Aliens Will Come In Peace, But Why? alien-unspecified-1

Our world view and our fundamental beliefs will be challenged and changed because the aliens will open us to a much greater world, a much greater universe – the true Universe where peace, harmony, and eternal bounty blossoms everywhere.

We humans may seem to be the only life forms that exist in this universe because we still haven’t discovered other life forms on other planet. One day, the time will come when we will get to meet them the Aliens.

Aliens are life forms that originate from another planet. That planet may be located within our Solar System, in another Star System, or perhaps in another galaxy. Our Solar System consists of nine planets, but up until now, there is still no evidence that “human” life exists elsewhere, other than our planet, Earth.


5 Reasons Why Aliens Will Come In Peace


Even though we still haven’t proven the existence of aliens, it is only because of the vastness of the universe. Our planet is just a speck of dust in this universe because it is just one of the many planets that are in our star system (we can also our star system, the Solar System).

To understand the vastness of the universe, there are billions of star systems in our galaxy – the Milky Way Galaxy, and each galaxy has its own set of planets. Also, the Milky Way Galaxy is just one of the billions of galaxies that are present in the universe. So the likelihood that alien life exists somewhere in the vastness of the universe is undeniable.

But if ever they do manage to come to Earth, will they come in peace? Yes they will, and here are the reasons why:

  • Aliens Have Evolved To A Point Where Warfare Does Not Exist Anymore

Warfare has been with us ever since the dawn of time. Warfare has seen the birth of new civilizations and the demise of empires throughout much of man’s history. Despite the positive and negative effects that warfare has on us, the negative effects still outweigh its benefits, which is why warfare is generally a bad thing.

Aliens have already been around for thousands, or even millions, of years before the first humans showed up on this planet (take note modern man has been around the Earth for only roughly 50,000 years).

If aliens have been present in the universe for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years before us, then most probably they have grown to a heightened level of consciousness and have already removed the very idea of warfare, as it only leads to the destruction of society.


  • Aliens Will Want To Help Us Improve Our Civilization

Aliens will want to help us improve our civilization by sharing their advanced technology with us. Aliens will want to help us because they would want us to become more like them – enlightened, technologically thriving, and bountiful in so many ways. The aliens already see that we have the potential to become something more, and in order to bring out the best in us, we just need a helping hand from them.

Aliens would want to improve our sciences so we may have healthier and longer lives. Aliens want to teach us the truth of how the universe works, tell us our origins, and share with us what lies beyond our galaxy and the universe. Aliens want to give us the wisdom and knowledge in order for us to be free from our false beliefs and ideas that only contribute to the downfall of human society.


  • Aliens Need An Ally

It is true that no man is an island. No one can prosper by himself because he needs the help of other people or other beings to do something he wishes to do. The same principle applies to aliens. The aliens might come to us because they are in search of a helping hand, and an ally or a friend.

These aliens might be a species that is inferior in some ways of technology when compared to us. They may come to us because they are in search for answers, like how to create electricity, or how to burn fossil fuels to use as fuel for their vehicles. They may need our help so their species can survive the problems they have on their planet, because the technology we have in our world might not be present in theirs.


  • Warfare Will Only Drain Their Resources

Time and time again, warfare has been proven to be the most effective way to drain one’s own resources. If the aliens come to Earth and invade our planet through warfare, then they would need to prepare a lot of resources in order to make that happen.

When you go to war, you need to have the needed resources such as food for your soldiers, fuel for your vehicles, the sufficient number of soldiers, and money to finance the entire cost of manufacturing weapons, vehicles, and the hiring of soldiers.

Even more so, if it is a war that you wage in another planet, let alone in another galaxy? You would surely need to have tons of resources to keep your costly warfare going. Thus, going to war is not the logical and practical thing to do, which is why aliens will come to Earth in peace.


  • Peace Will Bring Harmony In The Universe And Every Life Form In The Universe Will Benefit From Peace

Peace is the answer to prosperity because it is the one that keeps everything in harmony and order. With peace, you can achieve greatness because you will have the needed space and time where you can work on things and improve on them.

