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Your soulmate, along with your Akashic Records and Karma, are inseparably linked. When you are wanting to meet your soulmate, or know where to find your soulmate, this information is connected to all three of these things!

your soulmate

Your karma results from an accumulation of all of your thoughts, actions, and deeds from this life, and all of your past lives. Depending on your karma, this will determine the type of relationships you will find in this lifetime. It will also determine your ability to have or experience true love.

Are you ready to finally find your true soulmate? Then take control in finding the kind of love you want to have by discovering what is contained in your Akashic Records!

Your Akashic Records are the records records all of your thoughts, actions, and deeds from all of your past lifetimes, including this one. So in other words, your Akashic Records are the records of your soul.

If you were a nice person in your relationships in many of your past lives, then when you find your soulmate, you will meet people in this life who treat you nice, and are loving towards you. But what if you were a thief or con artist with your past lovers? When you want to find your soulmate, what kind of people do you think you would end up meeting in this life? Or what if you were someone one who was dishonest, or cheated on their spouse? When finding a soulmate, what kind of people do you think you would would meet in this life? Do you think that you would find happiness and love?

The answer is no! You would end up meeting other people who were just like you in your past lives! You would meet people that would

Your soulmate

Soulmates in love

steal from you people, or con you, or even cheat on you! You would meet people who would do the same exact thing to you that you did to others in your past lives!

And what’s even more interesting is, that their is a high probability that if you have met people like this in this lifetime, they are probably the same people that you did these things to in your past lifetimes, who have reincarnated in this life to pay back your karma! Interesting, isn’t it?

True love is closer to most people than they think! tBut their past life karma prevents them from finding it! Discover how to eliminate your past life karma so that you can start holding the someone you love!

Your Akashic Records is where the answers are found as to what you were like in your past lives, along with why you meet the kind of people that you do in this one. Or why you don’t meet the kind of people you would like to in this life!

The good news is that you can change or lessen your past life karma, once you know what it is! This will allow you to start having the kind of true love you have always dreamed of! If you are already in a happy, longterm relationship, you can learn all about your past lives together, along with your destiny and purpose together in this lifetime!

So now you can see why your soulmate, Akashic Records, and karma, are all interconnected. Finding your soulmate all depends on your karma, and that knowledge is revealed in your Akashic Records!

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  1. janice says:

    This is why its important to me now because of what I’ve been going through and being too easily negatively influenced by past mistake.The person I really do love and have loved for the past two years i have wondered why its been so interrupted with mis- communication ,delayed ,etc.I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. In the meantime we, my real true friends will pray about it.
    Sincerely,your friend,

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