How To Know If you’ve Been Cursed

In my last email, I shared a letter I received from a woman who’s child was saved from a predator. Thankfully, she had a reading just i time, and I was able to warn her about this during her reading. You can read the entire story by clicking here! 

But today, I want to talk about something most psychics like to avoid talking about….

Has there ever been something you wanted very badly, but it seemed like something was preventing you from having it? Or have you ever really cared about a person, but it seemed like someone or something had a spell or curse on that person that was keeping the two of you apart?

Or have you ever met someone who is already in an unhappy relationship, you really liked each other, but for one reason or another, they couldn’t leave their relationship to be with you, even when they were already unhappy in their current one?

Or have you ever cared about someone who couldn’t seem to change some negative pattern or behavior in their life, even when it was destructive to them, or to the ones they love?

Have you ever wondered if someone may have placed a curse on you, or someone you care about?

The Real Truth About Curses 

The truth is, there are such things as “psychic curses”. A psychic curse is when someone has an  “invisible” psychic energy hold on another person. And believe it or not, psychic curses are more common than most people think.

Psychic Curses are placed on you or another person when you are in the presence of, in contact with, or involved with a controlling person, a negative person, a jealous person, or any other unscrupulous type like this.

People like this can intentionally, or unintentionally, send negative energy towards you or someone else, and this negative energy is programmed with their desires, wishes, thoughts, or intentions, and their negative thoughts create a psychic curse.

If you or someone you know has been cursed, click here to schedule a Curse Removal Session

Once they think their negative “curse thought”, it gets sent into the atmosphere, traveling through the air, looking for the person it is intended for! And once it finds it’s intended victim, it becomes lodged in that person’s aura by way of tiny energy barbs that are protruding out from it.  These energy barbs allow it to dig deep into the intended victim’s aura, and it won’t let go.

Since these curse thoughts are programmed with the senders negative energy, these cruse thoughts also have a consciousness, making them living, thinking, entities!  They are infused with the negative consciousness of the person who created them. This is what makes them so powerful, and even destructive.

Psychic curses can be placed on you from enemies, co workers, neighbors, family members, and even by people who claim to be religious! They usually comes from the jealous, controlling, mean-spirited, or envious types of personalities.

A person who has created a curse thought, often does so unintentionally, but unintentional or not, a curse is still placed on the person it is intended for.

The other types of people who create psychic curses are people who practice the Black Arts. These people have full intention and awareness of what they are doing, and they are the most dangerous types.

The problem is, people who practice Black Magic don’t go around telling people they are involved in this. They try to blend in with everyone else, because they know there is more power when their victims are unsuspecting! This type of person is less common to find, but they are out there, and very dangerous!

I can always tell when some practices black Magic because they actually have a black glow to their aura, and the spirits I see around them look like demons  -not angels!

Why Curses Are So Powerful!

Since a psychic curse is created from the negative thoughts of the sender, they are VERY HARD to break free from for the person who is cursed! Psychic curses are created when one person tries to control another person, and the controlling person has every intention to get their victim to do exactly what they intend them to do!

Since a psychic curse actually attaches itself to it’s victim, it renders the victim into an emotionally helpless state!

A psychic curse, intentional or not, is as close to Black Witchcraft as a person can get!

Psychic curses are complicated and complex to deal with, and you should NEVER attempt to remove one yourself. Because if removed incorrectly, they actually become attached to others close to the victim. At this point, they double in strength, and will cause you or others close to the victim to end up in the same emotionally helpless state!

Click here if you suspect a psychic curse has been placed on you or someone you care about!

Tell Tale Signs To Look For To Know If Someone Has Been Cursed

There are definite signs which indicate if a person is cursed. These signs are very common to see or experience, and if present, they need to be removed immediately a professional!

