Your Akashic Records – A Tool For Healing Akashic records

The Akashic records is an imprint of all your actions, thoughts, experiences in the past, present and future lives.

If a book was written about you, how do you think it would be written? What would fill its pages?

This is exactly what your Akashic Records are – a compendium of not just your life now as you know it, but of all the past lives you’ve lived, as well as possibilities, which may occur in the future. It’s a compilation of all thoughts, emotions, actions, intent, and experiences from all your incarnations on earth.

Your Akashic Records is a documentation of everything you were and everything you are, and more and more pages are being added to it with each passing second.

Why is there a need for such a thorough and detailed recording?

The answer is pretty simple!

The Akashic Records are there to remind you of who you really are. Some people have been reincarnated more than a thousand times, so they wouldn’t be able to function if they were able to remember every single thing. There would be experiences too traumatic, too painful, to be relived every day.

You were reborn for one reason, and that was to learn, one-by-one, the lessons you need to learn in order for your soul to spiritually complete and enlightened. And with every lifetime, the things you learn bring you closer to that goal.

Being able to remember everything from all your past lives would also get in the way of focusing on the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

However, there are certain experiences and events from the past that can still negatively impact your life now, and even your future lives!

While the past cannot be changed, you can prevent the negative aspects from your past lives from influencing your decisions, and wrongly shaping your future, by consulting your Akashic Records and if necessary, undergoing a psychic healing.


What Is Psychic Healing?


At its very core, psychic healing is an exchange of energy.

Psychic healing, or spiritual healing, is sending energy to another person to remove negativity or blocks from their energy.

The human soul is made of pure energy and while you might not remember, your soul bears marks from all the past lives you’ve lived.

Some of these marks are made by negative energy from traumatic or harmful events from the past.

Negative energy also leaves marks in certain aspects in your life, which can manifest itself in your behaviors and attitudes.

Energy blocks, on the other hand, occur when too much negative energy gets lodged inside your soul preventing certain aspects of yourself from being accessed or used anymore. Sometimes, negative energy blocks get so bad that they show as a physical manifestation, such as illnesses.

A psychic healing is the only method that can address both of these issues and put a stop to the unending cycle of negative energy accumulation, before it leaks into your future lives.


What Issues Can Be Healed Through Psychic Healing? low_self-esteem

A psychic healing can also help you solve your self-esteem issues.

All kinds of issues can be found in your Akashic Records, such as problems and traumas, which are affecting you now and preventing you from maximizing your true potential.

Here are the main past life issues people usually encounter in this life, but can be left over from a past one:

Abundance Issues 

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you how abundance issues from past lives can cause people to live in misery.

Abundance is not just about wealth and success. Abundance manifests in many ways.

Love, happiness, health, and money, are just some examples of how abundance comes into your life. If you feel like you’ve been encountering bad luck at every turn, or if you’ve been struggling even though you’ve done everything right, then you might have an abundance issue.

The first abundance issue has to do with lack.  You might have had a past life where there was a lack of abundance, so that experience is affecting your thoughts and beliefs now.

The second abundance issue is limitation. While you weren’t entirely poor or lacking in a past life, there may have been a sense of limitation or deprivation, which traumatized you then and is still affecting you now.

The third abundance issue comes from loss. Either other people from your past lives may have prevented you from amassing the things that you deserve, or it could mean shady past life individuals may have stolen from you.


Self-Esteem Issues

Individuals who have self-esteem issues from their past lives often have overwhelming emotions in this one. Causing them to feel like they don’t matter much in this life.

Some people even feel like they’re a failure, or that they deserve the bad things happening to them, or that they deserve to be punished.

Oftentimes, these are people whose previous lives are filled with criticism or abandonment.

There are many other issues from the past that can plague the present, and I can help you free yourself from these issues.


How Do You Release Energy Blocks Through Your Akashic Records?


You’re probably not aware of it but you might be sabotaging yourself.

You see, you’re supposed to learn certain lessons in this life, whatever they might be. Overcoming challenges may be a part of those lessons, and you might have to face these challenges in this life, in order for it to run its natural course.

But, if negative energy from your past lives is preventing and blocking you from being able to feel happy, content, loved, and prosperous, then you are also not living this life as you should.

And it’s important to put a stop to all these negative blocks right now, especially when you now have the opportunity to change your life for the better – in this life and all of your future lives to come. psychic_healing

Psychic healing is the process of removing negative energy blocks that affect your present and even future lives.

I can help you remove all of this negativity, but we have to find the root cause first…

…and this is where accessing your Akashic Records come in.

As a psychic medium, I can communicate with your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides, who are celestial entities who have guided and protected you throughout all of your past lives.

They know everything about you.

Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides know why you chose to be reborn into this life, along with the lessons you came back here to learn.

Most importantly, your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides know how to access your Akashic Records, so with their help, I can easily read your Akashic Records and find the hidden information needed to address any and all of your problems.

Once the real source of your negative energy and negative energy blocks have been pinpointed, I can perform the healing energy you’ll need.

Through psychic healing, I can help you discard all your emotional baggage that has been accumulated from all of your past lives.

I will help you let go of persistent worries, fears, struggles, pains, and anxieties!

Psychic healing is not only about removing all the negative energy, because true psychic healing will also help you embrace your life!

Psychic healing is about giving you information to guide your decisions and helping you make new choices that will open a whole new world to you.

I can help you bring the changes you want into your life. And I can help you by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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