Your Past Lives May Hold Secrets About Your Health past_life_issue

Do you have unexplained fears and illnesses? These may be due to some of your past life issues carried over to your present lifetime.

Jamie, a 28-year-old nurse, felt something weird was happening to her.

She would often wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for breath.

It felt as if there was a heavy object on her chest – pinning her down and leaving her unable to draw in air.

As a nurse, Jamie knew there were many possible conditions which could cause her night breathing problems.

However, all the medical tests showed she was healthy in every possible way. In fact, one specialist physician even commented on how she was at the peak of her health.

Dumbfounded and scared, Jamie exhausted all medical means to find out what was wrong with her but the tests all showed nothing was wrong.

What could be the mysterious condition Jamie was suffering? And what is causing it?

Let’s find out.


Mysterious Aches and Ailments From Another Life


Before we continue unraveling Jamie’s mystery ailment, let us first talk about what I meant by “another life”.

Simply put, “another life” refers to your past lives.

How many lifetimes have you walked this earth in a different body… as a different person?

Hundreds of times? Or maybe thousands?

You are far older than you know…

…an old soul who has lived many past lives.

During the moment of death, only the physical body dies. The soul lives on and travels to the spiritual realm, where it stays until it is time to be reincarnated, or reborn again, into this world.

Memories of our past lives are locked deep within our subconscious, allowing us to start fresh with each incarnation, and do whatever it is we planned to accomplish in this here, without being affected by the events in our past lives.

But, is forgetting about your past lives really as simple as that?

Are there situations or conditions from your past lives, which can still affect you in this one?

The answer is yes…

…and this is exactly what is happening to Jamie.


Past Illnesses, Present Symptoms


There are physical conditions and health issues from your past lives, which can still carry over in this lifetime.

Similar to Jamie’s case, most of these conditions are health issues, such as:

Mysterious aches and pains

It may be a sharp, stabbing pain in your abdomen or a migraine that won’t go away – unexplained aches and pains are often caused by experiences in your past life.

Some experiences, such as being fatally wounded in a certain part of the body, may cause lingering aches in the same area – during this lifetime.

Chronic Ailments

The most common chronic ailment whose cause can be traced to a past life event is asthma. A lot of people with asthma have been linked to being a smoker in a past life, or to those whose lives were claimed by widespread infections, like tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Weight Problems

A lot of people with weight problems went through a period of food deprivation or starvation, due to famine and wars in their past lives. This leads them to overeat in this lifetime to compensate for their past life condition. past_life_issue2

Phobias are results of negative experiences in your past life.


Plenty of people can trace their phobias to negative experiences in their past life. Those who are afraid of certain animals in this life were often attacked by the animal they fear in a past life or had a negative experience with the animal.


Anatomy Of A Past Life Issue


Aches and illnesses are not the only past life problems that can affect you now. There are also emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, which can manifest presently in the different parts of your body.

Known to most past life psychic scholars, Body Symbology is the study of how issues in each part of the body stem from difficulties in your past lives.

Below are just a few examples of certain parts of the body and the corresponding problem from a past life.

  1. Head – A headache or migraines are due to mental pressure, such as over-thinking, constant worrying, or high level of anxiety.
  2. Face – Facial pain or slight deformities are related to self-image problems in a past life.
  3. Eyes – Problems in vision are linked to witnessing a traumatic event in the past.
  4. Neck and throat – Issues in the neck and throat are related to problems in communicating. May also be a sign you died by hanging in a past life.
  5. Backbone or spine – Pain or misaligned spines are linked to problems with showing inner strength, courage, or bravery.
  6. Chest – Chest pain and other breathing problems can be related to past life issues related to inability to give or receive love and appreciation
  7. Shoulders – Problems with shoulders are linked to overwhelming responsibilities or burdens in the past.
  8. Kidney, Liver, and Pancreas – Issues with these organs tell of past life issues related to diseases the person had in a past life.
  9. Skin – Skin problems may manifest in people who were victims of abuse in their past life, or those whose personal boundaries have been invaded


Some of these problems don’t come from just one past life – these issues may have been building up for several lifetimes.

Going back to Jamie’s case, her night breathing problems were actually due to a past life issue. In one of her past lives, she was in a car accident and the trauma she experienced during this collision was the source of her chest pain.

So, how can you know if what you’re feeling now is a past life issue, and what can you do about it?


Healing Methods That Can Counter Past Life Effects On Health


The first step to alleviating health issues caused by your past life is determining the source.

If you’re looking for the reason behind a mysterious ailment, a Past Life Psychic Reading can help you find the information you are looking for.

During a Past Life Reading, I can tell you about your past, present, and future. A psychic can track the cause of your health problems by looking through your past life records.

After pinpointing the root cause of your unexplainable health condition, the healing process can begin. You can choose from the following techniques or try all of them to see which is the most effective.

Bodywork Such As Massage 

A massage has the ability to relieve both physical and emotional pain – it can relax both the mind and body.  To receive optimal benefits from a massage, more focus should be given on the neck, back, feet and head. past_life_issue_001

Deep breathing is one of the healing methods that can counter the effect of past life issues on your health.

Sound Healing

There are many ways in which sound can be used to heal. Gongs and rattles can clear the aura, dispelling any negativity, which makes your life energy sluggish.

Deep breathing 

The In-Breath cleansing or inhaling raise your vibration and helps your life energy flow much better to each and every part of your body. The Out-Breath cleansing or exhaling releases and facilitates the release of old wounds. 


Long-standing emotional issues from past lives can clog your soul energy and therefore manifest physically in this lifetime. Meditation raises your awareness and the vibration of your soul energy, helping remove the negativity from emotional issues carried over from your past life.


Schedule A Past Life Reading


It’s never too late to take the first step in freeing yourself from the unwanted effects of past life issues.

Schedule a Past Life Reading today so that we can find the root cause of the problem and discover the way to stop past life issues from affecting this lifetime…and the next.

By examining your past life records, I can look for possible causes and other factors leading to your mysterious ailment.

Let me help you free yourself from past life problems which are negatively affecting your health. You can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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