Aliens then would believe in the ideals of peace because this is the answer to the survival of life. Peace enables life to thrive. It is because of their ideals that they will come to Earth in peace.


Benefits We Humans Get From A Peaceful Alien Arrival alien-unspecified-2

When aliens make themselves known throughout the rest of humanity, our ideas, beliefs, government, and sciences, will be renewed.

A peaceful alien arrival would surely be a moment that will echo through the sands of time because it will be a historic moment when we finally get to answer the question: “Are we alone in the universe?”

When aliens make themselves known throughout the rest of humanity, our ideas, beliefs, government, and sciences, will be renewed. With the aliens’ arrival, greater things will happen to us.


Here are the benefits we will get from the aliens when they come in peace:


  • Having And Learning Advanced Alien Technology Shared To Us

Alien technology will be more superior and more advanced than our technology because they have already lived thousands or millions of years before our first human ancestors walked the face of this earth. When they come to us in peace, they will most likely share with us their alien technology, and teach us how to use it. Hi-tech devices, like time machines, may be shared with us by the aliens.

A new kind of fuel that will enable us to go to distant planets and galaxies in just a single blink of an eye might also be introduced to us by the aliens. Aliens might also share to us new ways of travelling to other places with the use of portals, where we just step into a portal, and suddenly enter a different dimension. When the aliens share with us their technology, we humans would be awed in wonder!


  • False Beliefs And Teachings Will Be Gone

Aliens have been existing in the universe for quite some time now, far longer than we humans have existed on this planet. Because of the longer amount of time they have been living in this universe, aliens have already mastered everything – from the various sciences, mathematics, health, engineering, and philosophy.

Because of their superior level of wisdom and knowledge, they learned how to separate the false beliefs from the facts. When they reach our planet, they will also share their factual thoughts and beliefs, and free us from the ignorance that hinders our further intellectual improvement.


  • Improvement In Our Standard Of Living Thanks To Shared Advanced Alien Technology

The advanced technology that aliens will share with us will surely improve our standard of living. Aliens will have mastered every aspect of life; from health, to engineering, to science, to architecture, to space travel, and much more.

Because of the aliens’ mastery in all of these fields, it is very possible that they will teach us the secrets to immortality, as they will have perfected science and medicine on their own planet. We may say goodbye to all kinds of diseases, because all of us will be physically and mentally healthy thanks to an alien medicine.

Our cities might also undergo transformation as the sewage systems, roads and highways, buildings, and placement of residential houses, might all be reorganized into perfection. There will be no traffic, no car accidents, pollution, and disease. In short, our world will be a perfect paradise – a Utopia.


Final Thoughts On Aliens Coming In Peace


Our worldview and our fundamental beliefs will be challenged and changed because the aliens will open us to a much greater world, a much greater universe.

Our worldview and our fundamental beliefs will be challenged and changed because the aliens will open us to a much greater world, a much greater universe.

The day when the aliens finally arrive on our planet in peace, and make themselves known to all of mankind, will truly be a day to behold. When this day comes, we can finally prove that we are not alone in the universe.

Our worldview and our fundamental beliefs will be challenged and changed because the aliens will open us to a much greater world, a much greater universe – the true Universe where peace, harmony, and eternal bounty blossoms everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I would love to hear your comments below!

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3 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Been a while since an aliens blog appeared. The last time I wasn’t even here. I’m guessing it’s not really a cared about topic which to some degree is understandable, but most don’t realise how much of an influence aliens actually are to spiritual knowledge and culture.

    Before I go into any sort of lore specific topics, by pure scientific methods, we don’t know the existence or location of aliens, but through investigative methods, we have (say’s the person who’s spent months researching spiritual information). It might be slightly biased but you can only truly know if you do enough research into it. If you hear it from a scientist, they might say they don’t know or give some vague answer. If you hear it from a spiritual person, especially a psychic or more-so a channeler, they are likely to say they do because they possess the ability to directly communicate with them.

