Would you like to learn how to astral travel?

Hello again,

I wanted to talk about my astral travels today!

People often comment how it must be amazing to have the experiences I do, such as my astral travels I often share in my emails, along with being born a psychic.

I was telling someone today how lucky I feel being able to get up each day, and know I will be talking to people all day about their futures, their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, auras, psychic abilities, and astral traveling!

How My Astral Travels Began

I have been astrally traveling since I was around 12 or 13 years old. My first experience was when I was 12 years old, and I astrally traveled to a Trisha’s house, a girl I had a crush on! (Yes! Believe it not, I had a crush on a girl when I was 12)!

I called her afterwards and asked her about the things I saw in her house, since I had never been to her house before. She confirmed the barrel back charts I saw, and also the wallpaper patterns I also saw on the walls. I then knew this was a really cool thing – and I was instantly hooked!

A year later, the gentleman who became my mentor (God rest his soul) later taught me how to use astral travel to explore all the dimensions I talk about in my emails. He used to tell me “There are no good books that can teach you the real, true, ancient methods of astral travel, as taught in Egypt over 2,000 years ago! So I am going to pass this knowledge onto you little one.” He always called me “little one”.

I Spent Hours Perfecting What He Taught Me

He spent hours teaching me this ancient Egyptian knowledge about the proper and most powerful ways to astral travel. Since the knowledge he taught me was passed down orally from teacher to student, for over 2,000 years, he explained to me these teachings were never written down! So I learned them the same way my mentor learned them from his mentor – through oral transmission and memorization.

I had to memorize everything he taught me, and it took over a year! I remember how patient he was when I would forget something. He was a truly gentle, spiritual soul.

When I was around 14, I used to spend over 6 hours every Saturday, perfecting the astral travel skills I was taught. I would begin at around 4 AM each Saturday morning, and end around 10AM. My parents used to be amazed at my dedication to getting up at 4AM every Saturday, and practicing this skill. But I did learn it, and I learned it well! My father used to say “You’re the only 14 year old I know who gets up every Saturday at 4AM to practice your Astral whatever you call it! But what you are doing is kind of like going to a “psychic college” and I’m sure it will reward your life one day! So keep at it! I’m proud of you son”

Thank god my parents always supported me in further developing my psychic skills!

Astral Travel Has Always Been Part Of My Life

So as you can see, astral travel has been part of my life for many years! (Well, not that many years, since I am barely 21!) 🙂 And I learned from the best. My mentor and the things he taught me are the reasons I have been able to do such amazing things with my psychic gifts.

I was born with these gifts, but my having a mentor like him, someone who possessed knowledge that only 130 people in the world possessed at that time (now there are less than 88 – and none of them are psychics) was a blessing.

My mentor used to tell me, “Little one, if you want to be good at anything, anything at all, then seek out and learn from the person who is a master of that knowledge.”

(One day I will talk more about my mentor, and I have already written about him in a book I wrote that used to be on my old website.)

Learning To Astral Travel

People often tell me they would love to learn how to astral travel like I do, and many people have asked me if I would teach them how to astral travel the way my mentor taught me!

Due to a number of reasons, mostly not having the time, I often told them maybe sometime in the future. As a matter of fact, in the email I sent out a few days ago, I even mentioned I have been thinking about teaching people how to astral travel.

Well, a few nights ago, guess what happened? My mentor came to visit me from the Spirit World, He literally materialized in a physical form, right in front of me! Yep! He was standing there and he looked like any living human being! I could have taken a picture and you would have thought he was a friend of mine visiting me!

What happened was, I was just finishing an 8-hour meditation, and when I opened my eyes afterwards, there he was – standing right in front of me! I was a little startled at first.

He said “I didn’t want to disturb you while you were meditating, so I stood here and waited until you were done.” When I asked him how long he had been standing there, he told me “In earth time, only 5 hours.” I was a bit a gasp he would patiently wait for 5 hours until I was finished. But he was always patient like that when he was still living in a physical body, so it didn’t surprise me.

An Experience With My Mentor When He Was In A Physical Body

There was talk that he (my mentor) was the Buddha reincarnated.

