Who WILL win? The Truth About The Upcoming Election!

Hi there,

With the elections coming up, many people are wondering what to expect. And depending on whether you identify yourself as a Republican or a Democrat, this may bring with it some additional fears and worries.

But do we really need to worry about anything at all?

This may sound like an odd question, because you may be thinking right now, “Yes! We need to worry! Because if Hilary wins, this and this is going to happen!” Or, you may be saying to yourself, “Yes we need to worry, because if Donald wins, this and this will happen!”

Black And White Thinking Destroys Inner Peace

But this is called black and white thinking. And this kind of black and white thinking has one major flaw in it. This kind of thinking forgets that something else is handling things. That something larger, more powerful, more amazing, and very loving, is in charge! Orchestrating everything in the universe down to the tiniest detail! Everything – with no exceptions!

It is not only orchestrating the elections here in the USA, but EVERYTHING that happens in the entire universe…

…Some call this thing God, The Source, Source, It, The Cosmic Forces, and a variety of other names. But regardless of what you call It, It, is the same energy we are all connected to, and guided by!

Think About This

One of my favorite quotes is: “Do you really think a Power that can hold galaxies together, and can make planets evolve around the sun without clashing into each other, cannot handle the daily affairs of our lives, or what happens on our planet?”

So as you can see, the problem with back and white thinking is that it forgets, squeezes out, and totally ignores The Source, and implies that man alone has the power to destroy something that wasn’t created by man in the first place!

So whenever you hear people complaining about the upcoming election, or after the election, complaining about who won, ask yourself this: Do you really think things happen without any divine reason, purpose, or intention, behind them?

If you do think things just happen randomly, then it may be time to reflect back over your entire life, and see if things that seemed tragic, major, or like “a big problem” at the time which they were happening, didn’t end up working out in the end! And most of the time, it worked out better than even you could have imagined!

What I Believe

I happen to believe that The Source is made of nothing but pure love, and I also believe The Source is a part of each and everyone of us, including whoever wins the election. So if The Source is love and all about love, and also lives within each and every human being, then whoever wins is also part of, and connected to, The Source, which is love.

Regardless of how they choose to express that love. (Some people express this divine love inside of them in the tiniest degree, while others express it in a very large degree!) Regardless of how. or the degree in which they choose to express this love, it is still a part of them.

And since whoever wins is connected to, also a part of, this same Divine Source, I also believe this Divine Source will express Itself through whoever wins. And I also believe It will express Itself through the winner in a way, that in the end, will turn out to be blessed with love – no matter what!

Remember, something important. NEVER judge by appearances. Oftentimes we misjudge things, people, and situations, by how they look (more often by how we think they appear, based on our own past experiences) and we often judge things incorrectly.

So if the winner comes in the form of a Republican or a Democrat, remember, the winner is still Divine Love being expressed in the form of either a Hilary or a Donald. But it is still the same Divine Source expressing itself, EXACTLY as The Source planned it out to be!

Remember This…

If this is all true, and it is, then the details are already taken care of. The future outcomes, no matter who wins, have already been handled and worked out by this Divine Source – way in advance!

So take a deep breath, relax, and let go of any fear you may have regarding this upcoming election. God, The Source, It, Divine Love, or whatever you feel most comfortable calling It, already has everything handled! Without you or I needing to do anything – except keep spreading this Divine Love through our actions, words, and deeds.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Sam says:

    I’m glad even Tana agrees duality is flawed. However I’m more inclined to believe source – the universal entity – acts through living beings to accomplish it’s agenda. We, the angels, guides and many beings of creation are it’s agents. If Source really did create us through love then this further proves the purpose of the term “lightworker.” They are then essentially the front line agents of creation as their purpose is to spread love, care, aid etc to others.

    For many of us not within the US, we will only feel the second and third degree effects of the outcome. I am not favourable to either Clinton or Trump as this does not directly effect me. Now you could say that it does through the proceeding events of their actions and various other EoS’s (Events of Significance).

    From a political standpoint, it;s great that the US finally has it’s first female candidate and assumable president, my early opinion of her was good, until I heard the stories of corruption and such but still seems as everyone seems to put it “The lesser of two evils.” I am however, ignorant of the truth since I have no care for politics.

    As I said, we are the agents of creaion. As Tana said. Source’s devine plan if through love is expressed by whoever wins, and whoever does win is planned by source and therefore makes the winning candidate a prime agent of source. By prime agent, I mean in the regard of the involvement of the presidential election which the source will use to optimize it’s grand plan.

