What An Aura Reading Can Reveal About You


An aura reading can reveal so many things about you. It can give you a ton of information regarding anything from your physical health to your emotional state.

People have been reading the aura for centuries, and those who have been gifted with innate psychic abilities can see auras as normally as they can see your shadow. While others can feel or sense the aura.

Have you ever felt an immediate liking to a person, while there are some people who you might feel a sudden dislike when you first meet them, or feel like they have “bad vibes”.

These are examples of how people can sense the auras of others.

So, let’s find out what an aura is.


What Is An Aura?


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The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and serves as a visual measure of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

We are all made of energy – the entire universe, and everything in it, is made of energy.

Our energy is also what others call our human life force – the very essence, which not only keeps our physical body alive, but also invigorates our soul.

Your aura is an electromagnetic field, which surrounds your entire body.  It extends a few feet from your physical body and is directly linked to the energetic centers of your body called the chakras.

An egg-shaped ball of energy, your aura is also made of seven layers, which are called auric layers. Since the aura is made of pure energy, each of the auric layers have their own vibration and each one is related to a specific spiritual, emotional, and physical function of your body.


The Layers Of The Aura


While there are 7 auric layers, I usually focus on the three major layers during a reading, the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers.


The Physical Layer 

The first auric layer is the Physical Layer. It is the closest layer to the body and mostly represents your physical state.

This physical layer is all about comfort and pleasure.


The Emotional Layer

Known as the astral layer, the Emotional Layer is a treasure trove of all of your feelings and experiences. All of your emotions will appear on this layer.

The emotional aura place extends from one to three inches from your body.  This layer also shows your relationship with others.


The Spiritual Layer 

The Spiritual Layer is your direct link to the power of the Universe. It is connected to the spiritual realms and can extend over two and a half feet or more from your physical body.

The Spiritual Layer reveals many things about your spiritual nature.


Auric Colors And Their Meanings


The different layers of the aura are filled with different colors, and each color has a different meaning. So here are some of the colors you can see during an aura reading, and the meanings of each color:


tanahoy.com red_color

A clear red aura means you are very energetic, powerful, passionate and sexual.


The color read in the aura is linked to the physical body and can be seen as a representation of athleticism, passion, or intimacy. It is also linked to the heart and blood circulation.

Red is the densest color out of all the colors.

A bright red color signifies a healthy ego, while a muddy color is a sign of repelling and represents anger, anxiety, and financial woes.

If you have a clear red aura, you are very energetic, powerful, passionate and sexual.

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Orange is the color of vigor, vitality, and excitement. An aura with an orange color represents emotions and reproductive organs.

A clear, bright orange color shows good health and productivity, while a muddy orange color shows stress, which might be related to addictions and appetites.



Green color represents health.

When the color green can be seen in your aura, it usually heralds change, or symbolizes balance and growth. Physically, it is linked to the lungs and the heart.

Green shows a love for people, nature, and animals. While insecurity, resentment, and jealousy are signified by a dark forest green color.



Compassion, love, and intuition – these are just a few things the color blue in your aura might symbolize.

This powerful color can usually be seen in people who are highly spiritual in nature, or those who have innate psychic abilities or clairvoyance.

A healthy blue color shows that you love to help others and are sensitive to their needs. If what you have is the muddy blue color, you might be experiencing fear of speaking or facing the truth.

The color blue is also related to the thyroid and the throat.



The color lavender symbolizes someone with great imagination – a daydreamer or a visionary. It is also linked to the etheric aspect of one’s self.



The color violet is considered as the wisest and most sensitive among all the colors. It is the auric color of intuition and symbolizes true attunement to one’s psychic power.

A vivid violet color can usually be seen in psychics and mediums, as well as in people with magical personalities or who are visionaries. Physically, the color violet is linked to the nervous system, the pineal gland, and the crown area.



The color indigo is linked to the Third Eye. Indigo can usually be seen in the aura of a sensitive individual who has the ability to tune it to the deeper emotions of other people.



The color of your life energy, yellow is full of spiritual energy and positivity. This color symbolizes inspiration, optimism, and awakening.

A healthy yellow color in your aura means you are being creative and you are sharing your intelligence.

If the color is muddy, it might indicate that you are working too hard or straining yourself to the point of being overly stressed or fatigued.



The color silver symbolizes abundance. It can pertain to physical wealth and health, as well as spiritual well-being.

A healthy, shiny silver color might mean you are coming close to money or your cosmic mind might be awakening.


tanahoy.com gold_color

Gold seen in an aura means that an individual is being guided by the highest good.


The color gold is often linked to an individual who is being guided by the highest good. Gold represents divine protection and enlightenment.

If gold can be seen in your aura, it shows intuitive thinking, inner knowledge, and profound wisdom.



White is the purest state of lightness and reflects other energies. It symbolizes angelic qualities, such as truth and purity.

If you have the color white in your aura, it means that you are a very spiritual person who is in contact with higher dimensions.



The color black pulls energy to it and transforms the energy. When it is found in the aura, it can be traced to health problems, past life issues, the long-term harboring of a grudge, or the unwillingness to forgive a person.


How Does A Psychic Read Your Aura?


An aura reading is a wonderful tool for gaining hidden information about yourself and others because you can learn so much just from reading an aura – and the aura doesn’t lie.

I can travel astrally and see your aura so that I can accurately scan your different auric levels to determine the colors which are present there. From there, I can determine if there are problematic areas, or if there is any hidden vital information you might not know about yourself, or someone else.

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