Aliens: Who are the Greys? greys

When people think of aliens, the image that comes most to their minds is that of the alien species known as the Greys. [image credit: Folsom Natural via Flickr]

Do you like watching movies? If yes, you’ve probably seen films that featured aliens. There have been many kinds of aliens depicted in various movies. Theatrically, aliens have come in different shapes, colors, and are depicted as having various intentions and motivations. The aliens most familiar to many people are known as the Greys.

What kind of aliens are the Greys? Why are they the ones that are the most well known?

Are these aliens good? Are these aliens bad? Or, are they, like earthlings, a mix of the good and the bad?

Working on the Extraterrestrial Puzzle


There’s a research project dedicated to address the extraterrestrial (ET) puzzle or questions about aliens.

Known as the Disclosure Project, it is one of the most interesting and exciting research efforts conducted to “fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.”

In their official site, the Disclosure Project claims to have “over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, firsthand experiences with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.”

I find that mind blowing!

This research project, when studied in combination with other available data and information about aliens, gives strong credibility to the claim that there are a good number of alien races existing.

According to the Disclosure Project, as reported by the site Before It’s News, as of 1989, there were already 57 alien races catalogued.

Currently, other sites place the number at 88 races or more.

Over the years, of these alien races, it has been the Greys that have held curiosity in the minds of people.


Meet the Greys area 51

Area 51 is the familiar term used for the United States Air Force facility that is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The aliens of Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico came from this alien race.

The Greys are ETs commonly described as outwardly having the following features:

  1. Humanoid looking – a humanoid is a creature with physical characteristics resembling that of humans, but not exactly looking like a human.
  2. Grey skin, hence, their name (also sometimes spelled “Gray”)
  3. Mostly hairless or bald
  4. Deep black almond shaped eyes
  5. Nostrils present but no visible nose or ridge
  6. A slit as a mouth
  7. Relatively short, compared to humans, only about 3 feet to 4 ½ feet tall
  8. Absence of ears
  9. Either 3 or 4 fingers, which already includes a thumb (for each hand)
  10. Slim, having a body like that of a slender child zeta reticuli binary star system

This star map of Zeta Reticuli is according to Betty Hill, an alleged alien abductee, and Marjorie Fish, an amateur astronomer.

The Greys are also known by the name “Zeta Reticulian” or “Zetas” because it is said that they came from the Zeta Reticuli binary star system, which is about 38 to 39.5 light years away from earth.

A light year is about 6 trillion miles, which is the distance it takes light to travel in one year.

Think about that for a bit: 6 trillion miles!

When I go for a run, I already get tired just thinking of running non-stop for 3 miles. I’m not a professional marathon runner, so I have to pace myself well to be able to run it.

But the Greys are something else! Just imagine… they travelled (and still travel) all the way from Zeta Reticuli to our planet, for 6 trillion miles.

What’s the reason behind this?

Three Kinds of Greys aliens grey short

Depiction of the “Common Kind” of Greys.

There are 3 kinds of Greys. One of the forum posts of the site Above Top Secret describes the 3 major kinds of Greys, among other information provided.

According to the forum poster (who, by the way, provides links to back up the claims made), the first kind of Grey is the “Common Kind.” The description of this kind matches the general ones earlier given in this article.

Quoting from the forum post, “These are the most commonly reported Greys and many think they are the ‘worker and scientist’ class. Some think they are clones (some think all Greys are) or bio-mechanical drones.” grey tall

Depiction of a “Tall Grey” alien. This kind of Grey has a little nose, instead of simply having slits for the nostrils.

The next kind of Grey are the “Tall Greys,” who those who have been abducted identify as doctors (or maybe scientists) because this kind takes the lead in performing the medical experiments, which are done on abducted humans.

Tall Greys look a lot like the Common Kind. Only, they are taller, and some of them are said to have noses, not just nostril slits for a nose.

They allegedly have leadership qualities. To quote again from the forum post, these Greys “are commonly thought to be the ‘leaders’ of the race… they have very thin white hair suggesting either a Human-Grey genetic hybrid program, or that the Greys (at least the ‘talls’) are of a human-like evolutionary origin.” grey smaller

Depiction of a “Smaller Grey” alien. This kind is alleged to have wrinkled skin and to smell of sulphur.

The third kind of Greys are the “Smaller Greys.” In the forum post, these Greys are described as the most dangerous of all Greys. They reportedly smell of sulphur, and they have wrinkled faces.

I feel that Greys are not dangerous, regardless of their kind. My intuition is telling me that they are most likely misunderstood, and this has to do with how they look.

However, everyone is entitled to their own way of describing aliens.

As for me, I believe that Greys were among those alien races who were pioneers in visiting the earth. They could most likely have come here long, long ago;even back in the prehistoric times (more of that in a future article).

I imagine there are good and bad aliens, in the same way that we have good and bad people.

I also feel that their intentions were not malicious or cruel. After all, they had the technology to travel through the vastness of space, and obviously also had the power to dominate other creatures and beings.

But they didn’t dominate us. In fact, for several thousands of years, we humans have instead thrived and progressed, even if historically, we did commit plenty of mistakes.

So why did the Greys come here and why do they still visit?

Although that still remains to be discovered, my intuitive abilities are telling me that the Greys want to interact with humans, in the same way that we humans interact with each other.

Therefore, they have been coming here to study our ways and us, as a species.

As for the other species of aliens, I imagine there are good and bad aliens, in the same way that we have good and bad people.

After all, nothing is absolute, or completely fixed, in creation. Everything grows, and everything in creation changes.

That’s why we need to keep studying and doing our best to understand other worlds and creatures beyond our own. Just like we’re doing now.


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