What Happens When Your Spirit Leaves Your Body?

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An OBE or out of body experience does not only happen at the time of death. Your spirit can leave your body at any time.

Some people think the only time your spirit would leave your body is when you die. However, your spirit can leave your body at any time, during an event known as an out-of-body experience or OBE.

Not everyone has experienced an out-of-body experience. In fact, some still doubt it occurs, even if there are numerous accounts from people regarding their OBEs.

What really happens when your spirit leaves your body? Is an OBE dangerous?

The Phenomenon of Astral Projection or OBE


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During an OBE or astral projection, the soul exits the body but remains moored or tethered to it because of the “silver cord.”

OBEs are also known as astral projection. This is when your soul, with full consciousness, temporarily detaches itself from your physical body.

This detachment can be done intentionally, or astral projection can also happen without your input or motivation.

When it happens without your input, this is known as spontaneous OBE.  Often, this is triggered by a life-threatening situation such as an accident that is about to happen. Just before the accident happens, your soul suddenly detaches from your body, making you lose consciousness, or to help put you into a coma to protect you from sudden death.

A spontaneous or unexpected OBE can also happen when severe harm is being faced by your soul, such as when an evil spiritual being wants to take over your body, and it will therefore try to attack your soul.

An OBE can also happen during something similar to a near-death-experience (NDE), but isn’t really one. For example, if you were placed under very heavy sedation for a risky operation, the conditions of your physical body would closely mimic a body that is near death. A situation like that can propel your soul out of your body.

Astral projection, or an OBE, can also occur when you are close to dying due to either old age or extreme sickness. Your soul is already anticipating its eventual separation from your body, so this can trigger an OBE weeks or even months before the real onset of death.

During an OBE, the detachment or separation isn’t complete, in the sense that your soul and your body become two completely separate entities or beings.

Instead, during an OBE or astral projection, the soul exits the body but remains moored or tethered to it because of the “silver cord.”

What is the Silver Cord?

According to metaphysical thought, the function of the silver cord is to keep your soul attached to your body, even as your soul goes out and wanders around in both near and distant places.

This cord is made of energy. The silver cord has been described as being vibrantly bright (like a powerful beam of light), strong, and elastic.

One simplified way of looking at the silver cord is to visualize it as being like an umbilical cord that joins a mother and her unborn child, delivering the nutrients that her unborn child needs.

However, the umbilical cord has to be cut as soon as the child is born, in order to allow her newborn to take in nourishment from external sources, and no longer simply depend on nourishment coming from the mother’s body.

In contrast, the silver cord has to remain intact; otherwise, your soul can become unmoored, and your body will die.

What Can Cause the Silver Cord to Break?


No matter how far your soul may go during an astral projection, no one or nothing, can break your silver cord, not even the beings that live in the astral plane.

There is only one thing that can cause your silver cord to break and make your soul separate completely from your physical body.

That one thing is death.

What I’m saying is, it’s not possible for your silver cord to casually break during an OBE.

The only time it will break is when your appointed time of death arrives (due to natural causes, or when someone ends your life for you), or when you decide to end your own life prematurely (suicide).

Other than that, no matter how far your soul may go during an astral projection, no one or nothing, can break your silver cord, not even the beings that live in the astral plane.

As I have mentioned several times before here in my blog, there are both good and bad beings living in the astral planes. The good ones include, of course, those spiritual beings that intend to guide you or help you.

The bad ones are the entities or beings that want to do you harm.

You may meet either one both of these types of astral beings during an OBE. Therefore, it is best to prepare yourself first before undertaking astral projection.

Beings and Regions in the Astral Plane


As part of your preparation, you should make it a point to know the beings and regions in the astral plane. This is to help you avoid being consumed by fear as you travel around during your OBE.

There are so many kinds of energy beings in the astral plane, that it would take a very long time to discuss them all.

However, if you think of beings in the astral plane in terms of their energy vibrations, it will help to make things simpler and easier to understand.

tanahoy.com low vibration spirits

During an astral projection, it is possible to encounter low vibration spirits.

Spiritual beings that have the lowest kind of vibration occupy the lowest regions of the astral plane. These beings are those that are still severely attached to the material or physical world and its pleasures. They no longer have a physical body to experience the material world, but they still long for their previous feelings related to the experiences they had when they were living.

For example, these beings still know the sensations of lust, of being full after eating, of being drunk, or of being powerful. They miss those sensations and want to speed up their reincarnation in order to experience those sensations again.

