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But today I am going to talk about what are called Energy Leeches, because they are VERY important for people to know about! If you’ve had a Psychic Energy Balancing with me, you may have discovered you had an Energy Leech or two sucking the life force right out of you!

And you would also know that I had you move your head and shoulders BEFORE I removed it, and then AFTER I removed it. And you would also remember how much easier your head and shoulders moved after it was removed!

If you’ve never had this work done by me, then let me tell you a little about good ol’ Energy Leeches.

They are leeches that have eight tentacles. When they attach to your aura, they wrap their two front tentacles around your spine, clear to the base of it, and then lodge their other six tentacles into your energy field.

Then like a leech always does, they start sucking away! But since they are Energy Leeches, instead of it being your blood that they suck, they suck out your life force energy!

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What’s An Energy Leech Look Like?

I have heard healers have described them in the following ways:

– The adult leeches have a body about the size of a basketball.

– They are usually white or gray color.

– They are extremely ugly looking.

– They attach themselves at the base of a person’s skull.

– Depending on how long it has been sucking your energy, its front two tentacles can be anywhere from 25 to 30 feet long.

– The other six tentacles each range from 18 to 20 feet long.

– They feel slimy to the touch, and some of them even have fang-like front teeth.

– they are very aggressive energy-force “animals.”

What Causes Energy Leeches To Attach To You?

The same as your physical body has an immune system, so does your Energy Body. When your physical body becomes weak, you can catch a cold or the flu. Since your energy body also has a type of immune system, when it becomes weak, Energy Leeches will attach themselves to your Energy Field.

What causes the immune system of your Energy Field  to weaken is stress, worry, fear, anxiety, tension, sadness, pain, or any other negative emotions that people often experience. Once your Energy Field gets to a certain weakened point, Energy Leeches jump onto your Energy Field, dig in their tentacles, and start sucking away!

Since they can be attached to your Energy Field for a long time without you even knowing it, the effects that are caused by them happen gradually. So most people don’t even realize that some of their “lack of energy” problems are caused by these leeches.

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Common Signs Of An Energy Leech Being Attached To You 

Here are some of the common signs a person feels when an Energy Leech is attached to them:

– Feeling more tired than you used to, even though your diet hasn’t changed. (Some people falsely believe this lack of energy is due to getting older, but this is not always the case. It can be from Leeches sucking your energy dry!)

– Finding yourself feeling lazier and less motivated to do things you used to like to do. You’d rather stay home, watch TV, and just relax all night, rather than go out.

– You don’t have a relationship, but you’re also not motivated to do what it takes to meet someone.

– You feel more stressed, anxious, or worried than you used to.

– You freak out sometimes, due to the crazy scenarios your mind sometimes creates regarding problems in your life (This can be due to their attachment to the base of your skull, near the brain area)

– Plus many other symptoms that are too many to list here!

As you can see, having an energy Leech attached to you can cause many nasty things to happen to a person’s Energy Field!

What Should A Person Should Do If They Have These Leeches?

If a person has an Energy Leech attached to their Energy Field, they definitely will want to have it removed! It is important not to let them grow in size because the longer they stay attached to you, the bigger in size they grow from feeding on your Energy Field. As they grow in size, they will drain more of your precious energy.

There is a special procedure that needs to take place to remove an Energy Leech properly. First, the leech needs to be neutralized (killed) with White Light BEFORE removing it. Otherwise, their tentacles can break off in your Energy Field, causing Auric Infection (AI), and you don’t want that to happen.

– Once the leech has been neutralized, next the tentacles need to be removed – all eight of them! The front ones need to be removed first, as they are carefully unraveled from your Energy Spinal Column. This part needs to be done gently so the tentacles don’t break off.

– Next the other six tentacles need to be gently removed.

– After all the tentacles have been removed, the holes that are left from where the tentacles were embedded in your Energy Field, need to be filled with White Light to close and heal them.

– Now that the Energy Leech(es) have been removed (because you can have more than one attached to you) your Energy Field needs to be checked for any tears or holes that will also be drain your energy.

– After all of the above steps have been performed, your Energy Field will be clear, and you should quickly notice that most of the above symptoms will disappear, causing your energy to return back to normal again, and you will also feel lighter than you’ve probably felt for a very long time.

Do You Have Energy Leeches Attached To You?

If you suspect you might have Energy Leeches attached to your Energy Field, and would like to have them removed (which I highly recommend doing if you suspect you have them) then you can click here and fill out the form and someone will contact you to schedule a session to have them removed!

If you suspect you have these leeches, you do not want to ignore them because they only multiply and get worse!

So, click here now to schedule a removal session and someone will call you back immediately!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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