  • The victim will seem to change their mind often, unsure of how they feel about you, another person, or even their life. Signs to look for: Often changing their mind , inconsistent actions, saying one thing then doing another, saying they care about you one day, and then changing their mind the next. Very inconsistent in their words and actions.
  • Infidelity, dishonesty, broken promises. The victim cheats on you, lies to you often, or seems to always break their promises. This is not always their fault, because a curse can cause a person to act differently then they really are. Signs to look for: Says they will never cheat again, yet they continue to cheat on you. They are in an unhappy relationship, care about you deeply, but still can’t find the strength to leave their unhappy relationship they are in, makes promises and then breaks them, you feel helpless.
  • Relatives or other people interfere in your relationship with the victim. The two of you are happy, yet others always seem to interfere. Signs to look for: Gossip from others, angry words form relatives or friends about you or the two of you, guilt being used to manipulate the victim who is cursed, people use religion or spiritual upbringing to shame the victim because they don;t agree with his or her actions.
  • Victim seems out of control. The victim will show signs of being out of control, reckless behavior, or continuing to do self destructive things, no matter of any past consequences. Signs to look for: out of control drinking, drug use, yet the victim tries to hide it form you or others, depression, doesn’t have lots of friends, seems to isolate or only associate with a few people. and often with other cursed people who are like they are.
  • A feeling a curse is involved. Since curses are created from negative energy, often times you will be able to sense or feel like you or the other person has been cursed. Signs to look for: You sometimes wonder to yourself if a curse might be involved in your situation. Something feels out of place, yet you can’t seem to place your finger on it. Strange vibes you can’t explain
  • Plus many, many more!

Since curses are created by people, and since each person is unique, curses can express themselves in many other ways than the ones I mentioned above. The most important thing to know is if you suspect a curse is involved, it probably is. Because suspicion comes from a deeper, subconscious, internal psychic knowing.

There Is Help!

Please remember, a person under s psychic curse cannot be blamed for their actions because they usually don’t even know they are being influenced by a curse.

But the good news is, there is help, and these curses can be removed. And once they get removed, the victim will finally be free! Once a person is free from a psychic curse that has been placed on them, they will start acting normal once again! At that point, everything will return back to the way it was, or should be!

But NEVER just allow anyone try to remove a curse. I have heard horror stories from people who had the WRONG person try to remove them.

The 4 Steps Involved For A Curse Removal

During a Curse Removal Session, the first thing I do is place you, or the victim (if I am removing it from a person other than you) in a protection bubble of Infused Purple Cosmic Light from the 99th Dimension. This ensures any entities that are released during the removal process become trapped in the 99th Dimension, where they will be instantly neutralized by the Light Beings who occupy this realm.

Next, I need to identify the source of the curse, and the person it originated from. Once this has been identified, I surround the sender in a Cosmo Mirror Bubble, which prevents them from sending out future curses to other people. This protects others from future curses from them, and also helps protect the sender from  accumulating more bad karma!

After the victim has had all curses removed (I often find a cursed person usually has more than one curse placed on them) I bathe them in violet light, using the assistance of Guardian Angels, Saint Germain, and my Ascended Master Guide Macar. Think of this step like an energy bath that cleanses a person’s energy on the deepest levels!

Next, I use remote viewing to scan their home, car, and workplace, to make sure no curse energy is lingering there (I usually find it is). If so, I do a White Light Cleanse in all three of these environments, to make sure the curse energy is completely removed from all places where there could be possible re-exposure!

Re-exposure is the #1 reason curses reattach themselves to the victim again! So this step is vitally important!

After these four steps have been performed, the person who had their curse removed has a non-stick aura similar to cooking food with teflon. Meaning any future curses directed at them, will slide off of their aura, and be unable to attach itself to them!

So as you can see, if you are having a curse removed from another person, you are doing them a lifelong favor. And if you are having one removed from yourself, you are doing yourself a big favor too!

What Do If You Or Someone You  Know Has Been Cursed

If you believe that you, or someone you care about is being controlled by a psychic curse, you need to have it removed! Psychic curses are not a matter to be taken lightly! They will last a lifetime if they don’t get removed!

Curses are nothing to take lightly, and for some reason, I have been seeing more and more people affected curses lately!

DO NOT attempt to remove these yourself! Also, DO NOT go to some street corner gypsy and pay hundreds of dollars to have one removed! These gypsies will not help you. They will only take all your money!

If you have a curse situation, I can help you to remove it! These are not easy to remove, but curses can be removed safely with the help of my Guardian Angels, along with Saint Germain, and my Ascended Master Guide Macar!

If they are not removed properly, as I said, they will continue to get worse! And you want to AVOID that from happening – trust me! It gets really ugly at that point!

Getting Help Removing A Psychic Curse

If you suspect you have  someone you care about has been cursed, click here and fill out this form on my Psychic Reading page, or call my office directly at 614-444-6334, and someone will contact you right away to schedule a curse removal session.

