What Do Dreams Mean: How To Decipher Their Messages – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever woke up remembering having a dream, but you were unable to recall what it was about? Have you had one that was so vivid you thought it was real, or even dreamed about something that later came true!

what do dreams mean?

What Do dreams Mean?

Dreams can be pleasant experiences, but some can be downright terrifying. Some dreams may be totally disjointed and confused, while others can be clear and flowing. Each of your dreams can be different and diverse., and you may have
wondered What do dreams mean?

What Is A Dream?

A dream is many things. It can be a memory, an outlet of repressed emotions, an expression of what you desire, a premonition, a message from the spirit realm, a way to get in touch with deceased relatives, or a prophecy. But a dream is always an expression of the inner you, along with your subconscious thoughts – uninhibited by the limits of your conscious mind.

Why Do You Dream?

When your body is in a state of rest, your mind enters into focused state. During this state of relaxation, your mind is no longer affected by outside distractions in your physical surroundings. and as your mind relaxes, it allow your inner, subsconscious self to come out.

When you sleep, your mind begins to sift through your life. It explores your experiences, your feelings, your actions, and even your reactions. It conjures suppressed thoughts and memories. Your mind also explores your subconscious desires, imaginings, and hopes; as well as your worries, and things that may even terrify you.

When you sleep, your dreams not only reflect your experiences in the physical realm, but your mind is also able to tap into the spirit realm, where you can talk to loved ones long gone, or to your spirit guides, angels, and other spiritual beings. You mind becomes more receptive to their messages while you sleep.

What Do Dreams Mean?

For centuries people from all across the globe have interpreted dreams to understand their special meanings.
In this present day, you can find many dream dictionaries that will give you some insights to the meanings of your dreams.

But while these may give you a general idea of what the individual elements of your dreams represent, you need to be wary about taking each meaning literally. Think of it this way: your dream is a puzzle, and you need to find the meaning of each piece to give you a clear and complete picture of what it means.

How To Your Interpret Dreams

There are many factors involved in dream interpretation, but remember, not all dreams need interpretation. A dream may be so vivid that you will be able to understand its meaning without trying to figure it out. Here are some things to know that will help you understand your dreams better.

• Keep a dream journal. When you put your dreams into words, the meaning sometimes begins to crystallize. To do this:
• The moment you wake up, write down everything you remember about the dream.
• Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Write as fast as you can because dreams tend slip away fast. Then go back and correct the spelling errors
• Try to recall how you felt in your dream.
• Look at the elements and ask yourself what they mean to you.
• Look at the context of the whole dream.
• Study your dream journal entries to gain deeper meanings.
• Seek the help of a professional psychic to interpret your dreams, because a good psychic has the ability to tap into the spiritual realm, and help you intepret your dreams and their deepeer meanings.

In a way, dreams can be described as poetry – they can be clear or vague, direct or indirect. They are full of imagery and can have layers of meanings. But most importantly, they are an expression of the inner you.

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