I would believe it from all the wisdom he shared with me, and the endless patience he always had with me too. I remember I asked him once “Are you the Buddha reincarnated?” And he just warmly smiled at me as he gently patted me on the head and said “Who someone is, or who they were in a past life, is not as important as how they choose to live their life in this lifetime. If a person always strives to be a beacon of light and love for every single person they meet, this will be the biggest testament to who they were in any of their past lives.”

I remember thinking to myself, this is some pretty deep wisdom coming from a another human being! He often spoke in parables like this, and they always made a lot of sense when he spoke in them.

But as I digress, let me get back to my conversation with him…

What My Mentor Told Me That Day 

As you can imagine, I was ecstatic to see him in a materialized form. After we talked for over an hour, he told me it was time for me to “pass on the wisdom to others that he had passed on to me.”

He said “Little one, astral travel is an amazing gift that allows others to explore the universe beyond its physical dimensions. And now, I would like you to pass this gift on to others, so they can also learn what lies beyond the physical realm called earth.”

I knew in that moment …I now had to teach this to people who wanted to learn this. I automatically told him “Done!” It was his visit that is the reason I wrote this email.

What Years Of Astral Travel Taught Me

I realize that most people are not going to meditate like me for 8 hours on Thursday and Friday, and then astral travel for 14 hours on Saturday. So I figured out a way to teach people not only how to astral travel, but also how to be able to have the same amazing results I have, whenever they astral travel.

I have taken everything my mentor taught me, and condensed it all into one simple system, that can be learned in only 5 hours! I am even going to teach you about the often avoided topic of “Astral lovemaking!

During this training I will teach you:

– How to exude ectoplasm from your body!

– How to mold and shape this ectoplasm into your astral body

– How to blast off into the astral realms with your newly created astral body

– How the silver cord works, and how to protect it!

– How to protect yourself when astrally traveling.

– How to astrally travel anywhere back in time – to any point in history!

– How to astrally travel anywhere into the future!

– How to astrally travel to any physical location, just like I did to Trisha’s house.

– How to meet people, including celebrities, in the astral world for an erotic, intimate, astral lovemaking rendezvous (I will teach you this, but we will not practice it in class. You will practice this at alone at home for obvious reasons. 🙂

-Plus a whole lot more.

In other words, you will know everything you need to know to be able to astral travel, and when the class is over, you will be able to start astrally traveling anywhere, using everything you were taught during this training!

We will be practicing all of this in class, except for the astral lovemaking! And when you leave, you will know more about astral traveling than any other person on the planet who has not taken this course.

This is the first time I have ever taught this knowledge to ANYONE! So you will be the first of an EXCLUSIVE group of people to have passed onto you, the same knowledge my mentor passed onto me!

Possessing this knowledge about astral travel, and knowing how to astral travel like I do, opens your world to amazing new possibilities. If you’ve read my emails about all my astral travels, all my astral meetings with Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels, then you know the possibilities of what is possible when a person possesses this knowledge.

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After this special training, you will be able to:

– Travel to any dimension you are given permission to enter (and I will teach you how to get permission to enter the “invisible” realms not seen by other astral travelers, like the 79th dimension where the Akashic Records are housed.)

– Travel anywhere into the past, to places like the ancient pyramids, and learn the truth about how the pyramids were really constructed. (This is only one example of how astral travel can be used!)

– Travel anywhere into the past, and visit any time period, any famous figure, any civilization, or whatever else interests you, as you gain knowledge and deep understandings of these places, people, and civilizations.

– Meet with any historical figure and hold ACTUAL conversations with them. Imagine meeting Cleopatra, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or any other historical figure, and being able to have a conversation with them, and ask them questions about anything you’d like to know!

– Travel anywhere into the future, and see what the future holds for yourself, or another person. Or just see what the future will look like, even only 20 years from now! (Let me tell you, seeing this will shock, fascinate, and amaze you!)

– Go visit a friend, or see what someone is doing (and don’t worry, if they are making love, or in the bathroom, you will automatically be blocked from seeing this. So you won’t have to worry about that!)

– Learn how to make love in the astral realm with anyone you desire. And yes, your body will feel the full physical affects! (This is why we don’t practice this part during the class! But I will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it!)

– Plus a few other surprises!

How To Apply To Learn To Astral Travel 

This training is only for people who are able to see the envision all endless ways this knowledge will add to their life.

