Why Angel Prayers are Powerful for Emotional Healing

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The act of asking your angels for their guidance and intervention is called angel prayer.

Angels are divine beings and reside in the higher dimensions whom you can call if your need guidance or when you encounter problems in life.

Angels can provide you powerful support and can help you out in any area of your life and all you need is ask. The act of asking the angels for guidance or intervention is called angel prayer.

What Is An Angel Prayer?

Angel prayer is asking the angels for help and an open communication with them.

Angels honor your free will, your ability to choose which path to take and learning your life lessons. However, they are always willing and ready to help if you need them. All you have to do is ask for their intervention in your life. Call on them if you need support, guidance or shifting your vibrational frequency.

Asking the help of your angels is giving them the permission to assist in your life.

The first step in inviting angels into your life is to talk to them with respect, gratitude and love. Open your heart and ask them what you most need in life now. This way, you will achieve greater result in getting your message through and expect to receive the guidance, wisdom and blessing you are asking for.

How Angel Prayers Are Beneficial To Emotional Healing

Angels are divine beings who vibrate with unconditional love, understanding and white light or energy. They are made of the healing component of energy which is white light.

They have the ability to restore your body, mind and soul back to health no matter what ails you.

Here are the 5 reasons why angels can provide you healing:

  1. Their energy healing have no limits.

Angels can heal anything, whether physical injury or sickness, emotional wound or spiritual misalignment. Their light energy comes from the universal field and thus there is no limits on what they can heal. All you have to do is ask in an angel prayer their healing energy.

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Angels can heal you from your emotional problems while you sleep.

  1. Their healing energy can heal you while you sleep.

Angels can help you deal with your emotional problems even while you sleep. It is during sleep that you are more open to ideas and guidance. This will allow your soul to receive healing from the angels easily. They can help you release the negative emotions and blockages while you are asleep.

  1. They can help guide you to your true life path.

Angels can access information of your past, present and future life because they are not restricted by the limitations of time and space. Because they know your future and the desire of your heart, they can give accurate and helpful guidance that is worth following.

  1. They expand your awareness.

Angels are divine beings that live on higher planes. The more time you will spend communing with them, the higher you travel on your own path of light.

  1. They can connect you to the life-changing divine love.

The most powerful love in the universe is divine love. As angels live in the higher planes, they are able to bask in the glow of divine love at all times. They are willing and able to carry that love back to earth and into your heart. Angels spread love and they do this by healing, protecting, guiding and sharing divine love with you.

Tips on How To Communicate With Angels Through Prayers

  1. Keep It Simple

First and foremost, there shouldn’t be any special or advanced formula on how to communicate with angels through prayer. Just make it simple and natural, similar to the way you speak to a close friend.

Thoughts alone are considered prayers, because they carry energy and meaning. So whenever you direct your prayers to the angels, they will receive them.

  1. Ask the angels for their help

Angels only need us to ask for their help and they will surely be there for you right away.

You could ask them silently in your mind or call to them out loud, anytime of the day and about anything you need. Don’t ever think that you are bothering them because they will always be available for you.

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You can tell your angels everything, even your worries. Just trust them and soon you will receive their answers.

​3. Often talk to your angels

Talk to your angels everyday and let them know any worries or concerns that you have. You can ask for their healing, guidance and assistance.

  1. ​Tell them your worries

You can share your worries to your angels. You just have to trust that the answers and solutions will come to you. Angels always respond to your requests, prayers or affirmations.

  1. Look for angels signs

After asking the angels for help, be open for signs or receiving guidance and signs from them. Angels often leave signs such as feathers, coins or other objects for you to stumble upon. Be aware also of thoughts, feelings, dreams and any new ideas or opportunities that may come to you.

  1. Trust and stay open

If you are open and aware, you are able to receive angel messages and trust your intuition. You will become attuned to the universe and easily receive the guidance you require.

Always remember that your angels are always there waiting for you to call out to them so they can intervene in your life. They can help you reach your highest potential for love, kindness and understanding

If you carry emotional baggage now like trauma, personal issues and struggles, invoke the assistance of your angels with angel prayers and let them heal you emotionally.

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