Where Is The Lost City Of Atlantis

There are stories of magical cities, mystical places, and mysterious lands, exist within our world, yet people arounfd the are still searching for the answer to ‘where is the city of Atlantis?’ To find the answer to the question ‘where is the city of Atlantis’, I first need you to travel back with me in time to ancient Greece.

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The Lost City Of Atlantis

The History Of Atlantis 

Atlantis was an island that existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean more than 12,000 years ago. As legend has it, the ocean mysteriously claimed the city of Atlantis in the span of one day and one night. After that, it was never seen or heard of ever again, but is believed to still exist deep within the cavernous ocean floor.

Around 350 BC in ancient Greece, Plato wrote about Atlantis – “A city unlike any other that exists today”. His account of this marvellous city spanned two books ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’. Plato never completed Critias, which is why even today, people do not know what really became of the lost city of Atlantis, where it is now, or why it sunk beneath the sea.

What The Lost City of Atlantis Looked Like

Atlantis was a truly magical place where everyone lived in harmony with each other. The citizens of Atlantis were morally, socially, and politically conscious of each other, and their surroundings. There was no poverty, sickness, unrest, discord, hatred, rage, theft, murder, violence, or turmoil.  Plato described the Atlantians to be great engineers and architects who were technologically advanced and experts in every field.

The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and canals. The capital city was built on a large hill on which there stood an

Atlantis - The Lost City

Atlantis – The Lost City

exquisite palace. This palace was surrounded by five rings of water, and connected to land by five tunnels wide enough for ships to pass through. The five outer rings of water were connected to the ocean by a huge canal. There were massive fields situated on the outskirts of the city where farmers grew only the most succulent crops. Behind these fields were mountains so high, that they appeared to touch the sky. It was here that wealthy citizens of Atlantis called home. The city was powered and fuelled by unique energy crystals.

The architecture in Atlantis was so spectacular, that even today,anything you have ever would fade in comparison. The city had palaces, buildings, temples, docks, shared dining halls, fountains for hot and cold water, as well as a complicated water system. The citizens of Atlantis loved the fine things in life, and so the stone walls of the buildings were encrusted with gems and precious stones. The statues that adorned the city were crafted from pure gold. There was a particularly large gold, jewel-encrusted statue of Poseidon – the god of the sea – driving six-winged horses in one of the temples.

Where Is The City Of Atlantis Today?

There are many explanations about what became of the wonderful city of Atlantis. Some say it was destroyed in the matter of a day by an earthquake and a flood. Others claim that the citizens of Atlantis turned greedy and corrupt, and so a curse by the gods caused the city to sink to the bottom of the ocean, where it exists even today. Yet others believe there is a link between the disappearances around the Bermuda triangle, and the city of Atlantis. It is believed that the remains of the Atlantis exists millions of miles deep in the ocean, directly below the Bermuda triangle, and that the energy crystals once used to power the city, are interfering with the electronic systems of ships and airplanes, causing them to go down.

The City Of Atlantis

The City Of Atlantis

The Search To Find Atlantis Is Still Alive Today!

The legend of Atlantis has been kept alive, and even today, continues to captivate our fascination and imagination.  A long-lost city, rich with history and wealth, and just because we haven’t found the lost city of Atlantis yet, doesn’t mean we never will.

Even today, we are still discovering new species of plants and animals we never knew existed. 12,000 years have gone by, and people are still asking the question ‘where is the city of Atlantis’. Until we do find its location, the answer to the question ‘where is the city of Atlantis’ will continue to remain one of life’s greates, unsolved wonders of time!

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