Have you ever wondered “Why do I feel this way?”

Love can be one of the most wonderful feelings a person can experience in life…and it can also be one of the most painful!

When love is going good, the whole world seems like a wonderful place to be. But when love is going bad, the world can seem dark and gloomy!

A broken heart can be painful, especially when the person who broke your heart is someone you still love very deeply.

A Broken Heart ­ The Worst Kind Of sadness

Have you noticed that when you love someone and it ends, no matter how much time goes by, you still find yourself hurting over losing that person! Even when you have met someone else? It feels like no matter how much time has passed, you sill miss the other person, and secretly wish the to of you could be back together!

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The reason you still care about that person is because the two of you had some type of strong karmic love­bond together from one of your past lives!

This means the two of you were in love in a past lifetime together, and had found each other again in this life ­ to continue the same love you had together once before!

Why It Didn’t Work This Time

You may wonder if that’s the case, then why did the to of you break up in this lifetime? The answer to that has many explanations, and is not a simple thing to answer.

I need to read your Akashic Records to know 100% what is the answer to that question, but here are a few reasons that can cause it to end in this life:

­ Unresolved Karma ­The number one reason is usually due to unresolved karma in a pst life the two of you shared together!

­ Interference from others ­ Other people got in the way and caused problems.

­ Infidelity ­ Being seduced by someone else ­ This is also a type of interference from others.

­ Fear ­ One or both parties felt such deep love that it scared one or both of them, so ending it was easier than taking a chance of being deeply hurt!

­ Psychic Curses ­ Jealousy, anger, or other negative emotions that create psychic “curses” that can destroy love between two people

­ Fickleness­ The other person is afraid of committing! This is also a type of fear!

­ Energy Walls ­ These invisible walls have accumulated over many lifetimes, and prevent the two of you from ever being able to connect on a heart level! These can, and do need, to be removed. (Energy Walls can also be a resin a person has a hard time making relationships work in this lifetime!)

There are also several other reasons that cause two soul mates not to be together, but these are some of the more common ones.

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The Good News

What most people don’t realize is that all of the above reasons can be changed by knowing the right mantras and gemstones to work with. But in order to change your karma, so that the two of you can be back together, and in love again, the ‘root cause” that created the problem in the first place, needs to be known.

And that information is only found in your Akashic Records! When you have your Akashic Records read, EVERYTHING is revealed in them. That’s because your Akashic Records have recorded in them, every one of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this lifetime, and in ALL of your past lifetimes!

These ethereal records, which are located in the 33rd Dimension, are like a Book Of Life that tells everything about you. The person you love also has Akashic Records, and they tell everything about them too!

So when I read these records ­ all is revealed. Including what needs to be done to bring the two of you back together! And if you are already in a relationship, they tell me what you can do to strengthen and improve the love you may, or may not, still have between you!

So once the “root cause of any love problem is discovered, it can usually be corrected, at which point, the two of you will find your hearts being drawn back together again! Usually stronger than ever before!

I hope you found this helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy.

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