What Your Dreams Mean

Almost everyone dreams when they sleep, but have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Every dream is symbolic of something that is going on in your life and understanding the dream interpretations below will help to perceive what your dreams mean.

Have you ever dreamt of:

Falling or Sinking

Dreaming of falling or sinking denotes insecurity and lack of support from friends, family, peers or co-workers. You may be feeling let down or abandoned by a loved one. It signifies a lack of control over a particular situation. It may also mean that a certain part of your life is spiralling in the wrong direction. Falling endlessly in your dream also refers to a feeling of isolation, loneliness or seclusion.

Prophetic Dreaming

Prophetic Dreaming

Take charge of your life, only you can. Confide in a friend or a family member. People who love you and have your best interests at heart usually have the best advice!

Being Chased

When you dream of being chased by something or someone scary, it is usually your subconscious trying mirroring the fact that you are running from an unpleasant situation in your real life. Are you not taking responsibility for something that has gone wrong? Are you trying to avoid a confrontation with someone?  Is there an unpleasant task that you are being compelled to perform? Your answer to these questions is probably yes.  Another interpretation of this dream maybe that something or someone is threatening you in real life. Maybe you are competing for a promotion, or someone is bulling you in school.

Whatever the interpretation is, it’s best to face your fear, as they say. Confronting your issues in the real world will help you sleep better at night.

Being Trapped or Getting Lost

Dreaming of getting trapped somewhere or lost in a maze or a forest signifies that you are feeling ensnared in some aspect of your real life. You probably are in the wrong job or in a relationship with the wrong person. Do you feel someone is holding you back? Maybe you are in severe debt and have a lot more responsibility that you would have liked to take on. You feeling weighed down by all these things, manifests in your dreams as being trapped or lost.

Take stock of your life. If you are in debit, chalk out a plan to cut back on your expenses. If you are in the wrong job or relationship, get out of it and find one that makes you happy! Remember you can only make someone else happy if you are happy yourself.


What your dreams mean when they feature a snake is the fact that a hidden enemy is close, one that may pose a threat to your wellbeing.  Dreaming of being bit by a snake symbolises a struggle with impending temptation.  It could also be a warning or a wakeup call with particular reference to a poisonous’ situation, behaviour or activity. A snake shedding its skin in your dream refers to a transformation, change or onset of a new experience.

Try to be a little more introspective about people and situations. Weigh the pros and cons well before making you make any decisions.

Being Back in School and Unprepared for a Test

This is probably one of the most common dreams that people have, I know I do! This usually indicates a high level of scrutiny on the job front. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how are school and work connected?’ But think about it, school was your first real job with assignments, tests, group projects, doing well to proceed to the next level etc.

If you have a high pressure job, step up to the plate and look at it as a challenge. Life is full of challenges and completing one makes you a stronger, more confident person.

Losing Your Teeth

Since a smile is the first thing that strikes you about a person, dreaming about losing your teeth might symbolize an innate fear about losing your appearance due to age or a general insecurity about your appearance.

Always remember the saying, ‘beauty is only skin deep’. You may be the most beautiful person on the surface, but if you aren’t a beautiful person on the inside, it means nothing. Beauty will fade with time but compassion, generosity and love stay with you forever.



 How to Remember Dreams

A lot of the times, I used to find it difficult to remember what I was dreaming about. It used to feel like it was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t recall it for the life of me. That until I started doing this:

  • Stay still – As soon as you wake up, remain in the position you are in. Don’t move around too much. This keeps your mind connected to the memory of your dream and helps you remember it clearly.
  • Quieten your mind – Don’t immediately think about all the chores you have to do during the day. Still your mind and let your dream come back to you.
  • Keep a dream journal – Keep a journal by the side of your bed and write down whatever you remember of your dream. It may not make sense but do it anyway. It helps you log your dreams.

What your dreams mean can hold the key to a lot of information because your dreams are manifestations of the things you experience in your daily life. Reading into what your dreams mean will help you overcome real world hurdles you are facing, and let you lead a more well-rounded life.

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