Using White Light Protection to Become Emotionally Stronger in Love white light

White light, being a powerful emanation of the Universe, is stronger than all the challenges you may face related to your relationship.

White light is an extremely powerful kind of spiritual protection. It comes directly from the Universe. As such, when you know you how to use white light protection, you can become emotionally stronger, especially when it comes to love,


What Being in Love Does to Your Being


When you’re in love, you’re vulnerable. You are highly sensitive to the words and actions of the one you love. When you deeply love someone, your heart is exposed, unprotected.

That’s why it’s so easy to get hurt, and why your emotions are not as strong as you would want them to be.

It’s great when you happen to love someone whose love is as clean as yours is. Sometimes, however, you fall in love with the wrong person. You do everything to resist him or her, but the longer you struggle, the deeper you fall.

You start realizing that you are being exploited, cheated on, abused, and betrayed. Yet, you find it hard to break free from the bars of your invisible cage. You just can’t do it on your own. friend giving confort

Friends and relatives may try to help you, but often, they can only do so much.

Friends and Relatives to the Rescue


Initially, you may do your best to hide your true situation. That’s because you feel ashamed about what’s happening. In your emotionally weakened state, you do not have the will to admit things have gone south.

However, in most cases, your friends and relatives won’t be able to miss the telltale signs of your broken heart. And they will move to help you, or at least they will try to. Most of time, they won’t be able to do anything.

It’s because no matter how hard your heart is aching, you may not still be able to accept the fact that something needs to be done to correct the situation. Remember, you are in a weakened emotional state. You are vulnerable.

When people are weak and vulnerable, they’d much rather close their eyes to reality, and grin and beat everything that’s making them miserable.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though,

White light is available for you. It’s free, and easily accessible! You can use white light for spiritual protection, so that you will become emotionally stronger.


How White Light Can Protect and Strengthen Your Emotions white light protection

White light can protect and strengthen your emotions:

If you have never experienced the healing and restorative powers of white light, you may be wondering how it can work a miracle in your love life.

So, to help you fully understand, these are the things white light can do in terms of protecting and strengthening your emotions:


1) White light will change the way you regard love and loving.


Many external forces have conditioned your mind and emotions about romantic relationships. Media, your family, your community, and society as a whole, have all contributed in helping you build a “love ideal.”

However, while it’s good to aspire for an ideal, there is no guarantee you will always get what you want.

There are too many mystical forces are at play, affecting your efforts to achieve your ideal relationship. Spiritual factors such as karmic debt, soul scripts, and planetary alignments, all play a role in how your relationship runs.

This is why you need white light protection.

White light, being a powerful emanation of the Universe, is stronger than all the challenges you may face related to your relationship.

This is the reason white light is able to change your perspectives about love and loving.

The ideals you hold will no longer imprison you, because white light will enable your emotions and mind to align properly, sothey will be complementary to each other.

So when your emotions are threatening to overwhelm you and lead you to make self-damaging decisions, your mind will step in to caution you and lead you to the right direction.

Conversely, when your mind is in overdrive and being hard on your decisions, your emotions will influence your thoughts, softening them to a less harsh level.

White light can change not only your emotions, but also your thoughts, helping you build a good balance between the two.


2) White light can boost your self-esteem and lessen your self-doubt.


Traditionally, people have been conditioned to think that loving someone means you’re perfectly fine with experiencing some form of abuse now and then.

For example, in romance movies, the heroine first goes through a series of humiliating experiences before she can find redemption in the arms of the man she loves.

All of this makes for great dramatic moments, but it doesn’t do you any good in real life.

In real life, the pain you feel at being talked down to, or being made to do things you don’t want to just to please the one you love, doesn’t usually lead to a happy ending.

When your self-esteem is low, your self-doubts get a chance to creep in and make themselves at home. When your self-doubts are in charge of your attitudes and behaviors, your self-esteem takes daily, painful hits.

