What Do Your Akashic Records Say About You?


It is common for people to experience deja vu or feel as if a recurrent dream was actually their own memory?

An Akashic Record Reading will reveal to you souls live many lifetimes.

What Are The Akashic Records?


It is the book of the Divine where every history, action, and deed —in this lifetime and in our past lives — are recorded. Your life unfolds based on the interaction between your Akashic Record and your free will. 

Where Are These Records Located?


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Akashic Records contains all the details of every human being including all his thoughts, deeds and actions.

In Sanskrit, “Akasha” means “sky”. So the Akashic Records are located on a spiritual plane that rests in parallel to our physical world and that spiritual plane is an exact same replica of this physical world that we live in.

This spiritual plane where the Akashic Records are stored was created by the Divine and at the same time that the universe was formed.

Everyone can reach this divine library, but, it is not just anybody who reaches this spiritual plane will be able to enter it.

Akashic Records are stored as rapid flashes of light, so the records cannot be read in the same way that an ordinary physical book can be read, that is, page by page.

It takes a high level psychic to locate pieces of information about your life in the past, present, and future, which can be found in your Akashic Records.

What Information Can Be Accessed From The Akashic Records?


There is no other resource in the universe, which has in the same level of detail as the Akashic Records.

All the words you’ve spoken, ideas in your head, and actions you have taken, in this life, and in all of your past lives, is recorded in your Akashic Records.

This book of life even reveals what is in store for you in your future life.

Does that mean that the Akashic Records are a prophetic writing, and that we are only born to dutifully carry out what has already been written in it?

Absolutely not!

That’s why the Akashic Records are a dynamic recording of you, which keeps on changing, depending on the choices you make using your own free will.

What Information Can The Akashic Record Tell About You?


Your Akashic Record know you better than you know yourself.

They contain:

  • The memories of your mind and your being
  • All that you’ve done across several lifetimes
  • The souls that you’ve encountered and will meet
  • The lessons that you’ve learned as you journey towards the perfection of your soul
  • And your eventual transcendence to the spiritual dimension.

Your Akashic Records are an accurate recording of your soul’s history.

Remember, your soul does not die. Only your physical body does.

We are all entangled in the cyclical nature of reincarnation, and the only way to escape this is by reaching the perfection of our soul. Since reincarnation is the reason why we keep coming back to this world and live several lifetimes.

Your Akashic Records can also reveal:

  • Unlimited information about your soul,
  • Your past lives and former careers
  • And how you have fared in achieving perfection and good karma across all the lives you have lived.

As for your present lifetime, an Akashic Record Reading can help you:

  • Clarify your spiritual purpose for this life
  • Tell you if you are on the right path
  • And show you how you can improve your chances of accomplishing your purpose.

What Is An Akashic Record Reading And How Can It Benefit You?


Only an experienced Psychic Medium can help you access your Akashic Records through either channeling or astral traveling.

Also, interpretation of the information is not possible without the help of the angels and spiritual beings with which only a Psychic Medium works with.

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An Akashic Record reading has lots of benefits. One of these is to help you achieve your full potential.


The benefits of an Akashic Records Reading are countless.

Listed below are some of the reasons why my clients decide to have an Akashic Record Reading:

1. To provide insights about your current life or life situation in the quest for enlightenment, with the purpose of achieving your spiritual mission and perfecting your soul.

2. To better understand your potentials by better understanding who you are and what you can do.

3. To receive advice on career choices and financial undertakings.

4. To find your soulmate and recognize him or her when you finally cross paths. I can describe the backdrop and circumstances of your meeting, and often determine this man’s or woman’s name.

5. To help you unveil your true life path. Too many people feel they are lost, and it is easy to become sidetracked by worldly objectives, such as work promotions and the acquisition of wealth.

Accessing your Akashic Record can help clarify which direction you should be taking. For more information, read How Your Akashic Records Reveal Your True Life Path” 

6. To help burn off bad karma. Karma is the balance of good and evil in your life. The comfort or inconvenience of your current life, is the result of the surplus of either good or bad karma from your past lives.

Your Akashic Record will reveal if you have more bad than good. If there is more bad than good, I can teach you a mantra to burn off your negative karma.

7. Facilitate soul healing. Many times, your soul has encountered hurtful experiences, such as an untimely death, or the deception of a loved one.

You may carry the negative vibrations from these experiences lifetime after lifetime.  An Akashic Record Reading can help you heal, let go, and forgive.

How Can The Akashic Records Be Accessed And Read?


The question that I often get from my clients is “are there only specific people who are bestowed with the special ability to access and read the Akashic Records?”

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Psychic mediums can help you access your Akashic Records and help you understand their meaning.

The answer is no! With the right meditation practice, anybody can enter this Spiritual Hall where the Akashic Records are stored. However, only those who’ve had the proper training and also possess a highly developed psychic ability will be able to understand what is they see when they enter this Spiritual Hall.

An experienced Psychic Medium can access the information contained here, and interpret its meanings. A Psychic Medium who has been trained in accessing these records may also invoke with the help of his Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, who will also help him with the interpretation of the information.

Your Life In The Blink Of An Eye


So, the Akashic Records are recorded documentations of your journey to perfection.

In this life, we all make choices, and by seeking spiritual guidance about what the future holds in store for us, helps us make better, more informed decisions.

If you’d like to know more about your Akashic Records, you can schedule an Akashic Record Reading with me by clicking here.


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