What Are Lightworkers? Are You One of Them?

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Lightworkers are spiritual beings who came from the higher plane and are sent to Earth to assist human beings.

Lightworkers are spiritual beings sent to Earth to aid humanity transcend to a higher plane. There are hundreds, if not thousands of lightworkers present here on earth.  And who knows you might even be one yourself.

Lightworkers are very sensitive and they can usually tell what a person feels just by looking at them. Because of this, light workers are often mistaken as empaths, which brings us to a very interesting question…


What’s The Difference Between A Lightworker And An Empath?


Lightworkers and empaths have similar traits, but they are not the same. To know the difference between a lightworker and an empath, we must first know what empaths are.

Empaths are people who feel and absorb the emotions of other people. They are very sensitive and can easily read people just by looking at them. Because of this they are often mistaken as lightworkers.

A lightworker on the other hand is someone sent here from the higher planes to assist humanity. And as I mentioned, light workers are often sensitive and can read people like a book.

Now that we know the difference between lightworkers and empaths, we need to know who lightworkers work alongside with.


Who Do Lightworkers Work With?


Lightworkers can work with anyone, but most of the time lightworkers are often found working side by side with other spiritual beings. These spiritual beings include angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and other lightworkers.


What Are Lightworkers Here For?


Lightworkers are here to help the human race. They serve as beacons of light to guide and assist us in our journey towards enlightenment.

They are here to transform the lower vibrations of the human race and raise the world to a higher vibration. The ultimate goal of lightworkers is to help the entire human race ascend to higher planes.

So how do you know that someone is a lightworker? Well lightworkers have some distinguishable traits that makes them stand out.


Traits Of Being A Lightworker


Sadly, many people who are lightworkers don’t know that they are one. By not realizing they are a light worker, they will never realize their mission.

Luckily, light workers have distinguishable traits that make them stand out from the rest of humanity. If you exhibit these traits, then you might be a lightworker.

Here are a few core traits to help you identify if someone is a lightworker:

  1. Lightworkers are often psychic

Most lightworkers have awakened their psychic powers at a young age and because of this they tend to feel connected with the spirit world and higher planes of existence. Lightworkers often enjoy communicating with other spiritual beings such as angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and other lightworkers themselves.

  1. They are spiritual in nature

Lightworkers are spiritual beings with a human body. They often give off an aura of spirituality, understanding, and love.

Being higher spiritual beings, lightworkers don’t tend follow a certain religion or teachings. Instead, lightworkers understand that true enlightenment comes from spreading love to one another and from understanding our fellow human beings.

  1. Most of the time lightworkers are good-natured

Lightworkers are spiritual beings that spread love and understanding and because of this, you’ll often notice that lightworkers are good-natured individuals. They will always find ways to help those in need and won’t hesitate to do the right thing.

  1. Lightworkers are not perfect

Lightworkers were sent here to heal the human race but being human themselves, lightworkers are not perfect.

  1. Lightworkers aren’t arrogant

Lightworkers understand that they are just parts of one big whole, and that whole is the human race. Even though they vibrate at a higher plane, lightworkers aren’t arrogant, and instead they try to help those in need.

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One of the traits of a lightworker is feeling at ease with nature.

  1. They often feel that they don’t fit in

Being higher beings, lightworkers often feel excluded from the rest of humanity.  A world of filled with greed, fear, negativity, and hostility isn’t a world where a lightworker can feel at home.  Because of this, lightworkers often stay away from other people making them loners.

  1. Lightworkers often feel at ease with nature

Lightworkers often feel one with nature so they often try to help preserve the environment, and they often fight against the destruction and exploitation of nature.

  1. They rarely give up

Lightworkers are bringers of change, and although they may be gentle and good-natured by default, they won’t hesitate to stand up for what they believe is right.

Lightworkers know that change is not easy, and they realize that failure is just temporary. So, they won’t give up easily no matter how many times they fail.

  1. They serve as beacons of light

People naturally flock to lightworkers, the same way sheep flock towards their shepherd. Lightworkers are the shepherds of humanity, and they serve as beacons of light for us to follow.

If people naturally gravitate towards a person without them knowing why, then that person could be a lightworker.

If you have any of these traits, then you might be a lightworker.  So, the question is …


What Kind Of Lightworker Are You?


There are 12 different kinds of lightworkers; some of them heal and some of them lead.  What you should know is that a person’s wealth, status, or position in life has nothing to do with whether or not a person is a light worker.

A rich man or a beggar can be a lightworker.

Here are the 12 types of lightworkers:

1. Divine Lightkeepers

Divine lightkeepers serves as beacon of light for others. They have a high vibrational frequency, which attracts other people. They usually keep people motivated to do the right thing. They are people that others can lean on. These lightworkers are often motivational speakers and spiritual leaders.

2. Grid Workers

Grid Workers are lightworkers, which work on creating the human grid. This grid connects human beings with one another.  You can think of grid workers as lightworkers who bring other lightworkers together. Grid workers are often sociable and love getting people together.

3. Healers

Healers are probably the easiest type of lightworker to identify. Healers want to heal the human race from all of their pain and suffering. They seek to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Most empaths are often healers because they can feel if someone needs emotional healing.

4. Transmuters

Transmuters are lightworkers who neutralize negativity by transmuting it. These lightworkers are often surrounded by a lot of negative people. The ultimate goal of the transmuter is to remove negative karma so that humanity as a whole can ascend.

5. Divine Blueprint Holder

This kind of lightworker is the hardest to identify. They subconsciously hold the blueprints to awakening humanity to a higher plane. Divine blueprint holders translate what they subconsciously know, so that other people can also awaken.

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One type of lightworker is the seer, they can see what other people can’t see and have an opened third eye.

6. Dreamers

Dreamers are lightworkers who dream of traveling into higher planes of consciousness. They share what they’ve experienced with other people so that they know what ascending to a higher plane feels like.

7. Seers

Seers are lightworkers who have opened their third eye. They are able to see what other people cannot. Seers often use their gifts to inspire and empower people.

8. Manifestors

Just as their names imply, manifestors are involved in manifesting changes on the earth. Manifestors do this by meditation and visualization. They resonate goodwill and manifest good things to happen.

9. Unifiers

Unifiers are lightworkers who create bridges to connect different people with varying beliefs. Unifiers are good with philosophy, and they are able to find the same or similar points in different views. These lightworkers are often philosophers who seek a common ground between varying beliefs and ideas.

10. Ascension Guides

Ascension guides are teachers who share their knowledge of ascension. They encourage other people to pursue enlightenment. These lightworkers are open-minded, and they exude an aura of wisdom.

11. Messengers

Messengers are lightworkers who receive guidance and instruction from angels and other divine beings, and then share what they receive with other people.  They share powerful messages that will help people understand the journey to awakening.

12. Way Showers

Lastly, we have the way showers. Way showers are lightworkers are already enlightened. Instead of telling people how to reach enlightenment, the way shower shows others how. Way showers are the brightest of the lightworkers, and they show what humanity can become.

If you have identified yourself as a lightworker, it’s time for you to begin fulfilling your purpose and help the human race.

You can start small and work your way up by beginning the journey of influencing the lives of others.  You can do this by sharing what you’ve learned today and by and by explaining to others what light bringers are.

If you feel you are a lightworker and have many questions running through your mind, I can answer any questions you have about this and help you discover more about yourself! You can click here to schedule a reading now.


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