What Is Karma -The Law Of Cause And Effect

What Is Karma?

In todays’ modern world, we hear the word “karma” but what is karma exactly? Every action you take, every thought you think, and every deed you do, is your karma. So karma can be defined as “an accumulation of all thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this lifetime and your past lifetimes.”


What Is Karma?

Some people mistakenly think that karma is a type of punishment, but this is totally opposite from what karma really is. Karma is based on the Law Of Cause And Effect. The Law Of Cause And Effect has been a universal law of the universe since time immemorial. I say time immemorial, because no one really knows when the universe came into being. Also, The Law Of Cause And Effect is only one of several universal laws that regulate the universe.

The Law Of Cause And Effect

The Law Of Cause And Effect states that for every action there is a reaction. When you create a cause, you also create an effect – simultaneously. This effect can manifest instantly in your life, or it can manifest at some point in the future, either in this lifetime, or a future one.

When an effect will manifest in your life depends on several factors, but whenever you create a cause, the effect is created right away – patiently waiting for the right time to manifest in your life.

The karma that you have accumulated will also determine the type of life you will have in your next existence, as well as the family you will be born into. For example, if you harmed others in your past life, you may be born into a family that is very harmful, or you may find yourself always in situations where you get harmed by others. This would be one example of karma.

Another example might be that if in a past life you were very generous with your money in helping other people, in this lifetime, you may be born into a family of great wealth, or you may find that you never struggle with money. This would also be a result of your a past life karma.

Anything and everything that you experience at any moment in this lifetime, is a result of karma that you have created in this lifetime, or one of your past lives.

Karma Does Not Have A Conscience

Since Karma is a universal law it does not work on consciousness. In other words it does not dictate what deeds are more positive than others, or what deeds are more negative than others. It works simply on the Law Of Cause And Effect.

Possessing this knowledge will allow you to start working immediately on changing your karma in the future.

How To Consciously Change Your Karma

Karma does not have a consciousness, but you do! So by becoming more aware of your thoughts, your actions, and your deeds, you can have a direct effect on your future karma.

By consciously creating good causes, by becoming kinder, reaching out to others, helping others, and working to develop to your compassion, these positive, conscious actions will create positive effects. or causes, in your future.

By consciously working to become more compassionate towards others, you will also lessen, or change some of the negative karma that you may accumulated up to this point in your life. This is very important understand!

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So now that you understand what is karma exactly, you can start applying this knowledge to your daily life, changing it for the better! Knowing what is karma gives you the power to start changing and empowering your life on a daily basis!

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