Are You Worried About Growing Old and Loveless? fear of growing old and loveless

The fear of growing old and loveless is common among many women primarily because of the pressure to meet social expectations.

My clients raise many concerns during their psychic readings, but the most frequent and commonly shared concern they have has to do with love.  Curiously, I have listened to women who are well established in their careers, telling me they worried about growing old and loveless. As their psychic reading goes on, I sense what they are truly worried about is how to find true love.

Women Have Often Felt Pressured


For thousands for years, there has been a great deal of pressure placed on women to find their partner as soon as possible, even to marry young.

Biological differences between men and women are mostly the reason for the pressure. After all, there’s no escaping the fact that men can reproduce until they get really old, but for most women, there is a period when their ability to reproduce stops.

Just as important, though, is the fact that not all women are interested in having male partners. Some women simply prefer other women as a love partner.

So, what’s the big deal about pressuring women to find their true love as soon as they can? And if they aren’t able to do so, why is it that the only alternative most of them see is they will end up being old and loveless?

Is this your fear too? miserable couple

Strangely, there are people who prefer to stay in a relationship that makes them miserable rather than cope with their fear of growing old alone.

Old, Alone, and Lonely Versus Trapped in Loveless Relationship


I feel a lot of compassion when my clients tell me the main reason they stay in the loveless relationship is the fear of getting old, staying alone, and ending up lonely.

I feel this compassion because life is too beautiful to waste on a loveless relationship!

I also feel for my clients who have concerns about growing old and loveless because I deeply sense their pain. I always let them know it doesn’t have to be that way.

No one, male or female, has to be trapped in a loveless relationship.

If you are in this type of relationship, then you should step back and assess your options. As I mentioned earlier, why waste the life you have on staying miserable?

Is Expecting A “Happy Ever After” Realistic?


If you’re like a good number of my clients with love problems, one of the main reasons they stay in a loveless relationship is probably due to the way their minds have been conditioned by society to expect a “happy ever after.”

I have to make myself clear at this point:

  • Wanting to live happily ever after is not a problem. People naturally want to be happy, and to be content.
  • Still, it is misguided to believe if you don’t lead a life with a “happy ever after” component, then you are failure.
  • Therefore, while expecting a “happy ever after” ending is natural, it doesn’t mean if it doesn’t happen, you have no other choice but to stay miserable.

You CAN Take Control of Your Life!


Some of my clients believe the stars dictate their destiny, or their fate in life is set in stone.

This is not the case.

When I was young, I remember hearing some of my older relatives talking about their opinion that your life is pre-determined, and there’s no way that you can escape from the direction your life is taking.

However, as I grew up and became more and more acquainted with the Spirit World, I realized many spiritual factors can affect our lives, and change our destiny.

What’s more interesting to me is that each of us has a powerful weapon we can use to change the way our lives are headed.

That powerful weapon is known as “free will.” free will

Free Will: Use It Or Lose It


When I communicate with my Spirit Guides, I make it a point to ask them why all people have the gift of free will, but not everyone makes use of it.

My Spirit Guides have clearly told me the reason for such a situation existing lies in the fact that people aren’t aware they can, and should, use their free will to make decisions for themselves.

Powerful Influencers Over Our Free Will


External forces influence the way most people think. Opinion shapers, such as media and advertising, are two of the strongest influencers.

Another powerful influencer is organized religion. Many churches try to dictate how their members should behave, talk, dress, eat, and worst of all, how to think.

There are also the politicians and the educators who may, at times try to dictate how people should live their lives, or tell them what to give up and what to hold.

I’m not saying social limitations are bad in themselves. Laws exist, after all, to help ensure society stays peaceful and orderly.

But being a part of society does not have to mean you need to give your ability to make the best use of your free will for yourself.

Removing the Chains of Social Expectations


If you have reached a certain age, and feel miserable because you have not achieved what society expects of women in your age bracket – STOP.

If you are a youthful 19 year old student who is torn between someone you love and someone who loves you, don’t listen to the social expectation that you need to immediately make a choice, or you’ll be seen as someone with low morals.

Are you a person in your mid-20s who is doing the best you can to create a solid career, and yet feel guilty about doing so, because society is telling you you should sacrifice your career for a chance at romantic love?

Use your free will. Ask yourself why you can’t have both a career and a happy love life at the same time. It’s not impossible, so why would you even need to choose one over the other?

Are you someone who loves your partner, but you often become frustrated because you receive no appreciation and your love is not reciprocated, even if you have already done your best?

Are you hanging on because you believe it is better to be miserable than alone?

Your Karma and Soul Contracts Need to Align With Your Free Will spirit contracts

Your soul contracts also need to be aligned with your free will. A psychic reading can help reveal which souls you entered into contracts with, and why.

Some of my clients have discovered during a psychic reading with me that the condition of their love life is mostly due to their Karmic debt, as well as the soul or spirit contracts they entered into with other souls before reincarnating.

Karmic debt has to be erased. Karma has to be balanced. You can only do this if you are aware of what situation in your past life (or lives, as the case may be) caused this imbalance.

By knowing such an answer, you will be able to do what it takes to correct the errors you previously made in a past life. By aligning your efforts to balance your past life karma with the choices you make in this life (free will), the corrections can happen more easily.

Your soul contracts also need to be aligned with your free will. A psychic reading can help reveal which souls you entered into contracts with, and why.

For example, if you and your partner often have bitter arguments, it could be because this is what you both agreed to do at the spirit level, in order that you may both learn lessons in this life together, such as the need to be patient, the need to be humble, or the need to forgive.

If you are clear about such things and where these frictions can come from, you will find a fear of growing old and loveless has no space in your life. In its place, you will find an immeasurable kind of love flowing into your life, and touching the lives of others around you.

To get more information about erasing karmic debt, understanding soul contracts, making the best use of your free will, and finding true love, you can schedule a psychic reading with me, and I can look at your past life karma to help you better understand your love life now!


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