Why You Should Never Read For Yourself

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Someone wrote me and asked me what I thought about a person trying to do a reading for themselves?

Everyone has psychic ability, and when they learn to develop it, they are amazed by what they can do! But…

People mistakenly think that even a psychic can read for themselves, but this is simply not true! A psychic who tries to read for themselves is like a person trying to be their own attorney in court!

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I think it is crazy to try and read for yourself because it is too hard to try and be subjective! Let’s face it, we don’t like hearing what we don’t want to hear.

So if a person tries to read for themselves, they will tend to question the stuff they don’t want to hear. They will even question the answers they get that is what they do want to hear!

This is only human nature!

That is why I never attempt to read for myself! It’s just too hard to do!

When I need answers, I sit down, close my eyes, and astrally travel to meet with the Archangel Michael in the Himalayan mountains to have a meeting! I know I can always trust what he tells me! Or I meet with Macar, who is my Ascended Master guide!

Thank God I was born with the ability to physically see Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters because when I talk to them, it is like having them sitting in front of me talking! We have a normal conversation, and they answer my questions, and tell me what they see regarding my question!

But if you were not born with the ability to do this, then I do not recommend trying to read for yourself, because you will have trouble trusting what you receive when you try to get your own answers!

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I recommend reading for others if you have that ability, but always have reading for yourself from a professional, reputable psychic, because then you will know that the information you receive during your reading is subjective and accurate!

I hope that was helpful for you and answered that question!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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