Why Some People Fail at Getting Wisdom from Their Spirit Guides


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Communicating with your Spirit Guide can give you comfort and assurance that everything will be alright.

Contacting Spirit Guides is one of the primary responsibilities of a psychic medium like myself.

By making contact with Spirit Guides, I get the necessary insights and advice to resolve my client’s issues during a psychic reading.

On a personal level, I also often communicate with my Spirit Guides whenever I feel lonely or disappointed. Yes, those things happen to me too! During such times, my Spirit Guides are always a huge comfort to me.

Talking to Spirit Guides is a wonderful experience. Their wisdom and intelligence are soothing You will feel joy and comfort whenever they assure you that everything will be fine, as the storm clears in your life.

That’s why it deeply saddens me when people fail to recognize the role of their Spirit Guides in their lives.


Unresolved Issues


During their psychic readings, I remind my clients to constantly communicate with their Spirit Guides for guidance and support.

This is important because these spiritual beings were sent by the Universe to be our companions in our journey in life. They are also meant to assist us, so that we may attain certain levels of spiritual enlightenment.

There are people who often contact their Spirit Guides, but surprisingly, they fail to get the messages or advice intended to improve their lives. And this is a problem because failure to get wisdom from your Spirit Guides will produce unresolved issues.

Why do some people fail to get the wisdom that their Spirit Guides are giving them? Here are some of the more common reasons:

  1. They are being controlled by their ego. 

The word ego is Latin for “I” but in spirituality, it refers to the false identification of the Self.

Your ego is usually what blocks new information from entering your system.

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The reason why some people fail to get the wisdom from their Spirit Guides is that of their ego.


Many resist change because the ego is too attached to the old ways of doing things, or the habits that it has accumulated over time.

Since it is too stubborn to accept changes and new information, your ego can stop you from receiving — and even believing — the truths that your Spirit Guides have been telling you.

Spirit Guides act on the spiritual part of the human being, the Soul. If you remain under the strong influence of your ego, then you will not be able to communicate effectively with your Spirit Guides.

  1. They are suffering from a spiritual imbalance.

A balance between the three elements of your personality – your mind, your body, and your spirit –  is needed to effectively communicate with your Spirit Guides and understand what they are telling you.

However, there are things that can cause an imbalance between these three elements.

Excessively indulging in worldly pleasures like drinking too much or taking drugs and other similar vices, can cause the imbalance between the body, mind, and spirit.

If the imbalance between the mind, the body, and the spirit continues, you will continually fail to understand and absorb the insights that your Spirit Guides are offering you.

  1. They have a complete misunderstanding about the functions and duties of their Spirit Guides in their lives. 

Some people think that their Spirit Guides are like genies who will grant all of their wishes, or are like servants who will do everything for them. That is incorrect.

Spirit Guides, as the term implies, are your guides. This means that they are sent from the spirit world to accompany and guide you in your journey in life.

Unless this role of Spirit Guides in your life is clarified and completely accepted, then the miscommunication between you and your Guide will persist.

  1. They don’t often communicate with their Spirit Guides. 

Regular communication is essential to create a close relationship between you and your Spirit Guides.

Some people fail to talk to their Spirit Guides often as if they were not part of their life.

What you need to do is to fully integrate your Spirit Guides in all aspects of your life, but without surrendering the exercise of your own free will.

When you do not maintain regular communication with your Spirit Guides, you will have a hard time fully absorbing the wisdom that your Spirit Guides want to give you.

  1. They deliberately ignore what the Spirit Guides are telling them. 

The worst thing to do is to deliberately ignore the advice of your Spirit Guides.

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Being hard headed can drive away your Spirit Guides.

This will not only create a rift between you and your Spirit Guides, but it can also eventually drive them away from your life.

Unless your Spirit Guides will tell you to do something that is against your will (which is close to impossible!), it is not right to ignore their advice. Keep in mind that they are your guides. They are meant to advise you well, so that your welfare may be protected.

People fail to recognize that being hardheaded is one of the causes of troubles in life. They will only learn when they are already suffering the consequences of their own actions or decisions.

You can avoid such a situation by learning to appreciate the wisdom coming from your Spirit Guides.

Get to know your Spirit Guides on a deeper, more intimate level. Schedule a reading now.

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