In short, their motivation for wanting to reincarnate is not to learn life lessons to develop and raise their spiritual level. Instead, they simply want to experience the sensations of being human once again.

When this doesn’t happen immediately, these spiritual beings can become frustrated and even enraged. Their energy vibrations become lower, and the cycle of frustration and rage continues repeatedly, on and on.

If you happen to run into these beings during an OBE, then it is possible they will take out their anger at you.

On the other hand, there are spiritual beings whose development has been progressing well, and they are working towards attaining a higher vibration.

These beings will be helpful to you, should you encounter them during an OBE, because helping you in a positive manner is second nature to them.

Astral Projection is not Dangerous, but…


Overall, astral projection is not dangerous in the sense that won’t be fatal to you if you practice it.

However, if you don’t know what you are doing, then you could meet with plenty of risks and dangers in the astral plane.

Of course, you can always ask for the protection of Guardian Angels, but you know the saying: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you want to know more about the astral plane and how to optimize your visits there,  get in touch with me for a psychic reading. I’ll teach you to know more details about what to expect, and guide you on knowing how to handle what you see.

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  1. Candy says:

    This was very interesting, thank you ??
    Tana, if some spirits get mad or outraged because they want to experience things the way they did in life when they were in there body, why don’t the angels try to explain to them that they need to develop and raise their spiritual growth, in order to come back again? There’s so many angels, I don’t understand? If they could help, or maybe they already do? These spirits would understand, wouldn’t they? ??

  2. Irma says:

    Great article as always. When you have dreams and they feel so real, does that mean that your body Astral traveled? Why do you feel tired the next day after some dreams? I’ve had dreams like 4 days in a row this week and wake up exhausted! What does that mean? They felt so real.

  3. Ellen Blend says:

    What happens when your spirit/soul temporarily leaves your body, but you only feel/see nothingness?

  4. Brandy says:

    I had out of body experience this morning it felt weird but I didn’t know what it was until I read the article

  5. Ana says:

    I feel like my spirit or soul is constantly outside of my body. Since I was a kid, I would see other spirits. I feel people’s illnesses, thoughts, and energies. I am trying to get my spirit to be fully in my body because my body becomes very vulnerable when I am not fully in it. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.

  6. Georgia says:

    Thank you for the explanation. When I was a child something happened to me and I jumped out of my body and turned around and looked at myself. I’ve always wondered how. I’m a lot older now but quite a few interesting things have happened to me that makes me wonder.

  7. Stephen says:

    I can leave my body and see myself high above. If I don’t return I’m afraid . So I returned as quick as possible. I’m trying to learn what triggers this thing.

  8. S.Ranganathan says:

    I am frustrated and wants to leave the body by detaching the silver chord especially after my mother’s death of

  9. Stella says:

    Hi,I can relate to this article due to my personal experience a couple years ago. I’m in my thirties laying in bed next to my husband fast to sleep. (A usual night). I “dream” that I’m under a bridge of some sort and there’s debris everywhere,I’m dressed as a firefighter or rescue person with thick gloves and full body suit. I then dig in debris and find this this 5-6 year old asian child and pick her/him(child has chin length hair) and I hand the child to a older 60’s aged asian woman(who’s smiling,seems sweet) who doesn’t fit the picture of a place of debris and complete mess. I wake up and wake my husband to tell him of my dream that felt real. We go back to sleep. The next morning we wake and do the usual weekend …coffee and morning news. Then on world news preview I see the bridge I dreamed of night before,and my husband looks at me so pale and says that’s your dream. It was a train derailment that killed many people and children. Ofcourse were freaking out and I start looking online and find a story about child found by announmys firefighter in debris. This was not my first ” dream” but the first time I can officially prove it was real.ive had lots of experiences since I was a child that many family members have personally seen in person that we cannot explain. But never this much,on actual world news. We will never forget this happend,my husband and I. I have children now,and dont really talk about my experiences as they appear or happen because I dont want them to get scared if they hear me speaking about it,but I would really like an explanation or thought from someone who may have similar experiences. Thanks,Stella.

  10. Patrick says:

    I feel like my spirit want to leave my body…

  11. Jeanie says:

    50 years ago my spirit left my body. I saw the silver cord after traveling threw a tunnel. I was only 14 years then . i told my younger sister about the experience. Back then no one ever spoke about such things. I wish i would have written a book.

  12. Travis says:

    How do u astral project

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