What Do The Lines In Your Hand Mean?


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The different lines in your hand can tell a lot of things about the diifferent aspects of your life.

How long will you live?

Will you have a loving and lasting relationship?

There are a lot of people who turn to palmistry when they have vital questions about their lives…

…but do their hands have the answers?

What do the lines in your hand mean?

The things I will reveal to you might have you looking at your palms, wondering, “Are the answers I’ve been searching for right before me all along?”


What Is Palmistry?


Palmistry is the intuitive art of reading a person’s character and the divination of his future by interpreting the lines and prominent areas on the palms of the hand.

Just like how a picture is worth a thousand words, all the lines and markings in your hands tell a grandiose story about you.

No one is certain where or how palmistry started. Most schools of palmistry generally consider this method of divination to have originated from India.

Nevertheless, palmistry has spread all over the world and was a widespread practice in Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Persia, Tibet, China, and Rome. It seems cultures from all over the world wanted to know what destiny awaits them through their hands.


The Meaning Behind Your Hand Lines


What information can be found in a mosaic of lines seemingly placed without rhyme or reason on your palms?

Most people don’t know the age-old scholars of palmistry have deciphered a method to this linear madness – a method cultivated through psychic means and years of years of recording palm readings and their outcomes.

Here are the types of lines which can be found in your palms.


The Major Lines

The Life Line

Take a look at the line which begins between your thumb and index finger and continues downward to the base of the thumb – this is your life line.

Most people are very concerned about the Life Line because they think that it is an indication of how long they will live, but that’s not true.

On the other hand, your life line can tell you about your overall well-being, both physically and emotionally. It can also give you information about certain events in your life and your relationship with others.

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The heart line is also called the love or mensal line, It can reveal something about our love relationship and direct our emotions.

The Heart Line

Those who have romantic concerns will definitely be curious about what their heart line has to say. The heart line, also known as the love line or mensal line, is situated above the life line and the head line.

It typically begins under the index finger or middle finger, extending towards the pinky finger.

A lot of clues about your love life or relationships can be discovered along this line. The heart line can show if you are quick to give away your love, or if you are too cautious when it comes to starting a relationship.

The Head Line

If you want to know who is boss – your head or your heart – then you’ll find the answer with the help of this line. The head line is also known as the wisdom line and reveals not only your mental and intellectual capacity, but also your intuitive abilities as well.

Nestled between the thumb and the index finger, the head line starts above the life line and runs from one of your palm, across to the other edge of your palm, in a horizontal manner.

The Minor Lines

Apollo Line 

Also known as the Line of the Sun, the presence of the Apollo line on your palm can mean having the success you’ve always wanted in life.

Fate Line 

The fate line is also called the Line of Destiny and is tied to the path you are taking in this lifetime. It shows the effects of things, which you have no control over in your life, such as events and other people.

Health Line 

The health line shows the state of your health and well being. Also called the Line of Liver, it not only shows the health of your own bodily systems, but also of those close to you, too, and will appear if you have the ability to heal others!

Relationship Line 

This line is also called the love or marriage line, and indicates relationships which are important in your life. It shows partners or marriages, as well as your ability to handle commitment.

Intuition Line 

This line represents highly intuitive persons and may be very apparent on psychics.

Bracelet Lines 

The bracelet lines are found at the base of the palm and reveals a person’s prosperity, health, and longevity.

Children Lines 

Running vertically across the marriage or relationship lines are the children lines. These faint lines typically indicate a child or a potential one in the future.

Girdle of Venus 

The Girdle of Venus can represent a person who craves excitement, or a nervous person.

Simian Line 

Also known as the palmer crease, the Simian Line appears where the head and the heart lines are, but it appears as one line, as a result of these two lines becoming conjoined to form this rare line! Individuals with a Simian Line usually view the world in black or white. There is no gray area.

Ring of Solomon 

The Ring of Solomon is also called the Ring of Jupiter and can look like a semicircle or a straight line. This line is often seen in persons in positions of power or those who have strong leadership abilities.

Ring of Saturn 

The Ring of Saturn is an uncommon ring which can be found at the base of the middle finger. It is commonly noted on people who have been consumed with pessimism and are not living their life to the fullest.

Ring of Apollo

A very rare hand mark, the Ring of Apollo is seen on individuals who are experiencing blocks to creativity.


Important Hand Line Markings


While not everyone can see distinct line markings in their palms, seasoned readers can see the positive and negative blocks in the normal flow of the lines. While some of these markings warn or speak of traumatic events, difficulties, or separation, others also represent emotional healing and the resolution of a problem.

Other markings which can be found on your palm include:

  1. Breaks
  2. Chains
  3. Crosses
  4. Triangles
  5. Tridents
  6. Transverse Lines
  7. Grills
  8. Crosses
  9. Islands
  10. Vertical Lines
  11. Stars
  12. Dots
  13. Chains
  14. Squares
  15. Upward Lines
  16. Downward Lines
  17. Tassels
  18. Letter M


The Mounts


tanahoy.com mounts

The mounts are bumps of flesh on your palm that can also provide a lot of information during a palm reading.

Your hands can tell so much about you and your destiny, and it’s not just what the lines on your hands mean – there are other elements in your palms which give information.

Aside from palm lines and markings, the bumps of flesh on the palm can also provide a mountain of information about you.

The bumps of flesh on your palms are called mounts –synonymous to the sun, moon, and the planets of our solar system. They are also connected and may intersect with the major and minor lines of your hands.

Mount of Apollo 

Also called the Mount of the Sun, the Mount of Apollo sits at the base of the ring finger. It typically shows compassion and self-assurance in a person.

Mount of Jupiter 

Set at the base of the index finger, the Mount of Jupiter is about ego, determination, and accomplishment. It shows how you look at the world and how you want others to see you.

Mount of Saturn 

Right below the middle finger sits the Mount of Saturn. This mount represents your sense of modesty, patience, and responsibility.

Mounts of Mars 

Situated in three areas of the palm, the Mounts of Mars reflect a person’s ability to deal with challenges and confrontation.

Mount of Venus 

You can find the Mount of Venus between the life line and the thumb. This Mount indicates romance, love, and passion.

Mount of Mercury 

The Mount of Mercury can be found at the base of the little finger. It indicates adaptability, shrewdness, practicality and success in business.


Romance, Wealth, And Success Hidden Within Your Palms


If you’re wondering what do the lines in your hand mean, there really is no single meaning or interpretation. There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration, like the shape of your hand, the interconnections of the lines, and how the markings are related to each other.

While palm readers use different techniques, the information a psychic reading can provide can also give you the answers you are looking for.

I can examine your past, even your past lives, and determine events which affect you now. A psychic reading will enable me to see things in the present which are hidden to you. I can look into the future to see what fate has in store.

You can simply click here to schedule an appointment with me or fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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