What Are Runes And How To Use Them To Tell The Future!

Rune Stones

Rune Stones

People often ask me what are runes, so I decided to write this article to answer that question and more…

There are many psychic tools that people have used for centuries, and one of them are runes. Today, you may have see rune stones. They look like scrabble tiles that have the runic alphabet inscribed on them, and these tiles are used for divination.

The runic alphabet is an early form of writing that was used by numerous Northern European countries in the first or second century AD. It serves as an instrument for tapping into the energies of the universe and opening up a person’s psychic awareness into the future.

The word “rune” may have originated from the Gothic word “runa” which means “secret” or “whisper.” In Finland, “runo” means “song” or “poem,” while in the Baltic languages, “run-” means “speech.”

Three of the most well-known rune alphabets are: the Elder Futhark, composed of 24 rune letters; the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, which has 26 to 33 characters; and the Younger Futhark, which has 16 characters it uses.

What Runes Were Used For?

Primarily, the rune alphabet was used for writing, and there are still numerous stone markers still standing in the Scandinavian regions today inscribed with these ancient symbols. But more than just a means of writing, the rune alaphabet was also used for magical purposes.

Runic inscriptions were used as charms, and were etched in a wide variety of items, including knives, spears, shields, combs, jewelry, and more.

They were also inscribed on tombs for protection. There are several graves on which curses were placed, such as “the threat of death” for anyone who breaks that particular tombstone. The ancients also attributed the rune markings as having the power to bring the dead back to life.

And the same as today, runic characters were used for looking into the past, present, and future for finding answers, and helping individuals make certain decisions.

Using Rune Stones For Divination

In the early times, runic characters were inscribed on sticks or tiles, and a person who was seeking answers would throw the set of sticks or tiles onto a soft surface. Then a priest or family elder would look up to the skies, and then pick up three pieces at random. Then the three drawn pieces were interpreted accordingly.

In modern-day divinatory sessions, the 24 Elder Futhark letters, plus one blank rune stone, is more commonly used, and each runic symbol holds a special meaning,. For example: fehu (equivalent to f) means wealth; raido (r) means journey; naudiz (n) means need; and isaz (i) means ice.

The 4 Most Common Ways To Read Runes Stones

• You put the stones or tiles in a bag, and then concentrate on your question. As you concentrate, you pull out a tile from the bag. The symbol on the tile is the answer to your query.

• You place the tiles in a bag, and then shake the bag as you concentrate on your question. Next, you pour the tiles onto a soft surface, and the first tile that catches your attention is your answer. You could also look away and pick a tile at random from the cast stones. Next, the tiles, along with their positions, are interpreted to tell you your future.

• You place the tiles in a bag, and then you allow yourself to relax. Next, you remove a tile from the bag,. The first tile signifies your past. The second tile you remove represents your present, and the third tile that you take out represents your future. You then interpret these three tiles accordingly.

• For more advanced and complex readings, the tiles are placed in spreads, just like Tarot cards. The positions of the tiles in the spread, along with the direction they face, are taken into consideration during interpretation.

Learning to work with runes takes study and practice, but it’s is a very fascinating way of learning more about your life. By studying the magical power of the mysterious runic characters, you will know how to give psycic readings – just like the Vikings did!

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