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Channeling is a form of communication between humans and beings from the spirit world.

Channeling is often misunderstood by most people because they don’t understand how it works.

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and other angelic or spiritual beings, such as archangels, ascended masters, and spirit guides. Channeling is opening yourself up to these universal energies and allowing them to flow through you.

To be able to communicate with these beings in the higher realms, you need to increase your vibrational energy and since everything has a vibrational energy, by matching it, you will be able to connect and communicate effectively with these higher, spiritual beings.


The Purpose of Channeling


There are different reasons why people channel.

The first reason why people channel is to receive messages from higher beings, such as spirit guides, ascended masters, and guardian angels, in order to find answers to their questions about life or get greater understanding and guidance.

The second reason is to enhance personal growth and development. People who channel feel happier and are mentally clearer about their life purpose. They are more confident, loving, and psychologically stronger.


The Two Types of Channeling and How They Work


These are the two types of channeling: 

The first type is Trance Channeling and is done while in a deep trance state. This is where the channeler allows a guide, angel, or spiritual being to host their body, usually in the form of speaking by using the voice and body of the channeler.

The channeler, upon awakening, will have no recollection of what transpired while he was in trance.

For this kind of channeling, another person should be available to record or transcribe the notes from the session. One of the most famous trance channelers is Edgar Cayce and he is referred to as “The Sleeping Prophet”.

This kind of channeling should not be done without extensive training and supervision. Discernment is very important to only allow beings of the highest light and integrity to connect with the channeler. 

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Conscious channeling is a type of channeling done when the channeler is conscious and knows what is happening.

The second type of channeling is Conscious Channeling and is done while the channeler is fully aware of what is happening. This is the most prevalent type of channeling. 

During this type of channeling, the channeler is in a relaxed state and is vibrationally elevated to align with higher vibrational beings for the purpose of communication, healing, and sharing of information.

It is important to be vibrationally elevated so that your frequency will match with the frequency of the higher being you want to connect with.

Conscious channelers often say that they hear themselves speaking, as if they were at a distance, and the experience is similar to as if they are remembering a dream.

This type of channeling is certainly easier than Trance Channeling and is advisable for beginners.


Discernment When Channeling


It is of utmost importance to use discernment when channeling.

There are channelers that bring through messages, which are filled with the energy of the higher realms, such as vibrations of love and light, while others do not.

When listening to a channeled message, ask yourself if the energy feels right and if the message is inspiring, empowering, and intelligent.

When you hear fear-based messages, it is an indication that they are from a lower vibrational being. Forget these messages and leave them behind.


How To Prepare for Channeling


Channeling takes time, practice, and a lot of patience to get results.

The goal is to put your mind, body, and soul, into a peaceful meditative state in order to connect with these higher beings. So, it does take some practice.

Here are the general guidelines below to prepare for channeling:

  1. Find a quiet area where you can relax. It could be anywhere, inside or outside your home, but in the beginning, it should be the same place every day.
  1. Before you start channeling you need to be in the right frame of mind. So, go to your chosen place and try to clear your mind as much as possible. Do this by breathing in deeply a few times, mentally pushing out all the clutter with each exhalation.  Anytime you feel your mind beginning to wander, simply go back to focusing on your breathing.
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The first step in preparing for channeling is to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and you can relax.

  1. When you begin channeling, you need to be specific about what type entity you are invoking. Are you channeling angels or spirit guides? Why do you need from them?
  1. Then open up your mind and remain focused. Hold the intention and desire to attract in only those spirit beings that provide guidance, love, and higher teachings. You can say, “I now invite in all of my loving and wise spirit guides and angels to be with me now.”
  1. If you’re looking for a specific answer, ask the angels or archangels your question and then listen for their answer. But be aware that the answer may come from inside you. For example, if you ask them “Does anyone need my help?” and you suddenly think of your mother, then that is your answer.
  1. Watch for the signs because when you do connect with an entity, you will know it. You might feel a numb or tingling sensation – or you may just be aware of a “presence” and receive messages and images telepathically. Again, if you are not comfortable with what you get, do not hesitate to ask the entity to leave.
  1. Be patient, have faith, and trust that you will make contact and receive the answer you seek.


Always remember that patience is an incredibly vital factor. You may not get a clear answer the first, second, third, or twentieth time you try doing this, but keep trying.

What is important is keep a note of the feelings and thoughts you had, the symbols you saw, and what you think they might mean.


Why Learn To Channel?


Channeling is a life-changing experience, because it can help you to heal and improve your life. The reason for this is that channeling is directly connecting with the divine and higher beings.

When you learn to quiet your mind, open your heart, and tune into higher beings through channeling, you shift away from the spiral of thought, doubt, and ego, and move into the clarity of a higher presence of love.

It also allows you to consider the shape of your life and whether or not that shape is what you wish your life to be. It provides answers from within rather than from the without.

If you need guidance on your life’s journey or would like to hear the messages these higher beings have for your life, you can schedule a special reading with me, where I can safely take you on this journey to visit the Other side.

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