What Are Garden Gnomes?

In my continued quest to unravel the mysteries that surround enchanted beings, I am going to provide some insight into ‘what are gnomes’. Sharing this magical knowledge with you about these delightful little creatures will help you understand ‘what are gnomes’, and where they exist.

What Are Gnomes

What Is a Garden Gnome?

These fascinating, adaptive beings, look just like you and me but stand only about 6 inches (15 cm.) tall. When confronted by a human, gnomes will stand perfectly still, thereby giving them the appearance of being a statue.

Gnomes are very hardworking and are bringers of good luck. They are good-natured, peaceful, and rather jolly. They love glittery things like gems and jewelry, and therefore they are expert jewel craftsmen and gem cutters. They are earth spirits who protect precious underground treasures.

Gnomes are also known as ‘spirits of the earth,’ ‘earth elements’, or  ‘earth spirits’, they are helpful creatures and guardians of the animal world. They tend to sick and injured animals and will often release a trapped animal from a human’s snare.

A gnome can live up to 400 years, and they survive on a vegetarian diet. They love to eat nuts, berries, fruit, mushrooms, and vegetables of all kinds. As a treat, they like to drink fermented raspberry juice, spiced gin, and fermented honey, which is also known as mead dew.

Just like where fairies live, garden gnomes can be found in the garden, but they are different than fairies.

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How to Spot a Gnome and What to Look For

Gnomes are invisible to most humans, except those humans who are gifted with the ability to see them. They are nocturnal in nature, gnomes and are rarely seen during the daytime. They do not like to draw attention to their presence, so their shoes are specially designed to leave bird-like footprints. They also wear clothing that helps them into their surroundings.

The males have long beards, and often wear long, pointed, hats, along with wooden clogs or boots. They have fair complexions with bright, rosy cheeks. The females are recognised by their golden curls that are said to be bright like the sun. The females often wear a blouse, along with a long skirt and an apron.

The Magical Powers of Gnomes

Gnomes have lots of special powers. They can easily speak in animal tongues, allowing them to be able to communicate with all creatures of the forest. They are very fast, and can easily outrun even the quickest animal. They have the eyesight of a hawk, and can spot something miles and miles in the distance. Even though they are really tiny, they can be surprisingly strong.

Gnomes and Their Homes

You will find a gnome colony amidst rocky woodlands and hilly meadows. They may live in a cozy, underground nook, or even in the bark of a willow, elm, or oak tree. Gnomes have pantries in their homes, where they store grains, fruit, vegetables, berries, and other things they might need to survive the cold winter.

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The Different Types of Gnomes

There are several types of gnomes, and here are the more common ones: gnomes himes

Garden Gnomes

A garden gnome likes to live among the flowering plants of an old garden. They love to remodel the garden in which they live by moving pots around, or taking seeds from a flower and replanting them in another spot. So if your garden looks a little different from what you remember it to be, don’t be alarmed. It is your garden gnome at work!

Woodland or Forest Gnomes

Woodland or forest gnomes are the most elusive, as they rarely come in contact with human beings. They live in dense forests, acting as guardians of the forest, and the creatures that live in it.

Dune Gnomes

Dune gnomes live in the sand dunes of deserts or beaches. They are said to be a little larger in size compared to their other cousins, but just as nimble and spry.

House Gnomes

House gnomes live in the nooks and crannies of the homes of human beings. Out of all of their cousins, they are the most knowledgeable about the ways and customs of humans and can even speak our language. Gnome kings are chosen from this race, as they have the most information about their greatest enemy—humans.

Farm Gnomes

Farm gnomes prefer living in the barns of old farms, taking care of the livestock there. They are rather conservative and quiet.

Gnomes Working

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What Does a Gnome Symbolize?

Though these magical little creatures are rather bashful, a gnome is said to bring immense good fortune to those who chance upon them. So if you continue in your quest to discover more about ‘what are gnomes’, good luck will follow you! The best way to discover what gnomes are is to look for their little signs,and you will quickly find that they are all around you!

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  1. Kris r. says:

    I want to chance upon one of these dear little creatures!

  2. Marc edward says:

    mr. Tana HOy can you see them??

