It’s time to think about this!

Have you stopped to think about what the most important thing in your life? I mean, if you only had one month to live, what would you spend you last 30 days of your life doing?

STOP! Stop right now, and think about this before reading on! What would YOU spend your last 30 days doing?

I’ll bet you wouldn’t be trying to make more money, running out to buy that new car or the bigger house you always wanted! I’ll bet you wouldn’t worry about buying new clothes, or that diamond ring you always wanted. You wouldn’t even be worrying about impressing others, and you definitely would lose all interest in what others think about you!

At this point, you have 30 days left to live – and then. POOF! Your light goes out forever! Your soul moves on, never to return to your current physical body again.

Although this is not the case for you now, it will be your reality one day. One day, your light will go out – forever! At least in this lifetime!

You’ll never see your family again, your friends again, your loved ones again, your pets again, not even your neighbors again. 

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The truth is – we all are here for a limited time, but sadly, most people act like they are going to live forever. Living this way robs you of your precious limited time here on earth.

Things that rob people of their precious life moments are:

– Attitudes like “I’ll get to it tomorrow”,

– Putting things off that never get done

– Holding onto resentments that never get resolved, due to bullheadedness, pride, or anger

– Holding onto anger robs your soul of life energy

– Holding onto resentment robs you of your life energy

– Living in the future robs you of life in the present moment

– Staying in unhappy relationships, which also includes certain friendships

– Not taking time to make time to do the things you want to do

– Not telling people you care about, how much you care about them

– Not expressing appreciation for others, because you assume they already know

Sadly, most of us live this way, without realizing that one day, when we are faced with our own immortality, each one of us will not think about the things we did. Rather, each one of us will think about the things we wished we had done! This is basic human nature!

So what is my point?

Take a moment and let the above things really soak into your soul, then think about which ones you need to improve on. Next, make a conscious effort to improve each of those things every day.

Write them down somewhere where you will see them on a daily basis, to remind yourself each day that you want to do those things more.

If you do take the time to do this, and if you do try to make them a part of your daily living, I guarantee you that when you are at the end of your journey in this life, you will remember this email and thank me for enlightening you a long time ago, on how to more fully appreciate each day of your life!

This wisdom was passed onto me by a dying friend of mine several years ago. And I too, thank him every day for enlightening me on making each day fuller. Without him taking the time to pass this wisdom onto me from his deathbed then I would have never taken the time to realize these things.

His wisdom has allowed me to live a fuller life, from this day forward from the day his ended.

Pass this on to someone you care about! they will also think of you one day, and thank you for having enlightened them too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Chris St Dennis says:

    Thank you Tana for reminding me how precious life is and those I love dearly.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

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