Why Fairies Can’t Wait For Christmas


You might be wondering if this article is about real fairies.

If you found yourself wondering this, then you’ve just made a fairy very happy! Because that’s exactly how fairies want people to think!

You see, most fairies today want humans to think they’ve never existed – as if they were just old wives’ tales, or something parents told their children to keep them in line.

However, as you read on, you will start to pick up on signs that point to fairy activity, especially now that one of the fairies’ most favorite seasons has just finished– Christmas.

Before I reveal one of the fairy kingdom’s guarded secrets, along with its link to the Christmas season, let us first delve into the shimmering world of the fairies.


What Are Fairies?


tanahoy.com Christmas

Christmas is the most favorite season of fairies.

While there are many kinds of fairies, they are all magical – and they walk among us now, just as they have for thousands of years.

From the time men first huddled by the fire at night to keep warm, and to tell their stories, fairies have been listening from edges of the firelight and weaving their own brand of magic around mankind.

Fairies and their magic are as old as time. But the earliest recorded history of these magical beings was only written as late as during the 13 century in England, by the famous historian, Gervase of Tilbury.

They have been called many names by the people who have been touched by their magic. The Hidden People, Little People, Fair Folk, and the Fey. These are just some examples of what people used to call them.


How The Magic Of Fairies Was Nearly Drained


Now, I want to talk about something you read in the first part of this article – about how fairies don’t want people to think they’re real.

It sounds kind of absurd, does it? If I were a fairy, I’d want everyone to know I existed!

Well, this was how things were during the early centuries. People would turn to the fairy folk for all kinds of favors.

Almost everyone knew how to get to a fairy’s good side. People left all kinds of offerings to the fairies, such as bread made from the first wheat harvest, or the creamiest milk.

The fairy folks are truly powerful beings and very smart, too. So having them on your side was a huge advantage. From keeping the house clean to helping someone escape death, people asked for all kinds of favors. So it was no wonder fairies everywhere were exhausted!

And in the years that followed, fairies started retreating more and more into the magical woodlands they call home. Or to the ancient seats of power still surviving in the world, like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.

This retreat from the world is actually one of the reasons why fairies are thrilled whenever the yuletide season draws near. During Christmas, they can let their magic fill the air once more, and nobody is the wiser.


The Yuletide Season Is A Magical Time


tanahoy.com Santa Claus

You might not know it, but Santa Claus is a fairy, a Christmas-loving one.

In cultures all over the world, there are hundreds of stories about fairies who visit people during Christmas time. These good-natured fairies enter homes which have been decorated with holly and pine and reward those who have given them a place to rest and hide, with abundant gifts. The ancient Kalasha People told of fairies, which brought fertility and luck to the tribe during winter.

Some fairies it was told, also took the form of animals like the Yule Goat, which was known to ask for accepting offerings in exchange for abundant harvest or good luck throughout the coming year.


The Biggest Christmas Fairy Of All


You might find this hard to believe, but you probably believed in fairies when you were young – perhaps even until now.


It’s because the biggest, Christmas-loving fairy is Santa Claus!

Think about it, people all over the world leave Santa Claus goodies like cookies and milk, so he’ll leave wonderful gifts. There were also fairies of olden times, who would roam the night during Christmas Eve, rewarding those who are good and punishing those who are evil.

Even the modern displays of Santa we have now, fill the air with a sense of magic and leave us with an indescribable feeling of joy and peace.

So, how would you know if a fairy is at work near you or inside your home?


Signs That Fairies Are Around You


Now that you know one of Christmas’ biggest and oldest secrets, it’s time to get familiar with the signs that show fairies are near or working their magic.

tanahoy.com dog barking

A dog barking at nothing is a sign that a fairy might be around you.

  1. Sudden small breezes with no possible source, such as an open door or window, may come from the fluttering of fairy wings. A fairy’s gossamer wings are not only a stunning sight to behold, they also produce a light breeze, which refreshes and invigorates.
  2. When fairies are nearby, you might hear laughter, like the merry tinkling of bells, or you might be tempted to laugh merrily as well.
  3. Light spheres can be seen in the garden or you might notice movement in the corner of your eyes.
  4. You might notice faint, ring-like features in your garden, such as an imprint on the grass, or a formation of leaves and flowers. Fairies love to hold parties where they can sing and dance to their heart’s content.
  5. If you have pets, they might start acting weird or show nervous behavior. Dogs might bark at nothing or your cat might seem like its playing with something in the air.


These are just a few examples of what you might notice when a fairy is around. If you look more closely, you’re likely to see more signs that cheerful and playful fairies are near.


An Invisible World Revealed


There’s more to this world than what the eye can see.

I can tell you all about these mystical beings and how they can help you and enrich your life. Or, which fairies are helpful and kind by nature, and those you have to be careful with.

I can even teach you how to how to use this ancient knowledge to your advantage.

If you want to know more about the mystical and invisible world that surrounds us, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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