What Is Spiritual Enlightenment?


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Spiritual awakening or also known as spiritual enlightenment is an altered state of perception. It is a state of awareness to your true self and the universe.

Spiritual enlightenment is a phrase that is used often, but do you know what it actually means?

Don’t worry, not a lot of people do, but knowing this is the first step in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

In this article, I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, because it’s not just spiritual leaders, religious experts, or icons and saints, who can achieve this: spiritual enlightenment is open to everyone.


Basically, Spiritual Enlightenment Is “Waking Up” To The True You


Many people believe that enlightenment is all about change and changing who you are to become something better, purer, and more intelligent. However, spiritual enlightenment is not merely a door that you walk through where you emerge completely transformed on the other side.

Instead, spiritual enlightenment is a state of wakefulness to your true self and the universe, which is why many people may also refer to it as a spiritual awakening.

Transformation is inevitable when you attain spiritual enlightenment, but it’s actually less about changing who you are and more about waking up to your true nature as a spiritual being and embracing a new perspective and way of living as a result of this knowledge.

Enlightenment is all about gaining a deeper and more loving level of understanding about yourself and the meaning of life. It comes when you become aware of your spirituality, rejecting the superficial trappings of society, such as consumerism, jealousy, and prejudice.

In the wake of spiritual enlightenment, you may grapple with questions such as “Who am I?” “What is the point of my life?” and “Why am I lost?” Having these questions arising in your heart urges you into the arms of the Divine, and onto a journey back to your soul, your essence, and your true nature.

Ultimately, spiritual enlightenment is a state of realizing and loving who you truly are and the perfect imperfections of your being.

Everyone is capable of achieving spiritual enlightenment, and although it’s not an easy or smooth journey the whole way, it is a beautiful experience that lets you enjoy life and spread love more effortlessly.


Challenges On The Path To Enlightenment


Sometimes, the process of enlightenment can be incredibly difficult with obstacles and challenges that are seemingly impossible to overcome. The first obstacle is forgetting all about your connection to the spiritual world.

When you enter your physical body and commit to a lifetime on Earth, it is natural for you to forget about your original self: your soul. Your soul is your true and most basic essence, it is you that was created at the beginning of time.

During your time on Earth, you develop a personality attached to your body, which allows you to live and adapt to your environment. However, spiritual enlightenment comes when the realization that you are not your personality, nor your body, but you are a soul.

Another obstacle that you face is the false beliefs that are fed to you by society. All of the chaos in the world can clutter your mind and distract you from connecting with your spirit. If you are too attached to worldly things, events, and pursuits, you continue living in the ignorance of your spirit.

Enlightenment also means awareness, and awareness means that reality is crystal clear to you; both the joy and the pain. In this state of awareness, you shine a light on, and become starkly aware, of all the darkness in your life, such as depression, anger, and low self-esteem.

Before letting go of your dark thoughts and feelings, you often have to confront them and feel them all over again. Sometimes, you’ll even feel totally isolated from the rest of the universe and the Divine.

In many cases, it is in the midst of this all-encompassing darkness that you will come to seek spiritual enlightenment more fervently because you want to make sense of your suffering and life.


How You’ll Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment


Different people have found enlightenment in many different ways, but there are a couple of ways that are tried-and-tested.

One of the things you can do to is to begin exploring spiritual ideas and practices. Spiritual enlightenment occurs when your mind becomes more aware of your connection to your spirit, so do what you can to awaken your mind from its slumber.

Read spiritual literature, attend seminars and workshops on different spiritual practices, and seek out people and psychics who are in pursuit of, or have found, enlightenment in their lives. When you expose yourself up to new ideas and knowledge, you learn and connect more to your spiritual self.

It’s also important to declutter your life. This includes clearing your physical living space from messes and things you no longer need, but it also means decluttering your mental and emotional spaces, too. Release the worries, problems, and attachments, that bring you negativity, so you can focus on your spiritual journey and getting to know your true spiritual self.

Meditation is an excellent way to quiet your mind and let go of all the negativity weighing you down. Every day seek out time and space from the rest of the world to relax and be still.

In your inner stillness and silence, you will find Divine peace and acceptance. Not only does it help you release negativity regularly, but it also allows you to tap into your intuition and connect to your spirit.

The practice of meditation also lets you bask in the present moment without the regrets of the past and the concerns of the future clouding your mind, which is important in spiritual enlightenment. Find calm and joy in the here and now, because this is the only place where you will find the answers to your spiritual questions and issues.

Finally, to find enlightenment, it’s important to let yourself look at and feel the more painful parts of life, as much as the beautiful parts of it. Resistance is not the same as letting go and when you struggle against the uncomfortable or undesirable emotions, you create more conflict within yourself.

Instead, breathe and let yourself feel the pain, honoring your human emotions as a very important part of your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Remember, the path of spiritual enlightenment is not an overnight transformation, but a continuous journey of waking up to new lessons and higher levels of Divine awareness.


The Next Step In Your Journey


The next step in your spiritual journey is the step of discovery. People often discover deeper insights into themselves and their journey in life when they have an opportunity to look into their future.

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