third Eye Alignment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page

This planetary house cleaning is going to start happening on November 11th, so those of you who are not prepared can expect to start feeling its effects starting that day. These effects will last until December 13th, 2029, unless you have had your Third Eye Alignment! Think of this alignment like a “psychic vaccination” against this upcoming change!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. The tossing and turning at night you may have experienced a few times over the past month or so is due to your body already beginning to sense these changes that are coming. Restless sleep will increase during the above time period due to a misaligned Third Eye.

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