What Is Empathy? – A Common Psychic Power Explained – by Tana Hoy

Do you feel like you sometimes get a clear sense of how other people feel inside, regardless of how well they cover it up? Do you tend to get emotionally overwhelmed when you’re with a group of people? If so, then you may be naturally gifted with psychic empathy.

what is empathy

Are you empathic?

What Is Empathy?

Empathy is one of the psychic gifts also referred to as clairsentience (clear feeling), and it’s the ability to sense what others feel.

Commonly described as highly sensitive individuals, psychic empaths can sense energy vibrations at an emotional level. If you’re a psychic empath, then you sense underlying emotions, even when a person seems to be welcoming and friendly on the outside.

But even more than sensing other people’s feelings, you’re like a sponge that absorbs other people’s emotional energies, so you can also end up harboring sentiments that are not yours.

How To Tell If You’re An Empath

Here are some signs that you have the psychic gift of empathy:

• You know what other people feel, no matter how concealed their true emotions are.

• You may even sense anger, annoyance, pride, and other feelings through letters or emails, text messages, or chat, no matter how nice and polite the words are written.

• You tend to be deeply affected by devastating news.

• You have a soft spot for animals, plant life, and Mother Earth.

• You have a tendency to exhibit other people’s emotions, such as suddenly feeling depressed after being with a sad person, or feeling angry after being with an enraged individual.

• You can sense the emotional aura that emanates from a place when you walk in, such as despair, fear, hope, and the like, and then you come out carrying the same emotion that the place has.

• You can unravel other people’s emotions and understand them, even if they don’t understand it themselves.

• You can lighten other people’s moods by simply being there for them.

An Empath’s Greatest Difficulty

Because of your ability to sense what others feel, and even take their woes as your own, you may find that your greatest burden is carrying emotional loads that are not yours in the first place. This makes your daily life heavier than it really is.

You may also find yourself experiencing the following:

• You may feel overwhelmed being in a crowd, uncomfortable being with a large number of people, or drained of energy after spending time in a mall, a train, or other public places.

• Because you can get emotionally overwhelmed by people, you tend to keep your distance and prefer solitude.

• You may despair for the world, and hope that you can do something to help on a worldwide scale.

• You have a tendency to give in to people’s requests, because you can sense their needs. You usually set aside your own needs to attend to theirs.

• You may get too emotionally affected by relationships and friendships.

• You seem to always end up as “the shoulder to cry on,” but you may find yourself having to fend for yourself when you’re the one in need of comfort.

• You may even get physically sick for no apparent reason, after spending time with emotionally-burdened individuals.
Empathy is a great psychic gift, but because it moves you to carry other people’s emotional baggage, it can also prevent you from living a full and healthy life. So, in order to have your life back, you need to learn to have some control of your ability.

How To Control Your Empathy

To control your empathic abilities, you need to set aside time for daily meditation. When you meditate, there are two things that you need to do. One, you need to cleanse yourself from others’ feelings; and two, you need to protect yourself from further emotional onslaught. So here’s a technique to help control your empathic feelings.

Step 1. Cleansing

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t get a barrage of negative energies. It could be in a garden, a wooded area, by the beach, or your favorite place in your home.
2. Find a comfortable position, making sure that your back is straight to allow energy to flow through you.
3. Close your eyes and calm yourself. Release the tension from your muscles, and free your mind from worries and concerns.
4. When your breathing is steady and relaxed, start visualizing the inside of your body. See all negative emotions trapped inside you as a dark smog that’s poisoning your entire body system.
5. In your mind, intend to clear your body of this energy pollution. Will yourself to release this smog through the pores of your skin.
6. As the smog is getting flushed out of your body, visualize clear, clean energy replacing it. Allow this positive energy to fill every muscle and every internal organ, and let it flow through your veins and through your nerves.
7. Take as long as you need for this cleansing. It may take a while, especially when it’s your first time doing it, or when you’ve just been to a crowded area. But doing this will greatly ease your burdens.

Step 2. Protection

1. Once you know that your system has been cleared of all negative emotions, you need to set up your protection from further onslaught.
2. Continue with your meditation, but this time, start by asking yourself, “What is empathy?” State an affirmation, saying, “It is my ability to understand how others feel without being affected by it.”
3. Then visualize yourself being encased in a force field of pure positive psychic energy. See it in your mind, and allow it to surround you like a bubble that’s impenetrable to ambient energies.
4. While this shield will still allow you to sense other people’s emotions, it will also prevent you from absorbing them like a sponge.
5. As you look at this shield in your mind’s eye, see yourself moving around with it.
6. When you sense that you’re comfortable and safe inside your bubble, thank the universe and slowly bring yourself out of meditation.

You will need to do this meditation practice every day, and reinforce your shield when you sense that there are strong energies surrounding you. You can also try to determine which situations or people tend to trigger your empathy the most, so you can strengthen your protection before the encounter.

What To DO If You Need Help

If you need assistance in cleansing and in putting up a protective shield, I highly recommend that you contact me. I can conduct a thorough aura reading to see if there are tears or vulnerable areas in your aura, and repair any damage. I can even help you to better understand your gift of empathy, and give you advice on how to make use of your ability to the fullest.
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