Women’s Intuition Or Fear When You Think Your Partner Is Cheating?

Romantic relationships are meant to make you feel good, but what if you’re burdened by a strange feeling that your partner is hiding something? What if you have this unexplained sensation that he’s cheating on you? Do you just dismiss that feeling, telling yourself that you’re just being silly?

womens intuition

A Woman’s Intuition

While you may not have a logical explanation for your gut feeling, it’s worthwhile to examine it first. Women’s intuition, after all, is a powerful psychic ability, and more often than not, is highly reliable.

In fact, according to studies, 85 percent of women who have had a nagging feeling that their partners were being unfaithful – were right!

Is It Fear Or Intuition You’re Feeling?

Before you listen to your feelings, one thing you need to remember is that intuitive feelings are very different from fear, so you it is important to be able to distinguish between the two of them.

For example, fear can come in different forms, and it can be very subtle. When you have a fear of losing your partner to someone else, you may start to feel insecure, and you may get jealous of every woman your partner talks to.

You will find yourself wanting to know where he is all the time, and you may even secretly go through his things, both hoping and fearing of finding some evidence!

In short, fear crumbles trust to dust. So if you have a sense of uncertainly and doubt, then it could be fear that’s driving your suspicions.

On the other hand, if it’s your intuition “talking” to you, you will find yourself emotionally unattached to the sensation. In fact, it’s more of a quiet knowing rather than a torrent of feelings. It feels like somehow you “just know.”

How Does A Woman’s Intuition Work?

Your sixth sense works on the subconscious level, picking up energy vibrations that are too subtle to detect with your normal senses. So if your partner is hiding something from you, you will subconsciously sense the energy he radiates, and “feel” it inside of you, regardless of how well he puts up a façade. So even if there are no physical or obvious signs, you will “just know” that something doesn’t “feel right.”

What To Do If You Think Your Partner Is Cheating

Even if you have a strong feeling that your mate is not being faithful, I wouldn’t advise that you turn to hostility, and accuse him of infidelity! That would be giving in to the negative emotions and energies that are surrounding and penetrating your relationship.

For starters, I suggest making sure first that what you’re sensing is intuitive rather than based on fear.

Work on letting go of all the negative thoughts and emotions within you, and around you

Regular meditation is a good start for accomplishing this, and talking to your spirit guides for some guidance will be of great help too.

Work towards radiating positive energy

Know who you are, feel good about yourself, and engage in activities that will boost your self-esteem.

Practice self-awareness

This will help you to be able to distinguish your fears from the quiet inner voice within you by becoming conscious of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your reactions, your intentions, and your decisions.

Practicing these positive actions doesn’t mean that you sweep your suspicions under the rug. They are simply steps you can use to ensure that your subconscious fears do not cloud your sound judgment.

What To Do Once You’re Sure Of Infidelity

Once you’re sure that what you’re feeling is based on intuitive knowledge rather than fear, then you can take certain steps to address the issue.

Before taking any steps, the first thing I recommend is to have a psychic reading, to confirm that your intuition is 100% correct. You don’t want to accuse someone of something, if it hasn’t really happened. On the same token, you don’t want to ignore it, if it is!

Remember, your women’s intuition is a very powerful psychic ability that you already possess. It’s your own personal security alarm system, and it’s always worthwhile to listen to what it’s telling you, once you know it is a psychic feeling, and not just feelings insecurity and fear.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Things were perfect until.4 hours later, I called him and his phone said he’s not available but he answered the second call phone in a different tone , so I hung up and texted him that this is the last time.i let him break my, all of a sudden at 4-45 AM, he texts me saying that he loves me more. Normally he will call me every morning at 600 AM and again at 900 AM after his grandson goes to school, he didn’t I called him and asked him was he okay he replied,I didn’t want to call you because I was in my feelings, I think he’s cheating.

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