    If you’re a psychic or psychic sensitive to a degree you feel confident in your abilities, you could try to reach out to them. They are more than likely evolved to a point they are naturally proficient with their own psychic abilities, as long as you’re careful and sure you’re contacting a legit alien and not a trickster being of some kind.

    One of the main reasons we have yet to be directly exposed to alien life is because they don’t really have a need to come here. However this isn’t the only reason and this is where it might get interesting lore wise.

    I tend to categorise alien stuff into two different topics..
    Theory based and lore based.
    Tana’s blog here and most other’s he’s done on aliens are more theory based since they’re discussing the possibilities of aliens and such. Lore based is specific information, history, philosophy, cultural etc and the spiritual involvement of them, such as specifically name races like the Pleiadians who are the most commonly known through spiritual culture.

    Lore based is essentially saying ”
    “they are this,”
    “they are from…”
    “they can do this,”
    “they did/do/went through this, ”

    You get the idea. Specific information.

    If you’re a lore buff like me,this will be your thing, if not, oh well, if it doesn’t interest you, you can stop reading. However, saying this, it’s still relevant to spiritual philosophy as both topics highly connected. They often tend to weave into each other.

    If you know who or what the Galactic Federation of Light is, then you already know the deal. For those who don’t, they are essentially an alliance of different alien species who are highly spiritual.

    One of the other reasons why we aren’t yet exposed is because the GFL are actually watching over the planet. They’re basically protecting us from negative aliens. One of the member races, the Andromedans, are kinda against alien intervention on humanity though their idea didn’t exactly hold as we already have countless Earthbound aliens living here. Yep, they are here living among us. They wanted to see how we would progress on our own.

    Aliens already come in peace because we have positive aliens looking out for us, already with us.

    The Zetan greys even attempted direct contact, though initially not intentionally. The Roswell sighting was presumably a Grey’s ship, you probably already know that story. We still don’t know that much about the Grey’s motives or intentions though. On the other hand, there’s the Solipsi Rai, who are just generally awesome.

    I mentioned earlier there are a lot of aliens who are highly spiritual. I could probably just list them, though I could say the prominent ones are probably the Arcturians. Some of them are actually ascended masters.

    There are negative beings aswell like the Draconians and Maitre. They don’t really care about resources if they wanted to go to war. They just want to conquer and control everything. The Dracos and Lyrans already went to war once about 200,000 years ago. Tana already said that to most aliens, war isn’t preferable as they’re at a state of consciousness where they feel it’s unnecessary. This was also true for the Lyrans although they were kinda forced into a war because the Dracos were trying to invade them.

    Contrary to what Tana said about resources, for war mongering alien species like the Dracos or Maitre, because they thrive in conquering, they essentially strip and steal the resources from planets they’ve already conquered to be used in their new campaigns which they then just repeat the same process. There is another similar story with the Maitre trying to invade the Solipsi Rai but ended up limping away because they essentially got stomped on. Metaphorically I mean. The Sollipsi Rai don’t believe in colonisation and prefer to help other beings rather than self preservation but that didn’t mean they are not capable. They are actually one of the most technologically advanced races.

    There is tons of stuff on known aliens, but if we are to see contact with aliens, I’m betting one of the GFL races will be our first encounter.

  2. Geraldie says:

    I think it will be difficult, We are an aggressive race, we resist to change and reality. Just imagine how we treat our own kind, We hate and discriminate put labels and colors. I hope they can teach humanity how ignorant we are. I saw the movie ARRIVAL was very interesting and emotional.

  3. Candy says:

    I believe this to be true. I never did before, but the more spiritual I become the more I believe.
    Just as humans are afraid in a lot of ways, they may feel leery too! Portals and time machines sound AWESOME! They aren’t mean, they come in love and peace, they just know we are afraid of how different they look, I accept there love and help if they can, when they decide to. The angels love me and I love them a zillion times more 🙂 if that’s even possible.
    ?Thank you for your love and interest.
    We need you as our world is so overpopulated and at war at everything.
    Please come teach us ?????
    Spiritual love to you ???

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