What Are Crop Circles – Proof Aliens Exist!

When it comes to life on other planets, many questions may arise on the subject, such as, ‘What are crop circles, “does extraterrestrial life exist’, “what do aliens look like’? Today I am going explore, what are crop circles’ and what they mean in relation to alien life.

crop cirlces

What are Crop Circles?

Crop circles are circular indentations or impressions in a field or meadow, left behind by the spacecrafts of intelligent beings from another planet.

They are designs left in crop fields that are very intricate and elaborate in nature. Their shapes are geometric, and some experts believe they have a connection to mathematical equations. Crop circles are not just circles, they also come in many different shapes like triangles, swirls etc.

Crop cirlces are created when certain areas of the crop are forced down, while others are left intact. They appear overnight, and usually only at night time. They are one of the many forms of evidence of extraterrestrial life on other planets.

Crop circles can be found in fields growing things like oats, corn, barley, wheat, rye and even tobacco, and most crop circles are found very close to a steep hill. Careful study of crop circles and the fields in which they appear, have unexplained elevated levels of radiation and electromagnetic energy.

Crop Circles in History

Crop circles have been appearing for centuries, but were almost never recorded because people were not aware ofcrop circles what they were in those days. Back then, they were attributed to either god or the devil. They were believed to be symbols of foreboding or warning by the gods, or acts of mischief by evil demons that roamed the earth.

The earliest reports of crop circles date back to the English countryside about 300 years ago, where farmers reported unidentified circular shapes embossed in their fields. The designs were too complicated to have been created by the human hand, and were shrouded in mystery. Since then crop circles have been documented in The United States, Japan, India, Canada, Australia and many other parts of the world.
Why Are Crop Circles Created?

Some believe that crop circles are cryptic messages left for us by alien life forms to decipher. These could be imprints of greetings, friendly communications, or even a heed to warning. Others believe that aliens simply want to subtly alert us to their existence. There are some who assume crop circles to be navigational way points to help alien spacecrafts steer their way back and forth from their home planet to ours.

Are Aliens Dangerous?

I believe aliens visit the Earth because they are curious about us. They want to share their knowledge and information, and to extend a hand of friendship to earth. They may want to propagate their race, and at the same time, propagate ours as well. They are gentle, docile, and intelligent beings, that only want to communicate with us.

The mysterious appearances and stunning beauty of crop circles is testament to the fact that this phenomenon

crop circles

Crop Circle

fascinates even the most cynical sceptic. With all the evidence out there, it is almost impossible not to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Imagine, our planet is just a mere speck in our galaxy, which is yet another tiny speck in the entire Universe. So it would be very hard to believe that no other life exists anywhere else in this vast Universe!

There are many theories about what are crop circles. Whether they are encoded messages, navigational waypoints, warnings, or messages of greeting, understanding more about what are crop circles will open you up to the idea that extraterrestrial life not only exists, but also that they are as curious about us as we are about them.

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