This course will be held in beautiful, sunny, warm, San Diego, at a time when many of you will be having extreme cold and snow where you live!

I am only going to invite a very select group of people into my personal home, where I will be conducting this training.

Because it will be held in my personal home, I am very selective about who I invite here. So, if you would like to learn how to astral travel, and be part of this very exclusive group, you will first need to fill out the questionnaire below, and send it back to me using this email address: tanahoy@tanahoy.com. You can also send it by replying to this email.

**Make sure to also include the easiest and best phone number to reach you at with your answered questionnaire!

**You can also send it by replying to this email.

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, if you are selected as a potential candidate, I will personally call you, ask you a few other questions, and then after our conversation, I will let you know if you’ve been selected.

If you are selected, after this training, you will be one of less than 100 people in the entire world, who possesses this ancient knowledge: the true and most effective ways to astral travel. Nothing you learn here will be found in any books – anywhere! 

We Will Hang Out Together And Have Fun 

This will be an all-day event. We will meet and have the training for a few hours, eat lunch and chat, then come back for a few more hours and finish the training. (The training is a full 5 hours of instruction) Then after the training, we will all go to dinner together, where we can get to know each other even more.

**I like to hang out with my students, so we can personally get to know each other. I’m not one of those teachers where you come, learn, then leave! So I like to hang out and have fun with everyone! It will be a full, fun day!

The cost of this very special 5-hour training is going to be $999 if you pay in full, and you must be prepared to make a deposit of at least $250 that day if you are chosen. If you need to make payment arrangements, we can also discuss those arrangements then too.

5 hours with me would normally cost you $2,500.00, but I am discounting this deeply (over $1,500) because I want to pass this knowledge on to the right people.

If this cost is too much for you, then this would not be the right training for you. So please do not fill out the questionnaire if the cost is an issue. I would not even consider training someone who taking this training would cause them not to be able to eat!

This Training Has Very Limited Spaces

As you can see, this training is for people who seriously want to learn how to astral travel the way I do, and have the exact same life-changing experiences from doing it!

As you know, homes in California are not big, and my home is also not very big. So I am limited to the number of people I can host.

This training will be limited to 20 people! So if you are seriously interested in this training, 20 is not a very big number, and this is going to fill up very fast!

Also, I will probably not teach this training again, and even if I do, it won’t be for at least a year or two. This is only the second time in 23 years I have ever held any kind of training like this in my home! So there is a good possibility I may never offer this training again, due to my very busy schedule!

So to apply, fill out the questionnaire below and send it back to me right away. **Make sure to also include the easiest and best phone number to reach you at!

People will be considered in the order their application is received, so please don’t delay or procrastinate on this! Seriously, 20 is the limit my home can hold! Not 21, not 22 – only 20 people can fit in the room! 

The Date

The date of the course will be on Saturday, March 9th, 2019.

So here is the questionnaire to fill out. Please fill out right away and send it, because again, space is limited to only 20 people, and you will be left out if you lag behind!!


(Please note: The more specific your answers, the better chance you have of being considered)

  1. Why do you want to learn how to astral travel?
  1. What would you see yourself most likely using it for? (Don’t feel embarrassed if it is for astral lovemaking because many people love using it for that!!)
  1. What particular places (past, present, future, or other dimensions) would you like to learn how to astrally travel to?
  1. Would you swear never to share what you learned here with another person?
  1. Would you swear not to never use this knowledge for evil purposes?


Fill this out right away, and send it back to me via email ASAP or you WILL miss out!

Looking forward to hearing from you –  and good luck!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a psychic reading, visit www.TanaHoy.com or call my office at 614-444-6334

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  1. Peter Dewsbury says:

    Love the fact you have evolved into a master. i would astral to see if my idea on curing an incurable disease (Huntingdons) and others would work.
    I have met a self claimed no1 healer zero humility and masters none of which i am impressed by. as they lack integrity.When i meet masters they are moving or very ill always just out of reach.
    I was at a psychic meeting in London England and was able to ask? Where do i go when i meditate as everyone disappears ? This practitioner/master 40yrs exp 27 countries had no idea so where are these masters?????.
    Your teacher was a blessing and was right who and what you do now is more important if love is in your heart.
    Proud of you Tana keep smiling and shining bright.
    Peter x

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