My New Year Psychic Predictions For 2017

Hello there!

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday!

Can you believe another entire year has almost passed? Seems like times flies doesn’t it?

I was talking to an 86 year-old client of mine about how when we are kids, a day seemed so long. And as we get older, a day goes by so fast. I’ve also found a year goes by quicker too!

Today I want to share another piece of psychic wisdom with you that has the power to change your life!

The Amazing Things I’ve Seen

Having psychic abilities for as long as I can remember, and having been studying metaphysics since I was around 11 years old, I have learned many fascinating things.

I can also say that I have seen things that most people would never believe if I told them. I have seen people levitate, I have witnessed the physical materialization of loved one in seance rooms (and also during seances I personally conducted).

I have even seen objects moved with the mind alone, and I have even witnessed invisibility take place before my very own eyes.

I tell you these things to assure you that anything is possible when we believe it is possible. Belief is the “secret key” to making the impossible, possible!

The same is also true with disbelief. When we are skeptical, self-doubting, or secretly believe we are not capable of achieving something, our minds automatically respond in kind. And we instantly shut off any possibility for the mystical to happen in our lives.

The Power Of Belief

In order to accomplish anything, such as levitation, moving objects with your mind, invisibility (and yes, invisibility is very real) you first have to believe it is possible.

The biggest obstacle a person faces when developing their psychic ability, is not believing “they” can do it!

But what makes the best psychics in the world so good? The best psychics in the world have always believed and never questioned if they could see into the future! They knew psychic ability is possible and real, without question!

You will often hear famous psychics tell stories of when they were young, and about the psychic visions they had as children. You never hear them say “I never believed in my psychic ability, so I always doubted I could be psychic!”

Or, “I never believed I could talk to my Spirit Guides, and it was my disbelief, which led me to eventually being able to talk to them!” 

No! You never hear them say these things!

They never doubted or questioned their abilities. Rather, they always knew these abilities are real, and never once doubted they are! And they kept on practicing developing them, until they eventually got to the place where they had developed their psychic abilities to a very high level!

I always tell my students to never stop practicing! Keep practicing and practicing, and before you know it, you will be amazed by what you can do!

An Invisibility Story 

For example, I just received a call from a student of mine who I mentored for quite a few years. I’ll call him John.

John called me from Europe (Paris to be exact) to tell me a story about how he was in his hotel room in Paris, sitting on the bed meditating on invisibility.

John told me friend Mike, who he traveled with to Paris, was out exploring the city, and then came back in the middle of his invisibility meditation. And when Mike entered the hotel room, he started calling out for John. But John was sitting right there on his bed – in front of Mike.

John said Mike was looking for him in the bathroom of their small hotel room, and acted like he couldn’t see him sitting right there on the bed. John said at first, he first thought Mike was playing around by pretending not to see him.

But once Mike was satisfied John wasn’t in the room, he picked up the phone, called his girlfriend back in the states, and started talking to her using some very “private language” you wouldn’t use when another person was in the room.

John was getting so uncomfortable with their conversation, and after listening a little longer, he was afraid of what Mike was going do next as he was talking to his girlfriend. So he said “Mike, I’m right here!”

John said Mike looked like he’d seen a ghost, looked extremely embarrassed, and continuously asked John how he got in the room without him seeing or hearing him enter.

Right then, John realized Mike couldn’t see him because his meditation made him invisible! John was ecstatic he had finally achieved this ability!

The Lesson From This Story

So what is my point for telling you this? It is that John never doubted or questioned if he could become invisible. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even really trying to become invisible! He was merely meditating on the idea of becoming invisible. But It was his lack of doubt that actually made it happen for him!

Doubt, questioning, and skepticism are powerful blocks that can prevent many things from happening in our lives.

Something To Think About

I’d like you to think about all the things you doubt, question, or are skeptical about in your life, and then see if you can identify how this kind of thinking has blocked you from receiving or getting what you doubted, questioned, or were skeptical about.

If you work on eliminating these three negative thoughts from your life, you will be amazed by how many doors open to you. Doors you never even realized were closed in your life!

This Is Very Powerful Information!

What you are reading before you right now, has the power to move mountains, resolve obstacles, and bring many of your desires to you. But in order for this to happen, you MUST will work on releasing these three negative thoughts from your mind:

1. Doubt

2. Questioning

3. Skepticism

Try it and see for yourself! Email me back in a few weeks, and let me know the results you achieved. If you do it correctly, get ready to be amazed.

I sincerely hope you will use this powerful knowledge I shared with you today, as my gift to you, because it WILL change your life!

Have a blessed and wonderful day today!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Sam says:

    Belief must also be taken in moderation otherwise it will go to your head. Someone could dream of omnipotence and then start having the belief they can achieve it, or are it but along the way if belief requires you to immediately actively belief you are capable of it, you may begin to exaggerate your belief. Your faith in yourself may turn into vanity of the ego. Also faith alone won’t work, you kinda need a bit of willpower in there too.

    Faith and belief are two separate things. Faith is putting hope and trust into something or someone. Belief is a knowing of certainty. It is in this sense it makes belief a far more powerful asset. If you only put faith into something, there will always be that glimmer of uncertainty.

