What Are Twin Flames?

‘What are twin flames?’ People spend entire lifetimes trying to answer this question and searching for ‘the one’. To understand what are twin flames, let’s first talk about the journey your soul embarks upon, and how it came into being.
Your soul is eternal.

What are twin flames?

When your soul was created, it was split into two, so that you would always have a companion on your spiritual journey. Each part of your soul went its own separate way, to inhabit other bodies over many lifetimes, incarnating over and over, gathering loads of experiences along the way, and trying to find its way back to its partner. Your twin flame, or twin soul, is that other half of your soul.

More About Twin Flames

We each have only one twin flame, and each twin flame has developed to become a complete soul. Your twin flame has gone on to have it’s own experiences and relationships during it’s time on the earth, but your “other half” will always be searching to unite with it’s counterpart.

Imagine another human being who is just like you in every single way conceivable– they think like you, they like the same kind of food, they have the same tastes as you do, they have the same mannerisms as you, they enjoy the same activities, and the same things make them sad or happy. This person is a mirror-image of yourself because they have literally been constructed from the very same soul that you possess.

You share the same spiritual makeup with your twin flame, so your positive energy, your level of spirituality, and your goals and dreams, are all manifested in this person.

Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Everyone is looking for true love. We all want someone with whom we can have the perfect relationship, and can spend the rest of our lives with. Here are some common signs you may experience when you meet your twin flame.

• ‘Love’ doesn’t even come close to describe with you feel for each other. It is more of a longing and a deep unbridled passion.
• You have deep, almost cosmic connection.
• You are inseparable, and are often thinking of each other when the other is away.
• When you are together, you feel complete.
• You know what the other is thinking without having to say it.
• You trust each other completely.
• You have exactly the same tastes.

Twin flames have a very specific mission in life – to unite with one another! When twin flames find each other, there is a lot of creative, positive, spiritual energy that is released. This is the energy that they must use to complete their mission.

When they unite, twin flames usually dedicate their lives in service to humanity, with a major focus of spiritually awakening twin flamesother people, in order to lead them on the path to finding their own twin flames.

Some people go many lifetimes in search of their twin flames, while others are lucky to find them in this one. In order to meet your twin flame, both of you must be spiritually awakened and evolved. If one of you is, and the other isn’t, you will probably continue searching.

What’s The difference between a Soul Mate And A Twin Flame?

A soul mate is someone you have had a deep loving relationship with in one or several of your many past lives, and when the two of you meet again in this life, you have the opportuynity to continue on with that love in this lifetime.

A soul mate can also be a twin flame. But a soul mate may also be someone who is not your twin flame, but someone you have loved almost as deeply as one could feel towards their twin flame.

Many times, people become best friends with their Twin Flame, and never have a romantic element to their relationship. Then other times, there is a best froiend connection, along with a romanitc one.

In my experience, the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame are not what you should focus on, but rather the feelings, respect, and love that you feel with the person you feel that deep connection with, becauseypeople go through life having a happy, loving realtionship and still never having met their twin flame.

If you would like to find your twin flame, during a psychic reading, I can tune into your energy and tell you how to find your other half.

I hope I have managed to shed some light on the twin counterpart of your eternal soul, and answered the question what are twin flames. If you truly want to understand what are twin flames, remember to seek out the connection that feels most significant, and completes you in a way no other has.

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  1. Sherry Smith says:

    Excellent article Tana. During our reading, you told me how to meet my Tiwn Flame, and I met him!! We are now engaged!! Thanks so much! Looking forward to our next reading in a few weeks!

    • brittany says:

      Omg! I dnt know you but Im so happy for you!

      Tana is awesome….and i cant wait til i get my first reading with him!
      Congratulations! Enjoy every second and present moment with them!
      i havent experienced tht feeling yet but i feel its coming VERY VERY SOON!

      ENJOY and live every moment!


  2. Angelina Delgado says:

    Thanks for the great article! I always wondered what the difference was!

  3. Ally Arnel says:

    Thanks for the nice article! I really enjoyed reading it!

  4. janice says:

    That’s interesting.i felt that way about Trevor I’m not sure hes felt that way about me. I’ve had too many negative people in the way blocking it every time i get up. Permanent ,no,I think for various reasons my life has changed over the years and ended up with Mr.wrong until I turned 48 and decided I want what I want and its been an uphill of a battle getting there.

  5. Angie says:

    Truly amazing Tana

  6. Diane says:

    Hi Tana Excellent article as always,i feel thats why i came back to earth to seek for true love,although i dont wont to be reborn ever again,and that i am here i wont a soul mate for ever,i hope ever does exists!!!and that today i found a partner which he respect me to the full,i meet him after so many years,and i had prayed to God for this person to come in my life,and he did
    ,thanks for that,when i see him after a day work, its like i fall in love again,again,and were been together for 2 years now,and i believe too, our star signs are strong together i go very well with Capricorns,and i am a Virgo…..Thank-you God bless You Tana…

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