What Does Your Birthmarks Reveal About Your Past Lives?

What Birthmarks Reveal About Your Past Lives

Birthmarks Reveal About Your Past Lives

Birthmarks are not just simple blemishes on your skin. They can reveal something about your past life.

You might consider birthmarks, freckles or moles that you have, as simple blemishes on your skin, but they are actually more than that. Birthmarks can tell you something about yourself and can shed light on your past life.

In this article, I will discuss how birthmarks are related to your past lives and also the meaning of some common birthmarks.



What Is A Birthmark?


A birthmark is described as an unusual permanent skin mark or benign irregularity on the skin that is present at birth or shows up a few weeks after birth and it can occur anywhere on your body.


Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Study

The head of psychiatry department at the University of Virginia, Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007) studied the relationship between birthmarks, past lives ,and reincarnation, in the 1960s.

In his research, he discovered that many children who were able to remember their past lives had birthmarks located on their bodies, which were related to how they died in a prior life.  He also studied autopsy reports to verify the correlations.

Here are some of the significant connections between birthmarks and past lives from the individuals he investigated:

  • Maha Ram from India can remember that he was killed in his previous life by a close range shotgun fired at him. Dr. Stevenson was able to find an autopsy report of the man supposedly reincarnated as Ram. Ram’s birthmark on his chest corresponded to the bullet wounds.
  • There is an Indian boy who was born without fingers on his right hand. According to him, his fingers were cut off after he stuck them in a fodder chopping machine in his past life.
  • A boy from Turkey was born with a malformed right ear. The boy remembered that in the past, he was shot and killed close range on that side of his head.
  • A 12-year-old from Middle East was born with a ring-like mark or scar around his neck. He recalls from a previous life that his two uncles beheaded him in order to get his inheritance.

Birthmarks Reveal About Your Past Lives

Birthmarks and Past Lives


There are two reasons that could explain why past life traumas manifest themselves as birthmarks on individuals.

  1. The period between the death in their past life and their present life was short. So, the wounds have not healed prior to the reincarnation of the affected individual.
  2. The person needs to reconnect with his or her past life wounds and trauma so he or she can be healed and set free from it.


Different Birthmarks and Their Past Life Causes


tanahoy.com freckles

Freckles could tell you which part of your body have been burned by fire in your past life.

Here are the different types of birthmarks and their probable past life causes:


Freckles (dark spots) and albinos (white spots) can often be found where you have been burned by fire in your past life. These are usually signs that you need to heal life karma from your past life.


These are usually located where you had non-fatal lesions from past lives. These marks usually gather around sites of past life trauma and are highly indicative of your need for a past life healing.


Cysts and lumps are often found at the site of fatal disease lesions from past lives. An example of this would be hard cysts-lumps on the hands or feet, which are signs of a traumatic death by plague in past lives. Cysts and lumps that grow back also indicate the need for past life healing.


These are the sites of weapon inflicted fatal wounds from your past life. It means that you need to pay attention through the healing of your past lives.

Stab Wound

This appears as a slightly curved birthmark and indicates a fatal stab wound caused by a knife, dagger, or sword, in a past life.

Skin Depressions

Skin depressions are related to past life diseases like chicken pox, smallpox, or to injuries that were not fatal, but were significant enough to be embedded in your soul memory. They indicate that there is still something needed to learn from your past life experience and they serve as a reminder.


How To Liberate and Heal Your Self From A Past Life Traumas


tanahoy.com neck_problems

If you are experiencing chronic neck problems, this could be because you have been beheaded or hanged in the past.

There are also certain phobias that are related to your past life memories. An example of this would be individuals who often experience chronic neck problems or feel uncomfortable wearing anything around the neck. They are often the ones who have been hanged or beheaded in the past.

Some people may have an unexplained fear of bodies of water, such as pools or beaches because they might have died in the past due to drowning.

These past life traumas often leave people with fears and phobias.

A birthmark helps you to reconnect with a past life suffering, so that the negative energy, as well as all the hurt and pain from your experience in the past life, can be finally healed and released.

A past life reading can start the healing process by helping you understand the root cause of the negative energy that created your birthmark.

Birthmarks are the physical clues that can also explain your certain dislike or fears, which originated from your past lives. These traumas will stay in you throughout all your incarnations until they are cleared and healed.

I can help you search for the source of all your painful past life memories through a past life reading. Once I am able to identify the source, we can begin the healing process and release all the negative imprints associated with your birthmarks.

To schedule this special healing reading, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Taylor says:

    I have freckles on my face and scattered elsewhere throughout my body, but I also have a small oval birthmark on my chin that has gotten lighter over the years. The one on my chin I’ve also read that could’ve been from a stabbing however the freckles indicate a fire, which I have a phobia of. What does this mean about my past life? Thank you

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    I have a map birthmark on my upper body and my left arm. I haven’t seen a birthmark like mine. I want to know if you can read birthmarks? Thank you

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    Really enjoyed reading your article! Thank You. I have an inch long relatively straight line on the back of my neck and freckles. I am an herbalist and white witch. I have often wondered if I was hung or burned as a witch in a past life. Born in Boston , MA this lifetime close to Salem. ☺️

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