What Does Your Aura Tell About Your Health?


The human aura is a multi-layered energy field that surrounds the human body. Each layer is represented by different colors and contains important information about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Whatever you do to your body, whether good or bad, will manifest in your aura.


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The human aura can tell a lot of information about the state of health of a person.


Based on your aura, one can tell if you are healthy or sick, happy or broken-hearted. The energy that your aura emits represents your overall condition. Your spiritual state will also be visible in the glow of your aura.


3 Major Layers Of The Human Aura


There are three major layers of the human aura. By looking at the energy field surrounding your body, a psychic can determine if you are filled with positive or negative energies.


  1. Physical Layer

The physical layer is the innermost part of the human aura. It is very close to your physical body and appears bright when you are healthy. If you are suffering from a physical condition, this layer grows dim.


  1. Emotional Layer

The emotional layer composes your mood and feelings. When you carry negative emotions like fear, anger, and sorrow, dark energies will flow in this layer.

Even if you try to hide your pain by smiling, your human aura will not lie. The emotional layer will depict exactly how you’re feeling inside.


  1. Spiritual Layer

The spiritual layer is the most difficult to access. It serves as your doorway to the astral plane. If your connection with higher beings is strong, this layer will shine brightly. Your spiritual condition can be analyzed based on the intensity of its glow.

Why Should You Pay Attention To What Your Aura Means?


You can treat your aura as your health indicator as it provides important information about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition.

You should pay attention to the color and glow of your aura because these colors are directly related to your overall health. Your aura will not lie to you. It will give an exact assessment of your state of health.


Importance Of The Human Aura


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The color and glow of your aura can give you an overall idea of your health.

The human aura allows you to take care of yourself better. You’ve probably experienced feeling unwell despite not having any physical illness. Incidents like these will make you realize that constantly checking on your aura is very important. Here’s why.


  1. The human aura tells you when you’re sick

As mentioned above, your aura is a good health indicator. It is not only limited to displaying signs of physical illnesses but also emotional, mental, and spiritual health too


  1. The human aura tells you about your overall health and attitude

The human aura also shows info about your overall health. It can tell if you have been carrying negative emotions like hatred towards a person for a long time.

For a professional psychic, it is easy to identify if you have been neglecting your connection to the Creator and to other astral beings.


  1. The human aura gives hints, warnings, and signals

By examining the colors of your aura, you will know if you have been a good steward of your body. You will be reminded to check your lifestyle, as you will see hints and signals about the condition of your body.


What Happens To Your Aura When You’re Sick?


When you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually sick, your aura becomes unstable. It will display dark colors representing negative energies. For example, dark red means anger while dark green means jealousy, low self-esteem and resentment. The darker colors of blue and pink mean fear of self-expression and dishonesty, respectively.


How Does Your Aura Look When You’re Healthy?


You will be emitting positive energies when you are healthy. Your aura will glow and display beautiful shades of color. Bright red, orange, blue and green depict wellness and positivity.


How You Can Maintain A Healthy Aura?


You should consider every aspect of your life to maintain a healthy-looking aura, and there are different ways to maintain a glowing aura.


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You should take care of your body to keep your aura healthy as well.

  1. Keep your thoughts positive

Your outlook and attitude in life have a strong influence on your overall health. By keeping your thoughts positive, negativity have no room in your heart and mind.

By doing this, you are avoiding stress, which is just as serious as having vices. If you learn to be positive, the emotional layer of your aura will grow brightly, and you will also become more attractive to spirit guides and other spiritual helpers.


  1. Have your aura cleansed on a regular basis

There are many factors that result to an imbalanced aura, so it is important to have an aura cleansed on a regular basis. And keeping a clean and balanced aura is not actually that difficult.

Water is one a very effective cleansing and energy healing tool. By simply taking a shower every morning or night, you are cleansing your aura. This is one of the reasons why you feel refreshed when you take a shower after a long day of work.


  1. Let the sun feed your aura

Staying under the sun for a period of time is also good for your aura. The strong energy of the sun drives the negative forces away. Outdoor activities are also good for your body, mind, and soul.


  1. Bring crystals

There are many gems and crystal that can drive out negative forces in your aura. Black tourmaline for example, protects you, and also helps you get rid of negative thoughts.

Tourmaline can also attract positive energies and improve your mood and thinking. Wearing a bracelet made of tourmaline can aid you in managing stress and maintaining a healthy aura as well.


  1. Soaking in a salt water bath

Soaking in a saltwater bath, or swimming in the ocean, is good way to cleanse your aura. It is effective in improving your mood. If you are tired of your office routine, take a break and go on a beach vacation. You will surely return energetic.

Your aura reveals so much information about your health. Whatever you do to your body will manifest in your aura.


Taking care of your body, mind, and soul, so you can enjoy life better, and giving up your unhealthy lifestyle habits, which are compromising your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, will help you has a healthier, brighter aura.


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