Your help is needed to prevent this upcoming disaster!

Hi there,

During my latest Astral Travel, I visited the planet Zorko.

There were rainbow clouds in the sky, the sun was purple, casting a light violet color all over the planet.

And this planet is inhabited by beings called Mericons.

And when I landed, they had the most beautiful smiles on their faces! They greeted me like they hadn’t seen me in ages – yet, I had never met the Mericons before!

They looked exactly like humans and even talked with their mouths, instead of telepathically, which is more common with highly evolved beings like these. I learned they are able to shape-shift to look like whatever race of beings they meet. So, they appeared as humans to me,

Otherwise, I’m not really sure what they really look like!

Their leader named Harkur informed me I hand landed on the Planet Zorko, which is 400,000 light-years away from the earth. He said they had been expecting me and were delighted to finally meet me in person.

He then motioned me to stand beside him as we teleported (just like in Star Trek) to his home.

Once we arrived, which took less than 10 seconds, he began telling me why I had landed on their planet.

The Earth Is Surrounded By A Black Cloud 

Harkur said the entire Planet Earth is surrounded by a black cloud.

He explained that COVID-19, the US election, the closing down of cites around the world, the looming war with Iran, ISIS, world pollution, the melting of the ice caps, and several other events, has caused so much fear all over the world, that the bio-stratosphere, which is a protective energy field that surrounds the entire Planet Earth like a giant round balloon, is about to burst!

It turns out, all of the negative fear thoughts in people’s minds are being sent out into the universe and accumulating in the earth’s bio-stratosphere.

And this negative fear thought energy, which is accumulating in the earth’s bio-stratosphere, is like blowing air into a balloon and causing it to stretch out bigger and bigger! And pretty soon it is going to burst!

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What Will Happen If It Bursts?

Harkur was quick to say if the earth’s bio-atmosphere gets too full, it will burst, causing a Cosmic Explosion. If this happens, all of this accumulated negative energy will come pouring down to earth like black rain, which will cause the earth to be flooded with this black energy water…

…and if this happens, it will have a negative impact on every living person on the Planet Earth!

And if the bio-stratosphere of the earth bursts, when this black energy rains down on the earth, it’s damaging effects will be triplified (amplified by 3x)!

So this needs to be prevented from ever happening!

The Outcome to Expect 

Harkur explained how all the craziness on earth right now is a result of people already becoming affected by this accumulated energy! And he said if this negative energy is not taken care of within the next few months, the bio-stratosphere WILL burst!

Harkur warned me that if it does burst, the following things will happen:

– Economic hardship all over the earth!

– Floods, hurricanes, Tsunamis, tornados, wildfires, and other natural disasters will ravish parts of the earth!

– Food supplies will be limited!

– People’s health will decline from famine and disease!

– A civil war could break out! (recent events at the capitol are due to people already being influenced by this energy)

– The economy could collapse

– and several other catastrophic events

And then he looked me right in the eyes and said, “So, this is why you are here because I am the one who will teach you how to prevent this from happening!

I Need Your Help

Harkur said this can all be prevented by removing the negative energy from the bio-stratosphere…

…but he said I cannot do this alone.

He told me I a going to need to perform what is called Strato Evaporato Cleanso on at least 80 people, but preferably more! And together as a group, we can use this technique to safely evaporate all of this negative energy from the bio-stratosphere!

Otherwise, it will burst!

He then proceeded to train me on how to use the Strato Evaporato Cleanso technique! And now I need your help!

I will be forming an elite special group of people who I will teach the Strato Evaporato Cleanso technique, and together we will save the Planet Earth from this massive destruction!

The Strato Evaporato Cleanso Technique 

The 80 people who I train will become part of an elite group of people who together, we are going to prevent these disasters from happening.

You DO NOT have to have any special experience to be part of this elite group! The only requirement is to want to help me save the planet.

I will be personally teaching the Strato Evaporato Cleanso Technique to this special group of people and then after we have practiced it a few times together, we will use this technique to cleanse the bio-stratosphere forever!

This is so EASY to learn that even a 6-year -old could learn it!

And an unexpected bonus is this: All of the people who participate in this will receive karmic blessings beyond their wildest dreams. Because there are a lot of good karmic rewards to anyone who helps save the planet from disaster!

How You Can Help And Be Part Of This Elite Group

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I cannot do this alone!

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This is a rare chance to be a part of something that you will be proud to tell your children and grandchildren about.

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Thank you in advance for helping to save the planet!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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