Where Is The Bermuda Triangle? – by Tana Hoy

The Bermuda Triangle remains as one of the most intriguing locations in the world. Many puzzling events have happened in the area, mostly missing planes and ships, and a lot of reasons have been given to explain them. Yet this mysterious place continues to be clouded in mystery.

where is the bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle


If you’re looking on a map to find where is the Bermuda Triangle, you won’t find it, because it’s not an actual geographical location, at least, not one that’s officially recognized.

It’s situated in the Atlantic Ocean, Southeast of the U.S. It’s location forms a triangle, with the three points located in Bermuda, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida.

For many years the number of unexplained events that have taken place within that vicinity has baffled people. While authorities deny that there is a higher incidence of disappearances in the area, some argue otherwise.

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Researchers who have looked into its mysteries have gathered numerous cases of unexplained happenings there. Even a few individuals who’ve actually experienced the site’s anomalies have lived to tell the tale.

Mysterious Stories About The Bermuda Triangle

Among the most famous incidents include what is known as Flight 19. It’s the name given to five Avenger Torpedo Bombers that disappeared there during a navigation training flight in 1945. None of the military planes and 14 airmen were ever seen again.

Another episode happened in 1948, when a DC-3 commercial aircraft flying from San Juan, Puerto Rico, radioed Miami for landing instructions, as it was getting close to landing. The plane never arrived to its destination.

There are even more recent incidents, including first-hand accounts of veteran sailors who were sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. They reported that their power supplies were drained, their compasses went haywire, they couldn’t see the horizon, and it was as though some kind of force was pulling them.

Others have reported experiencing going through a kind of electric cloud with a “tunnel” within, then after passing through the tunnel, all their planes’ instruments returned to normal function.

The Many Explanations

There are many explanations that aim to rationalize these mysterious events. They include pirate attacks, ruptures of methane gas pockets located under the ocean floor, sudden changes in weather, as well as natural environmental effects, like waterspouts and underwater earthquakes.

On the other hand, others believe that the disappearances were due to abductions by aliens, or that the planes and ships unwittingly went through a portal and entered another world or dimension. And because The Bermuda Triangle is known for its high incidence of UFO sightings, alien abduction cannot be ruled out as a cause for these disappearances.

Still others believe that the Lost City of Atlantis was actually located in the area, and the city’s powerful energy crystals – now submerged – are causing all the anomalies.

But where is the Bermuda Triangle’s power coming from?

Regardless of the one’s beliefs, one cannot deny that there is an energy field in this mysterious location that’s strong enough to make planes and boats disappear. Yet because psychic energy is a kind of power that’s currently beyond science and human comprehension, it is unlikely that a real explanation will be reaching the mainstream anytime soon.

I highly recommend avoiding any travel near or through this area, because it’s always better safe than sorry!

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