What do your Akashic Records say?

Hi there,

I have given several readings to people where I read their Akashic Records, and was able to help them avoid being jolted by the changing energies 2022 was going to cause in their lives.

With the new energies of 2022 approaching, I wanted to share a few of those emails with you.

Dear Tana, 

After our reading today I was so relieved! I am so glad I scheduled another “reading between readings” with you since I already have one scheduled for July! 

Tana, you were so right about what you said! I found out today that my boss was trying to get rid of me, be just like you said she was. 

I actually didn’t believe you when you told me that, since I and her are, or at least I thought, good friends! 

She is jealous of the relationship I have with my coworker, and she pulled me aside yesterday and told me my job would be gone if I did not leave him alone! She told me “I want him, and you cannot have him!” 

She then told me I would never be able to prove she threatened me, so I would be wasting my time trying to prove our conversation! 

Tana, you were so right about her! I am so glad I took your advice and bought that special pen that records conversations! I was recording the whole thing using that special pen! She thought I was just looking for my new pen in my purse when I was actually turning it on to record! 

My attorney has assured me she would no longer be a problem for me after he contacts my company about this. He was very sure she will be fired immediately! 

Tana, if you had not warned me about this, the woman I thought was my best friend would have left me and my three kids broke since I am a single mom! 

You saved the day again Tana! 

Pamela C. Detroit, MI

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Dear Tana, 

You were so right once again! During our reading, the minute you looked at my Akashic Records, you told me if I waited called just 3 days later for my reading, it would have been too late! 

I called my father-in-law and demanded he go to the doctor when we hung up from our reading, just as you told me to do. I actually demanded he go, I did not request he go! 

He thought I was out of my mind because he told me nothing is wrong with him! I drove to his house, forced him to let me take him to an urgent care facility, and made him get an x-ray! I told him I would pay, so he had no say in it! 

Well, he was obviously very angry with my insistence, and finally agreed, just to get me to be quiet! He told me he never knew I was such a crazy B%tc&, and that he was going to have a talk with his son about me when his son got back from China! 

Well, we went and he got his x-ray. The doctors told him that if had waited just 3 more days, he would have been dead! They rushed him into emergency surgery and had to unblock one of his heart valves! The doctor said I saved his life! Tana, you actually saved his life! He is only 51! 

Tana, he had no idea he had a serious health problem! He works out all the time, eats well, and looked to be in good health! 

Today is his third day after his surgery, so I wanted to thank you, and my husband, who just arrived back from China today, wanted me to thank you too! 

My husband told me he no longer thinks that my readings are silly! 

Forever thankful,

Tammy L. Birmingham, Al.

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I want to thank Pamela for the nice email, and also tell Tammy I am so glad you were pushy with him. I remember telling you he was going to be very mad at you, but that you were going to save his life! Great job Tammy!

I hope you enjoyed this email.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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