  3. Eleonora says:

    Love it. thank You Tana!!!!
    I make 2 balcony for fairys and gnomes.

  4. James Niles says:

    Hi Tana what a delightful piece of information as on your blogs i learn something new all the time. You are a very outstanding and very informative person. who as so much information to share with people and i admire you very much. Keep up the good work as will always read your blogs as they are a credit to you. Take care and god bless to you from Jamie.

  5. Char says:

    You’re so awesome, thank you for this great article. Have a great night :)))

  6. Rashad says:

    My yard was gmoneless on a wednesday, got 9 inches of snow on thursday, and by sat the snow melted and a gnome (black beard, gold pipe, orange/peach hat with green rings, blue pants, and a yellow coat, sitting on a rock) appeared in between my hedges. Im not much of a religious person, but for some reason i feel that if i were to remove him some repercussions might happen. My questions: can I relocate him? Can I change the color of his attire? What do his colors mean if anything? What should I do with him? Advice would be appreciated thnx in advance.

  7. Diane and Blaire says:

    My Granddaughter, Blaire and I really enjoyed your article and learned a lot. Blaire has four gnomes. Thanks for the information.

  8. Sarah says:

    I have a presentation on gnomes and this helped me so much! thank you!!! 🙂

  9. I have recently met the Lord of the Gnomes. He came in a dream while I had been suffering two days with a migraine. He said “I am blowing PRANA.” Then he took a deep breath and blew right at my third eye area for a real long time. I could actually feel it. I opened my eyes and for a few seconds I could see him. Wow. I got up and told my boyfriend that I just met the Lord of the Gnomes. But remarkably my 2 day headaches went away within an hour. I have since seen them in the Forest near my home. I walk and look everyday…. Thank you.

  10. Kissy says:

    Hi there,

    I went for a walk last night and sat with a beautiful tree near my home… As I intened to connect with the Earth element. Before I went to bed, I meditated and had a vision of a male gnome with 2 bouquets of flowers on each hand with a broom under his arm on his side… I noticed his pants were yellow and his hat resembled a mushroom… His beard was white and long… He was walking across a tree.
    Thank you for the article. It’s so nice to know the meaning of my vision.

  11. Stacy says:

    When I was a small child I saw a gnome standing at my bedroom door. I wasnt frightened at all. I was in bed. I just kept looking at him and he kept looking at me. In the morning I told my brothers that Santa claus was standing at my door but he was little. That sure. I now know it was a gnome.

  12. James G. says:

    On 12-09-18 While hunting for elk in a remote area. I was looking on a edge of a hill. Where I cansee the river down below this steep mtn. As I was glassing the mtn ridge for elk I didn’t see anything & decided to walk back to the truck. I noticed this little man gnome looking at me smiling. His hat was a dark blue and his body was grayish color. It disappear when the wind picked up. I walked passed where he was at and noticed a rock shape bowl laying in the middle of the road with a small pebble or something small in it. I didn’t want to pick it up knowing it not mine & belong to them. I thank you for this information. It helped me understand more about them…

  13. Yes I found your writings very useful., and informative.
    My sister and I both had the wonderful experience of seeing gnomes in our old farm house on cape Cod Massachusetts when we were young. The only came late at night and would stand near the bedroom door entrance and look at us while we were in bed. Sometimes I would wake to see them at the end of my bed pulling on my covers.
    I never felt scared or odd. They were very playful. They disappeared as quickly as they came and didnt stay long. I feel so lucky to have seen and experienced this.

  14. Billee says:

    A kin of mine said years ago when he was like 4 or 5 years old as he and his father would take him to the forest to walk, around for excersise, that at one point the child needed to urinate so the dad points in the direction an says go over there to urinate since no one else was there but them two, and as the child walks alone to that point to urinate he says he saw these statue like figures a lot of them all around him looking at him but they wouldn’t move and they all had pointy hats, at the time he said he thought somebody put them there and thought to himself why would somebody plant statues here. He didn’t tell his father what he saw until a few years later….

