What Are Twin Flames? – by Tana Hoy

Twin flames, or twin souls, are the other half of your soul. When a soul splits in two, twin flames or two different souls are produced. Each soul goes their separate ways, and continually incarnates to experience and learn lessons in multiple lifetimes.

The Different Types Of Twin Flames

what are twin flames?

Twin flames come in many shapes and sizes, and there are different types of twin flames! You can read the list below to see if you’ve met your twin flame:

Spiritual Twin Flame

A spiritual twin flame can be a family member, friend, or someone you unconditionally accept and love. No boundaries exist with a spiritual twin flame. Their union is intended to serve or benefit humanity.

Healing Twin Flame

A healing twin flame is a soul you feel 100% comfortable with. You feel both of you are joined in grace. Healing twin flames offer love and devotion to each other, with no expectations or demands. They usually appear in your life at the moment you feel the need to receive energy and healing.

Intimate Twin Flame

The intimate twin flame is energetic. This type of twin flame is confusing, turbulent. and often challenging. The intimate twin flame is also called the false twin or karmic soulmate. A relationship with this twin flame is rocky, fierce, and often scary. Separation from an intimate twin flame is usually forced by a nasty fight, or brought about by a third party.

Non-Incarnated Twin Flame

The non-incarnated twin flame does not manifest in the physical world. Instead, it offers life lessons in non-physical ways, with the goal to help you lead a happy life.

Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

You may have met your twin flame if you experience any of the following signs:

Immediate Recognition

When you look at the eyes of your twin flame, you recognize him or her instantly. You also feel a certain familiarity, as if you’ve met or known him or her before.

Odd Meeting

Twin flames usually meet each other in odd circumstances, set off by amazing coincidences. At times, twin flames meet by doing an activity they would not regularly do.

Feeling Of Being 100% Secure

You may feel a sense of surety and security with your twin flame. There is also a sense of completeness, yet you manage to keep each of your identities intact. You grow together as two individual beings, supporting each other.

How To Meet Your Twin Flame

What is the surest way to meet your twin flame? Here are some things you can do that will help you to meet your twin flame quicker! Read the steps below to learn what you can do.

Work On Yourself

Focus on how you can continually better yourself, so as not to repeat any mistakes you made in your past relationships.
Knowing the motivations of your decisions can help you become clear in what you want in a relationship. Ask yourself, “What is it about myself that I can make better?” “What lessons can I learn from my present and past relationships?”

Move On

In order to draw in your twin flame, you need to remove any blockages that are hindering you from finding your twin soul.
If you are still holding on to past hurts, you need to move on by letting these go.

Remember the lessons

Use your mistakes as lessons. Apply the experiences you have learned to make decisions that will help you grow.
If you encounter problems that seem similar to past issues you’ve been in, consider this as a test to see if you have indeed learned all you needed to.

If you passed the test, it is a sign that you have clearly learned and moved on. You are now ready to be with your twin flame.
What You Need to Know

Like attracts like. Your positive twin flame will manifest once you are a positive twin flame yourself. Take good care of yourself, and make sure to love yourself. Once you do, be assured that you will meet your twin flame, and that your twin flame will love and take care of you too.

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  1. Donald D says:

    I can see how finding your twin flame or soul mate can be similar.
    This could be confusing if you had expectations on the subject. The feeling of completeness is the feeling everyone should be looking for and the absolute love that is possible.

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