Why You Need To Avoid Being Too Late

Hi there,

Someone wrote me an email in response to the one I just sent out the other day. They asked me if a psychic reading can help a person find the answer to any problem? The answer is a definite yes!

You see, the future is not the problem. What I mean is, that there is no need to fear the future! The things you need to fear are the things you don’t know about!

I explained to her that when you know something ahead of time, the outcome CAN be changed. But if you DON’T know about something ahead of time, it is like walking around barefoot in a dark room, with broken glass on the floor -with no flashlight!

That’s what it is like when you don’t know what is coming along in the future! But with the lights on, you can avoid stepping on the broken glass.

So I explained to her that many people have the wrong way of thinking about the future because they fear hearing something they don’t want to hear. WHEN IN REALITY, ANYTHING CAN BE CHANGED BY KNOWING ABOUT IT AHEAD OF TIME!!!

What you can’t change are problems that have already happened! Once that ball starts rolling, you cannot stop it until it runs its natural course!

So if you fear the future, or what might happen in the future, then quit fearing it and FIND OUT if there is anything coming up that you need to fear! That way, YOU CAN CHANGE IT into a positive outcome.

Believe me when I tell you that ANYTHING can be changed into what you desire IF you find out about it BEFORE it transpires!

This is the key to changing something! YOU MUST know about it AHEAD of time!

So as you can see, a psychic reading is NOT something to fear, it is something to EMBRACE! That’s why it is called a psychic “gift”!

If you use the information I share in my emails, I guarantee you it will change your life!

In light and peace

Tana Hoy

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