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Love causes change in the color of our aura and thus reveal many things about our relationship.

Since mankind began to use words to express emotions, love has been described in million ways – and most people have heard romantic quotes, such as:

“Love is a many splendored thing”.


“Love makes the world go around”.

But, have you ever heard of love being described like this:

“Love is the vibrant flaring of pink and red colors in the human aura”.

Most people are not aware that their emotions, especially love, cause changes to their aura. Believe it or not, the aura can reveal many things about people’s emotions that can either make or break their relationships.


The Ever-Changing Human Aura


The aura is a colorful, multilayered oval energy field, which surrounds the entire body. The aura is sometimes referred to as a psychic energy field or the human energy field.

All living things are surrounded by an aura, because all living things have energy.

The human aura is made up of 3 layers, which are:

  1. Etheric layer – This layer vibrates close to the body and bears information about your physical health.
  2. Emotional layer – This vibrant, rainbow-colored layer holds feelings and emotions while extending one to three inches from the body.
  3. Mental layer – This vivid layer holds mental processes like thoughts and ideas, and extends three to eight inches from the body.


Your aura contains information about your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Every little thing that’s going on inside your body, or in your mind, can be seen in your aura.

Not only that, your aura also has information about your past, present, and certain aspects of your future. Even information about your past lives can be found in your aura, too.

Indeed, your aura is like an atlas of your physical body and a record book of your soul!

Each layer of the aura vibrates differently because it’s the energy of your life force that is constantly flowing throughout your entire body.

Also, auras can either be seen with your physical eyes, your Third Eye, or sensed with your psychic abilities.

Have you ever felt so attuned to a person you’ve just met that it seems like you’ve known each other forever? Or, have you ever experienced feeling an intense dislike of a person, even after only a few minutes of meeting each other?

Then, you’ve sensed the auras of other people!

There are also psychics who can actually see auras and can interpret the colors seen on the different layers.

Romantically, auras can be an excellent gauge of attraction and intimacy between individuals.


Your Aura When You’re In Love purplish

The aura color is usually more purplish during the early stage of a relationship.

When you’re in love, the sun is brighter, the grass is greener, and even the birds seem to be singing a special song just for you.

You see the world in a different and more vibrant way – as if every fiber of your being is alive.

Your aura is also affected by your emotions and feelings, so it’s only natural that the first changes can be seen in the colors of your aura.

Bright pink and red are the two colors commonly associated with love.

Bright pink is related to compassion, affection, sensuality, sensitivity, and love. Clear red, on the other hand pertains to sensuality, passion, and a powerful, healthy ego.

Your aura also changes with the intensity of your emotions. The colors change not only when you’re in love, but also with the level of love or intimacy you’re experiencing.


Your Aura In The Early Stages Of Love


During the early stages of a relationship, your aura colors may be more purplish because there is generally more passion than affection during this part.

When your relationship becomes more stable, your auric colors may turn red, which comes from the very core of your body.

As your aura colors shift to red, it means you are becoming more attuned to your partner and your relationship is becoming more harmonious.

A pink aura is probably what most people who are in a relationship want to see. The most emotional and gentlest of all auric colors, pink signifies that your relationship has become a pure and loving union.

Now that you know more about the changes going on with your aura, did you know that when you’re with someone, they can affect your aura, and you can affect theirs, too?

So, if you want to know how someone feels about you, being able to see their aura can be very helpful.


Know What Your Partner Is Feeling By Checking Their Aura partners

If you are able to see your partner’s aura, then you can tell how he or she truly feels.

If you want to know what your partner is feeling, let their aura do the talking!

Let me show you an easy exercise on how you can start seeing the aura of other people, especially your special someone.

Whenever you have the chance, do these simple steps:

  1. Look directly at your partner’s forehead, between his or her eyebrows.
  2. Look at this area for at least 30-60 seconds.
  3. Your vision might blur the longer you stare, but don’t stop looking.
  4. Their aura will usually become visible in your peripheral vision at this point, or you might see sudden bright spots or colors in the space surrounding their body.


As with all psychic abilities, the key to being successful is regular practice. Some people are more naturally adept in seeing auras, while some are able to get a deeper insight through the colors seen in auras.

You can also get help and guidance from a psychic who can see auras, giving you intimate knowledge of the information hidden within the layers and the ever-changing colors.


Learn More About Your Relationship With A Psychic Aura Reading


I was born seeing the auras of other people. Since I was young, seeing auras is as natural to me as seeing the shadows of others.

As I continued my training to become a Master Psychic, I honed my ability to see auras astrally. What this means is, I don’t need to be physically near the person, or be in the same place with the person, to read their aura.

When a person is located somewhere else, I use astral projection to see the other person’s aura, regardless of where he or she is. My method is also called Distance Psychic Aura reading.

With a Distance Psychic Aura reading, I can help you determine if you’re ready for love or already in love.

By reading your aura astrally, I can see if your relationship is at a turning point and if you’re in sync with your partner. With an aura reading, problem areas or blocks affecting your relationship can also be uncovered.

I can also travel astrally to view the aura of your loved one, his or her feelings for you, or tell you the ways on how to make your relationship stronger.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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