Spirit Guides And How They Help You – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Spirit Guides are souls who once lived on the earth. They no longer need to return to the Earth because their souls have evolved to higher spiritual levels. So now they live in the higher realms, and help those of us living on the earthly plane to achieve our highest spiritual potential.

spirit guides

Whether you know it or not, everyone has spirit guides. They can help you in all areas of your life, once you know how to ask for their help.

How Your Spirit Guides Help You

Spirit guides can offer you help in a variety of different situations, such as in your career, health, or love life.

Because you have free will, they will advise you, but they never force you to take their advice or guidance.

Throughout your life, your spirit guides have communicated with you through your hunches, feelings, random thoughts, and dreams.

For example, if you can’t find your keys, your spirit guide might be hiding them from you to remind you to slow down. Making you a few minutes late might have been your spirit guide’s way to help you avoid a bad situation that day.

The Different Types Of Spirit Guides

Some spirit guides will stay with you throughout your lifetime, while others will come and go in your life, depending on how much you need them.

The following are a few different types of spirit guides.

Gatekeeper Guide

Master guides

A Gate Keeper Guide

Your Gatekeeper was chosen by you before your birth. They are always there helping to keep you on the right path, and protect you from harm. This spirit guide also possesses specialized knowledge about the type of life path you have chosen.

They are known as the Gatekeeper because they protect you. They also decide what other spirit guides can come to work with you. They will only allow guides who are from the highest good to come into your vibrations.

Your Gatekeeper will also give you hunches and feelings about who to stay close to, or stay away from on the earthly plane.

Indian Guide

You might encounter a spirit guide that looks like a Native American. This is because the Native American spiritual tradition is more evolved than others.

Many of these spiritual masters work with souls on the earth plane, and they want to help us become more aware of the powerful teachings of Native Americans.

Joy Guide

Your Joy Guide is the one that reminds you to be joyful. Life is not always about hardships and learning lessons; it is also about happiness and fulfillment.

Your Joy Guide will help you to see the funny, beautiful, and miraculous things in life.

If you are going through some sadness, you can count on your Joy Guide to lift you up.

Master Guide

master guide

A Master Guide

Master Guides are experts in the fields they worked in when they were in human bodies. Depending on what kind of career you’ve chosen, that is the type of Master Guide that will come to work with you.

For example, doctors might have a Master Guide who was once a healer.

How To Contact Your Spirit Guides

It is important to be open to who your guides are, and to understand that they are the best guides for your life at this very moment.

To speak to one of them, you can use the following spirit guide meditation:

1. Find a quiet and comfortable space.

2. Let yourself breathe in and out for a few minutes to release any tension from your body.

3. Then close your eyes, and imagine a beautiful garden with a bench in the middle of it. This garden is the most breathtaking garden you’ve ever seen, with vibrant colors, delightful aromas, and heavenly sounds.

4. Sit on this bench, and in your mind, ask your guide to come and sit next to you.

5. Imagine your guide appearing in the garden, and sitting next to you on the bench. You will feel a sense of belonging and comfort when your guide is sitting next to you.

6. You can talk to your spirit guide just like you would with any human. You can start the conversation with, “Hello spirit guide, so nice to meet you, what is your name?”

7. Then ask your guide any questions you have, or for any guidance that you seek. Don’t be shy, talk about anything on your mind, because you are speaking to someone who’s purpose is to help you in any way they can.

8. Be patient if you don’t hear any answers at first. Your mind needs time to adjust, because it has to become used to this type of communication with your spirit guide.

9. The answers that they give you will usually seem like a new thought in your mind.

10. When they have shared with you all they can about your question, you will feel a sense of completion.

11. When finished, thank your spirit guide for the help that they have given you, and tell them it is okay for them to leave the garden now.

12. Then slowly, let the sights, smells, and sounds fade away in your mind until they have completely vanished. Then you can slowly open your eyes.

13. Jot down in your journal any advice or insights your spirit guide gave you. If you get any vague advice, don’t worry, because over time, your spirit guide will continue to give you more information that will make things clearer.

14. Do this meditation weekly, or as many times you need guidance.

15. Compare the notes in your journal each week to see the progress you have made in your spiritual growth since the first contact with your spirit guide.

Be patient when contacting your spirit guides. Sometimes they will not speak to you if they don’t think you need their guidance at that moment.

Spirit guides are not by your side to tell you what your future is, but rather they help shape your future by keeping you on your intended path.

Embrace your spirit guides, and know you are never alone, because you are always surrounded by their love and wisdom.

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    It’s nice to know I’m not alone. But does that mean that after we reach a higher spiritual level we become spirit guides and will never ascend? What about saints and ascended masters?

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