Your Love Horoscope for November 2018


Here is my latest Love Horoscope for 2018. love horoscope

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Those of you in a long-distance relationship will be thinking about your partner a lot at the beginning of the month. You will even start making plans to take a break from work just to spend some time exclusively with your partner. You could expect a happy reunion by the middle of the month. Those of you thinking about getting married will see some progress on this front.


Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

This month, you will notice that you are encountering hurdles and misunderstandings with your partner. Though they might be minor, these may have caused some disruption to the flow and energy between you two. Some areas of your relationship need your attention, so you even to do some deep thinking before you have the conversation with him or her.


Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

The first few days of this month might be quite distressing for married couples, as you may seem to always disagree on things and get drawn into arguments. It is unwise to leave things unsaid. Rather, you must have an honest talk to come to a solution for this problem. Those searching for a partner would do well to enlist the help of their friends, as this will surely help.


Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

If you are single and desperately looking for love, you will see your dream come true this month. Don’t let your shyness overcome you and prevent you from expressing your feelings to this person. Married couples should learn to be more tolerant and caring so they can resolve their disagreements.


Leo (July 23 to August 21)

If you are single, you might come across someone you really like this month, but you may hesitate to express your feelings. You are advised to hold your tongue, as the person you like will not feel the same way about you. For married couples, your pride is straining your relationship. Look instead what’s the cause of the problem and avoid pointing fingers.


Virgo (August 22 to September 23)

For single parents, you can expect a very romantic month ahead. You will finally meet someone you have a lot in common with and you may start thinking about spending the rest of your life with this person. This will be a favorable period, so don`t be afraid to make serious commitments.


Libra (September 24 to October 23)

A wonderful month lies ahead of you. You will spend more time with your loved ones and make them feel special and cared for. Your attitude towards life will be much better this month. You will handle your problems calmly and hardly lose your temper.


Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)

This month you will be filled with romantic thoughts and spending your days thinking about your partner. This is the perfect time for you to express your love to the one you love. You will find ways to enhance your playfulness and make your love life more enjoyable. This is also the best time when you will see your relationship become deeper and more meaningful.


Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22)

This month, disagreements with your spouse over small issues are highly indicated. Spend more of your free time with your partner to feel a balanced flow of energy. These ups and downs in your relationship are only temporary. Those thinking about marriage proposals should wait for a better time.


Capricorn (December 23 to January 20)

This month will bring the charming lover out in you. Due to your personality, you will draw attention and could see compliments coming your way. This period is also a great time for mending old issues. Spend the evening with your partner and take them out for dinner.


Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

For those who are married, you will spend a lot of time rekindling your romantic feelings for each other. You will even want to present your spouse with a very special gift. Those in a relationship will find all past verbal arguments being resolved. Divorced people may find a good match via an online dating site.


Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

Your special someone will continuously occupy your mind this month. It is advisable that you pay attention to the needs of your partner to avoid the relationship from turning sour. For those waiting to fall in love, please be patient for a little longer because the new person might just be around the corner.


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