It becomes a vicious and co-dependent cycle between your low self-esteem and your raging self-doubts. Such a cycle can lead to irrational fits of jealousy, intense insecurity, and even despair.

The good news is, white light can block such negative things, and bathe you in self-affirming energy.

Instead of seeing yourself as helpless and weak, the spiritual protection white light can give will allow you to see yourself as a precious and beloved creature of the Universe.

You will understand it is your soul that is the real you, and being so, a healthy love and respect for yourself will be set in place by white light.


3) White light will guide you to become more giving and forgiving.


One of the main reasons for the failure of romantic relationships is due to a lack of forgiveness on your part. I’m not talking about being forgiving of all the mistakes of your loved one. The forgiveness that I am talking about is for you.

To heal a troubled relationship requires you to be healthy emotionally. This is the reason you need to forgive yourself.

Receiving the spiritual protection of white light will enable your emotions to become sufficiently strong, so you will be able to admit and accept the reality you do love much, but not wisely.

White light will guide your heart and your mind to be more giving towards yourself, to be more forgiving of your weaknesses, so that you may build yourself up to become stronger.

No longer will you always feel guilty about your relationship problems, and assume you are always to blame.

Through the help of white light spiritual protection, you will be able to see things from a clearer, more properly loving point of view. Your value for your self-dignity will be restored, and your way of expressing your love will no longer be limited to pleasing your partner, at the expense of yourself.

To learn how to use white light protection, please read this article: Psychic Protection 101: How To Use White Light For Protection


If you’d like to experience the healing and restorative powers of white light in your troubled romantic relationship, you can get in touch with me for help.


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  1. Sam B says:

    I think I cognizently or telepathically caught this yesterday. I was thinking about how different cultures have different ideas of relationship concepts.

    First you have the usual relationships that involve tao people in a partnership or marriage. Then you have the Mormons who have several husbands or wives. Then you also have nuns who are essentially “married to god” though I’m a little confused about that one.

    Even other beings have concepts of their own but that will take too long to go into and I don’t know half of them.

    For me, universal love I can do. Loving, accepting, and respecting anyone and everyone. But emotional romantic love is easy yet difficult. Its easy for me to get emotionally attached to someone but difficult to trust them or makes me afraid to go into a relationship. If I become emotionally attached by falling in love, my instinct is to distract myself.

    You only get hurt when you feel like you’ve been wronged in some way.

    Its easy for me to forgive someone if the only person they hurt is me, however its still difficult to condone their actions.

    I use a repulse technique which is rather unorthodox but somehow makes me feel better during a time of negativity. I use the term “technique” very loosely and is perhaps a tiny bit eccentric. Its a similar principle to reiki using physical hand gestures. As far as I know, its not an official method but I’ll probably look it up later. Since everything with the EVs, ELs and the various negative sources and entities, I figured I’d try and use something more aggressive and powerful. I’m not a trained mystic by any means though but since white light can’t be used on everything, there needs to be some alternative. Admittedly, its only temporary, but it works. At least for me. It works as a short burst lasting about 2-3 seconds rather than white lights duration of 12 hours according to Tana’s other earlier article, but replaces potency at the expense of time. It acts more as a spread shockwave than a spread shield. At my level though, its still a bit weak compared to a developed psychic or mystic. If it can’t be used on negative entities then perhaps just negative energy? If its not viable then if someone who knows a lot more than I do could perhaps point me in the right direction or develop upon it? Or alternatively if something like this already exists? I’m not clairvoyant so I don’t know how effective it is.

    It can be argued that its nowhere near as strong as white light due to various reasons. That’s fine. I’m not looking to outshine white light but try and work on something that can at least be effective.

    As far as I know everything I just said is absolute nonsense. This is not from an experienced or trained point of view.

    I also have a question for anyone who does know what they’re doing. Would it be possible to combine white light with something stronger?

  2. Candy says:

    Thank you for you ?

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