  15. Beth Wilder says:

    About 15 years ago, I was alone in the house, just sitting in my rocking chair (which happened to be a big, heavy platform rocking chair). As I rocked backwards, I felt something hit the back of the chair really hard about a foot and a half off the ground, and whatever it was caused the chair to go forward, knocking me out of it.
    I immediately ran to the back of the chair to see what happened, and I saw the back of a little man dressed in an olive green cap and clothes that had leaves on them, running down the hall, and he disappeared as he ran through the closed closet door at the end of it.
    He was so cute — I will never forget his little elbows moving up and down as he ran so fast. I know he was just playing with me.

  16. Danielle Summers says:

    I saw a gnome but then he disappeared and I questioned my sanity. I saw a gnome moon me in my third eye. I thought it was funny. There is someone in my apartment complex who has a gnome statue by on their apartment porch. When I walk by the statue I smile and before I noticed it was there I sensed gnome spirits around the corner from that apartment. I want a life long gnome friend spirit guide!

  17. Snow White says:

    So I was being hunted by bad men some call me Snow White. I only saw the 7 I nomes once. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one . I was hiding in the redwood forest. The knowers apparently thought it best if I stay there because they did something to my cars engine then stayed a while nearby then ran away. The next day the car didn’t run. So I decided to keep hiding I think it was for the best as I survived . Thank you knowers. I’d say I’d like to see them again but I have many other creatures helping me. And I have Jesus and his Arch Angels but they do exist in the realm of the elves and unicorns

  18. Rosie says:

    I remember when I was little, we had a nosey neighbor living next to us at our old house. As a result, my parents set up a security system, complete with a few cameras. One night, my mother and I were checking the tapes to see if our neighbor had trespassed again and that’s when we saw it. A little figure, walking around in circles behind our fence. It was small, had a pointed hat or head and swayed in a side to side motion as it walked. It was stout and very very small. It was daylight on the camera and it wasn’t hard to see something clearly walking around on little feet. It sort of patrolled the fence for a bit before shuffling off into a shrub and we never did see it again. My mother has since gotten rid of the tape thinking it was bad luck but I’ll never forget it. Even being grainy footage from the early 2000s I’ll never forget that strange little gnome just strutting around our fence.

  19. Todd Pedersen says:

    i have gnomes! little bastards| they are 15 inches tall give or take. can only see them in reflections cant see them straight on, i saw them once in drug induced situation , almost caught 1 a , driving me crazy. steal my tobacco! hide my keys phone, tease my dog ext.. how do i make friends with them or kill them?

  20. Alison says:

    My daughter is 8. She tells me she is seeing a gnome in her bedroom window at night.

  21. Vanessa says:

    I think a gnome fixed my wall- About a whole sheet of it and he drew around another spot that needs fixing

  22. Jeanne says:

    I saw a dark figure l right away thought it was a Gnome very round carrying something on top of head went through my fence ow is all I can say don’t really know what I saw?

  23. bill says:

    yes i saw a little man just like they describe a gnome…acted like he was surprised that i saw him and came running at me and i jumped afraid he was going to run into me i was in a park in the wilderness area of idaho with my wifes relatives. recently two of my german shepherd dogs were away form home for 2 weeks and two days, i found out from neighbors who had seen them near their homes 15 miles from my home and this is all a wilderness area. i prayed they would come home and sure enough they were home after that time oeriod, i think god influenced the gnomes to direct them home

  24. Gnomy says:

    I moved into a mobile home surrounded by rocks absolutely barren except for jasmine at entry. I put a gnome statue in the front with a few potted plants. Two plants appeared and grew into a hedge that like a 3″ palm tree requires trimming. Neighbors ask about where i got the plants & i point to the gnome at the roots. I have given away plants several times when reorganizing the yard and have collected fairy garden items. I note broken crockery start up plants that i attribute to gnomes as i didn’t do it. Makes for an interesting garden.

    I wake up thinking of gnomes & Gnomy is name that popped up. I think they are in house. How can i get them to help me with clutter?

  25. Bella says:

    I’m in the middle of painting a new Cement Garden Gnome and was looking for images of Gnomes to find what skin tone color to use. So far, my Gnome has a Long Red Beard, Brown Boots, and a cute smile with squinted eyes. I loved reading your article… So glad I came across it. 💓👍

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