    For example, I myself have trust issues with people. Sometimes for valid reasons sometimes not so, and the line between suspicion and paranoia can sometimes be very thin. However these issues arise because I can only go as far as putting faith in people, not belief. If you think you have belief in something but have reservations,suspicions or doubts, then it’s just faith. Also I question everything out of curiosity of perception of how and why, not always solely out of “resistance” which some might not be able to comprehend without seeing it as some form of resistance. I just want to know the reason for the reason at the end of it.

    The main two things are belief and willpower. Belief that you are capable and the will, or want to do or achieve it.
    I ended up in a conversation with a friend of mine about nouns and verbs. Nouns being names, or more specifically, people, places, objects or ideas (most notably the last one I’m referring to) and verbs being actions.
    Any English teachers if I’m wrong then do correct me.
    Anyway, we were discussing how everything at it’s core comes down to one of these two, or one proceeds into the other. Every idea at it’s core is a concept, or probably the reversed, but it’s what everything we think about comes down to, a though idea which also extends to “how” we see this idea or concept as perception itself is a concept of how we see something. Therefore it itself is a noun., and what Stems from perception is belief because belief in something is defined by the perception of how we see it.

    Now willpower, is having the will or want to do something or to achieve a goal. This somewhat stems from perception as well since if how we see what we want is in a good way by our own individual definition at least, then we have the said perception of it being a “good” or “wanted event, outcome or situation. I was originally going to say that wanting something is itself an action, but that’s kinda up for debate. It could lead to you proceeding with the actions required in order to take the steps to achieve said goal, but the “act”? or wanting could itself be an action. This said willpower also extends to the will to believe as well. If you are not willing to believe…. then you know the outcome already.

    Also this statement really bugs me, but for different reasons than what you’d expect.

    “But what makes the best psychics in the world so good? The best psychics in the world have always believed and never questioned if they could see into the future! They knew psychic ability is possible and real, without question!”

    What is said does makes sense, but here’s the thing. Just because someone does have the abilities doesn’t necessarily make them a “good” psychic. I said this before. People question the entirely wrong area. It’s not whether they are capable or not and belief isn’t restricted to “if” about their abilities. It’s also HOW they operate as one also, which is actually to some extent more important. You could be the best psychic in the world and have proven your abilities time and time again, but at the end of the day it’s often down to how the game is played.

    Let’s say I’m a real psychic with real abilities. (Though in real I’m currently not). I may have proven myself and disbanded any scepticism from sceptics and disbelievers, BUT my conduction AS a psychic may be called into question because I don’t operate “properly” or use underhanded tactics perhaps. THIS is what the real issue is. I.e. buy-baiting, not giving the client all the information in order to make them wonder a bit more and get them to come back to pay for another reading…or just try to make myself out to be better than I really am. You get the point. It wouldn’t be my abilities themselves that would be in question, it’s my conduct. However many, many people miss this, and it’s frustrating.

    Don’t worry, I’m not saying this about you Tana. As far as I’m concerned you’re a decent psychic. This is just in general that I have seen sooo many people overlook.

    Also another thing, questioning can be out of curiosity purely, not always resistance, but doubt and skepticism, sure.

  2. Sam says:

    Also another last thing. With invisibility, I’ve often wondered if it’s possible to also mask your energetic / vibration presence.

  3. Sharnee says:

    Okay, so I was just sitting here thinking about the “distinction” of this lesson and I think I can see it.

    It is here, located in the “lesson from the story” section:
    “….It was his lack of doubt that actually made it happen for him!”

    So just exploring this a bit further. Say when we want to manifest something, particularly something that “seems” out of reach or impossible, then with doubt into the mix, this will cause the desire “not to happen” as by not allowing the manifesting to happen we prove our “belief” that it is not possible. And essentially we get to be right about that belief.

    The reverse of course is true. If we believe without doubt, and that becomes our belief, then the manifesting is allowed, then we also in turn get to be right about that too when it eventuates, because that was our actual belief.

    So what I am getting from the article is that it is more important to “believe” that our desire is possible even though we have no idea how it will happen at all, and to “not doubt that belief in any shape or form” and merely try on the “idea of manifesting what we want” even without knowing the how. It will be this willingness to believe without doubt that will have the manifesting come to reality in the first place.

    Kindest regards,


  4. Avery says:

    This gets back to advice in another newsletter, ‘put blinders on’. One reason people have challenges with doing so is that Fear is a built in evolutionary characteristic to ensure survival. We must work to overcome something deeply engrained in our psyche. I will follow your advice Tana and report back. Truly appreciate your recommendations to improve our lives and thought patterns.

  5. Sam says:



    If fear is a precursor for us to put survival as a priority and is a negative contribution to our being, emotions etc. Our need for survival is primarily meant to keep us on the Earth plain – it’s essentially preventing us from developing, or moving on to the eventual spirit/spiritual plain – or whatever the spirit goes. In the long term survival is really holding us back from our potential perhaps.

  6. Sam says:

    It’s 11PM at the time of posting this. My coherency is lacking…

  7. Candy says:

    I will start this now, although I DO believe!!
    Instead of wanting to see angels so bad, I will KNOW I will see them 🙂
    I can’t wait to meditate tonight!
    I have peace and quiet- My own quiet room and ability to save $ towards renting a room for 3/4 months 🙂
    Thank you Tana! ❤️???
    Archangel Raphael ?
    Archangel Michael ?
    Saint Germain ?
    I will soon see Angels freely ✨?

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