Why Do Some Things From My Reading Not Come True?


A psychic reading is extremely helpful in decluttering and unburdening you, but when one or two predictions do not materialize in your life, it can be a source of disappointment and anxiety.

Here are a few reasons why you’re still waiting for your psychic predictions to come true.


Free Will Allows You To Change The Course Of Your Life


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The reason that your psychic reading did not come true is because you might have made a decision that has changed the direction your life was going when you had your reading.

When you’re having your future read by a psychic, keep in mind that your future is not something that’s immovable and set in stone.

Of course, there are certain elements of your life that are constant, such as your soulmate or your children, but change occurs as you make everyday choices and exercise your free will.

What psychics can do is see the path that you are currently on. With this knowledge, a psychic is able to tell where you are going and what the future holds for you if you remain on this path.

The thing is, it’s not uncommon for individuals to unknowingly change their paths at any given moment, especially if they’re not aware that their divergence will have major repercussions. In some cases, your choices will still lead you to the same outcome, but in other cases, they will lead to an entirely different future altogether.

For example, when you’re looking for the love of your life, you may be trying out online dating in hopes of finding your future partner here. Then, during a psychic consultation, a psychic tells you that you will meet a man in the near future.

Since you’re suddenly confident that a romantic prospect is coming your way, you delete all your online dating accounts and wait eagerly for a man to sweep you off your feet.

However, since you’ve just significantly changed your life’s path by deleting your online profile, the future you’re headed towards may not be the same one that the psychic saw during your reading because the potential romance that the psychic foresaw during your reading might have been someone you were going to meet online!

Remember, your choices shape your life. Just because you’re taking a different route doesn’t mean you can’t end up in the same destination.

This is why I recommend a psychic reading every 3-months with my clients because the free will can change things. So, by having a reading every 3-months, you are guaranteed a more predictable future.

Experience has shown me, most people stay on the same path for around 3 months, but after that, things usually begin to change.


You Didn’t Contribute In Fulfilling The Future You Want


You are in charge of your future, but with great power also comes responsibility. Keep in mind that your future will not unfold the way you want it to if you don’t make the right choices and take the right actions to pave the way.

Besides love questions, the other most common questions during a psychic reading are career questions, such as “Will I succeed in this company?”, “Am I going to get a promotion?”, or “Will I someday become a partner in this firm?”

Many of the people who ask these questions are driven and ambitious with their eye on climbing up the corporate ladder. When these career-driven individuals approach a psychic, they are looking for assurance that their hard work will pay off and they will achieve success in the future.

However, if you’re lazy and unfocused on your ultimate dream of being a high-powered lawyer or businessman, your choices will keep you astray and you’ll fall short of fulfilling what you want in your career.

If you choose to start skipping work and falling behind on your deadlines, your actions are not in line with what you want and you will not get a promotion, even if you do have the skills for the job.

While your spirit guides can nudge you towards your best life, you are a big part of the equation and you ultimately have the free will to decide where to take your life.

You’re in the driver’s seat and what a psychic can do is tell you which roads to take, so you can end up where you want to be.

The next time you seek out the help of a psychic, start the consultation with the intention of being proactive in the pursuit of your dreams and it’s important to ask questions that can guide you moving forward, such as the steps you need to take to get a raise or the changes you can make in your life to stand out in the workplace.


My Predictions Haven’t Come True… YET


Finally, bear in mind that the universe doesn’t adhere to a strict deadline. The future may be lining up to be exactly the way your psychic predicted, but not everything can happen overnight.

Many of the major events that you desire take time to manifest, so give the predictions you received, ample time to unfold in your own life. Even when a psychic can see and sense your future clearly, it is sometimes challenging to predict the exact timelines of the future.

Furthermore, there are some predictions that take longer to happen, such as desires for a new house or a romantic prospect that can go the distance.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you might not be ready for the future, yet. While a new home may be part of your future, it might not show up in your life until you have more money in the bank than you do right now.

Or, a new romance might not appear until you’ve released all of your negative feelings from your last relationship.

So, try not to stress out over predictions that haven’t come true yet!

Instead, relax, enjoy the ride, and stay focused and excited about the good things you know are coming into your life. The future is bright and there’s no need to worry.

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