    -Whoever wins is chosen as the president is the prime agent as this portion of purpose to the grand plan.

    “Prime agent” is just a name I made up as a contextual concept. We are all prime agents in our own life purposes. We are essentially all prime agents for different purposes for different reasons.

    For example, if you want to be a healer, if your life purpose is to become a doctor, you are the prime agent for this scenario as others wouldn’t be as such. You would then not be the prime agent in a scenario where a life purpose is to become a teacher. It doesn’t make anyone more or less important except for their need of their presence for a given scenario.

    On the same topic. As I said near the beginning. Source doesn’t act alone. It acts through the beings of creation. Tana explained in the Choirs of Angels blog that there are 9 different types of angels. Some of which are used to govern large portions of people as wel as on an individual scale. For example the Principalities.

    “These angels are tasked with overseeing the entire world. They guide nations, cities and towns to the path of good and righteousness.”

    They are likely the beings who oversee things such as the US presidential election in contribution to the Source’s grand plan. They are likely heading this aspect. I don’t think they are the only ones however. They may not just be the only kind of angel that is involved with this regard but different other beings are as well. Physical spiritual beings other than humans may also be involved such as GFL (Galactic Federation of Light).

    -GFL is debatable because we don’t currently know if the respective beings involved live in the physical world as well as whatever dimension they might live in. We know however, they can manifest as physical beings. GFL is essentially made up of spiritual beings that as Tana said the Ascended Masters put it in paraphrase: “Humans see them as aliens.” Yes I know. The alien thing again. You may start to notice that both topics will tend to collaborate a lot,, especially if you being to research into it. I spent 3 months straight researching on it and I can tell you from personal experience, they are heavily connected.

    Now for the presidency itself, I have the same belief that everything is divinely planned, but the divine agenda is enacted through it’s creations.

  2. Candy says:

    I’ll never trust someone who presents themself as a bag of sugar again ?~> ??
    You said never judge by people’s appearances, well I thought she WAS a bag of sugar because that’s how she acted. What did I do wrong? Trust her? I guess so. Maybe I shouldn’t be so trusting even though I thought I wasn’t.
    This isn’t a fun lesson.
    I’m telling all the angels on her

  3. Sam says:


    “I’m telling all the angels on her”

    I would have done #AngelSmiting but that doesn’t sound as good and doesn’t really have the same comical tone 😛

    If anyone’s wondering, don’t ask. Just chalk it up to bad humour or someting.

  4. Kelly Clover says:

    I have strong fears of massive riots over the election results. I am planning a trip to El Paso for Dental treatment in Juarez Mexico because I can’t afford what USA dentists charge. If Trump wins I strongly fear that all hell will break loose on both sides of the border with enormous violence. If Hillary wins we will see violence from the other side.

  5. Avery says:

    I do think that some things in life are fated, including which candidate becomes our next president. Whether Hillary or Donald our collective prayers and intentions will result in them being divinely guided by above. Let’s pray for our next president. I am confident it will work out. Many good things are ahead for the US. ???

  6. John says:

    Very good point Tana! How does free will of the individual effect things though? For example, Hillary or Donald could chose to do something bad for whatever reason.

    Is that the person falling away from the source? Or is there some other deeper reason? Like the person did something bad but it avoided WW3? Sorry probably dumb question. LOL

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’m cool with Leaving fate to fate. But we all should as United States citizens still vote. Whether we have cast a mail in ballot or have completed early voting, or plan to vote Tuesday… Still vote. And leave the outcome up to fate. 🙂

  8. Sharon Adamek says:

    I absolutely loved this❤️ It made me think.
    Calmed my mind and helped remember that all things that come to pass have a purpose. Thank you! Tana

  9. Sam says:

    That’s actually a valid point. A direct assumption would be that the source has a pre-emptive way of working round free will while still maintaining it. It can after all think beyond human comprehension.

  10. Carol says:

    I just want to say that no matter who becomes our next president we pray that the Divine Source will guide them and continue to keep America strong in every way. Now more than ever, we all need to voice our rights through voting and then stand behind our new president no matter what, and pray for their guidance

  11. Irma says:

    I love and agree with this email. I hope that your previous prediction is right on the winner. I cannot see the USA being run by a grown man who behaves like a toddler and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. How embarrassing, his behavior. I feel peace about the election, I too believe in destiny. Things will line up as they should. What an exciting time!

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