What Is An Aura And Why You Need To Protect It! – by Psychic Tana Hoy

What is an aura? The human aura is the multi-layered energy field that surrounds a person. Your aura not only reflects who you truly are inside, but it also shows your overall wellness emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

what is an aura

Holes In An Aura

In addition, your aura acts as your protective shield against all the negative energies that surround you, as well as preventing your own psychic energy from leaking. It also protects you if you encounter a psychic vampire. In this sense, it is like your psychic skin.

And like your skin that can get damaged with cuts and bruises, your aura can also get dented or torn. Damage to your aura can result in even further harm to you, as it makes you much more vulnerable to harmful energies.

What Damages Your Aura?

There are many factors that can damage your aura, but in a nutshell, it’s negative energy that does the harm. Let me explain:
Thoughts are energy. When people get angry, negative energy forms, and intensifies inside their minds. When this tightly packed energy is directed towards you, whether it’s from words, a sharp look, or even from the thoughts inside a person’s mind, it’s like he or she is throwing a direct punch at you.

And your aura can get dented from this, depending how hard you are hit. Worse, if that person has really focused all of their anger in your direction, then it’s like a gunshot right into you aura.

But directed energy is not the only thing that can cause damage to your aura. Being in the company of someone who’s always depressed or jealous can fray your protective shield. Also, your own negative thoughts and emotions can thin out your own aura, making it easier to tear or break.

When There Is A Hole In Your Aura?

When your physical skin gets cut, you are in danger of having an infection, causing viruses to invade your body that will eventually make you really sick. When your aura gets torn, negative energies can invade your spiritual body, causing you emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical problems .

When you get holes in your aura, you also become an easy prey for psychic vampires (those people who feed on your energy) and psychic attacks (such as curses).

Some of the most common signs of a hole in your aura are:

• sudden or increased irritability
• depression
• chronic fatigue,
• short temper and other negative manifestations.
• You may also get physically sick, or feel confused.

What To Do If Your Aura Is Torn?

If there are holes in your aura, then you need to take certain steps to remedy it. Please note that these techiques will only work for small holes or tears. If you have major holes or tears, you will need to consult a professional psychic to help you with this!

• First, you need cleansing. This means you need to dislodge and get rid of the negative energies that have attached to your aura. One very simple, yet effective way is taking a salt bath.
• Immerse yourself in warm salty water, and visualize all the negative energy being drawn out of your skin.
• Then rinse off all the salt water, along with any residue of the negative energy left on your body.
• Second, you need to repair the damage. To do this:
• Stand straight in a relaxed in a quiet room.
• Close your eyes.
• Visualize a swirl of positive energy building up from under the floor beneath your feet.
• Think of yourself standing in the middle of this energy as it rises like a whirlwind, first circling around your feet, then gradually moving up around your entire body.
• As it moves up, visualize your aura getting repaired, while your psychic energy system gets charged.
• When the whirlpool of energy surrounds you completely, feel its power and energy inside your mind.
• Then allow the whirlwind dissipate gradually, and notice yourself feeliong more calm.
• Next, you need to reinforce your aura’s protection by creating an energy field using the energy from your thoughts. This will protect you from psychic vampires and perpetrators of psychic attacks.
• After your whirlwind has dissipated, remain standing in the same spot with your eyes still closed.
• Now, visualize yourself being encased in a powerful force field that protects you from negative energies.
• Imagine yourself standing inside a bubble of armor.
• After a few minutes, thank the Universe.
• The slowly open your eyes.

With all the violence going around, it’s important to always keep yourself psychically protected. If you believe your aura has holes and you need help repairing it, or you want to make sure you have strong psychic protection, I suggest contacting me by clicking here for an Aura Reading And Reparation.

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  1. Alex Griffin says:

    Hi, my aura is severely damaged and I believe I am spiritually sick and a negative entity is attempting to affect me and would like you to help.

  2. dervesh says:

    well last year after i broke up with my GF , i had really Nasty thoughts about her , i used to curse , burn her pictures using candles , even urinate on them , i used to focus hard on her as i was MAD at her for about a month or 2 ….anyway do u suppose it was a psychic attack ??? i didnt know wat i was doing ???? could i have hurt her AURA ?? should i explain to her??

  3. Nina says:

    I seriously have picked up bad negativity some where along the last few years everyone jokes saying have you been cursed, I try my hardest to be good to the world and everything that’s on it yet it’s not being fair back to me

  4. Dana Clanton says:

    I have been sick for a,while. I believe its spiritualm i have lost my gifts and connection with the divine. I have been severly depressed . I have absolutely no energy. I mean none. Docs say depression.

  5. harpal singh says:

    Thanks for the article , good and helpful

  6. Amy Frazier says:

    Hi. I’ve had a several psychics tell me that I have a hole in my aura. I went to a high school where everyone hanged up against me senior year because of jealously. I think negatively. Since then I went to university and caught the entity in my aura in the door reflection. I feel itchy for no reason, pressure for no reason, tingles, a feeling of cold and hotness (mostly cold like an ice cube touching my body), it feels like tiny needles pricking me. I feel this all over different parts of my body for no reason. I had a slight cough for over a month straight for no reason from deep within. Can you help me?

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