You can also send your name and phone number by responding directly to this email.

Something important to understand. A person who has been cursed will often not even realize they are cursed. So the victim of the curse does not have to be present for me to remove their curse. So I can remove a curse from anyone you feel has been cursed.

Evil forces will often make the cursed victim feel like nothing is wrong, and this is part of the reason why a person can be cursed for years without even knowing it. But others will clearly see there’s a problem, and your intervention is what will help the cursed victim to have it removed.

Most curses placed on victims are often removed due to the intervention of their loved ones contacting me and asking for my help. And the victim is usually not even aware it is being removed. But once the curse has been removed, the victim often reports feeling different than they have for years!

If you are the victim, you will experience the same feelings of feeling different than you have for years too!

If you need a curse removed, click here now so you can stop living with the negative affects of a curse in your life, or the life of someone you care about!

I hope this was helpful information for you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a private reading, click here now, or call 614-444-6334


Office: 614-444-6334

P.S. Remember, if you believe someone you know has a curse on them, they do not have to want to have the curse removed for it to be broken.  Often times, they do not even know, or believe, they are under one! Regardless, I can still remove it from someone who has been affected.

53 Responses

  1. Christine DiGregorio says:

    tana my name is christine marie digregorio and my significant other tex haratio godwin gonzales i beleave has been cursed by a woman named kathy wilson are we if so should i schedule a removal

  2. April says:

    My name is April… Anyways I seen the one on the psychic curse… 4 years I believed that something has been making sure that I don’t succeed… I have been wondering how with how smart I am in some of the things that I’ve accomplished that I am unable to succeed in anything… Doesn’t matter what I try even staying positive… People just want to be negative around me… Can’t get a job… can’t get ahead cuz everytime I try it feels like that when I come up for air somebody is pushing me back down… Its hard to explain like… and had a different kind of a life and I’m sure that they just didn’t want me to achieve when I am supposed to achieve… I know I’m not for better things and greater things… I have done some great things… It’s hard though when everything gets taken away from you… like family and friends… My children… Any relationship I’ve ever had my entire life… I have been so alone… Haven’t seen my kids in 8 years… if I get it place or I move people think I’m something I’m not like a cop or rat… That I don’t know anything or that’s what they say… My oldest son is def and communication is very huge for me… But yet it’s so late I just speak alien to people… Everyday is frustrating for me… And everyday I get up and I think hey what can I change about myself what can I do better… I have done tons of counseling I have done tons of seminars and classes… Read books looked for any kind of different solution that I can think of to get out of this… And yes I’ve always thought in some way I was cursed… from like a small child… I’m talking about everyday sense I’ve been born I have gone through something… I’ve learned not to plan my day cuz its never going to go that way… I have story after story after story… That it almost seems like no one could have lived that life… People probably think that I make up all this s***… But honestly I’ve been through it all I’ve seen a lot of stuff been through a lot of stuff… I tried to stay on their good side because I think that’s the only thing I got… And I pray for the day that it all turns around… This year is a leap year and I was born 29 minutes before leap year in 76… My middle name is violet, I have a brothers, I have for blood uncles , nephews, and 2 nieces… I don’t have my parents last name… I got some man’s name that I don’t even know… my life started like that I don’t know if somebody is jealous or if somebody knows something that I don’t… I grew up really really fast… I have no idea why this is happening to me… But all I know is theres gotta be a way for me to get out of this… Anyway I’m just kind of accepted it… And I use my intuition all the time… it works very well for me in some ways… I’m working on other skills and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get through this as quickly as I can… There’s so much more that I can learn… anyways I would like to thank you for that little bit of knowledge… At least I know that that is possible… I definitely enjoy your emails and all of the stuff that you say… and all of the knowledge that you give me and help me with directing me in the right direction to the right path to finding the tools that I need… Well I’m just going to say thank you… I just read the email… And.. Thought I should leave a comment… I just want to say thank you for being there xoxoxo

  3. Anne says:

    I’m not sure with mine if I’ve been cursed or not. It started in year 2010 was my last fortunate year of my life, I was so popular in our schools to me I’m just like everyone I’m not perfect. I can be moody, but I have some girls who hates me for Imdont know what reason. I had won so many friends with my sweetness and kindness, they were always there for me and I was always there for them too. One day the girls who hates me, pissed me off, disperepcted me I got mad at them and they played victim. The next day no one even friends who are not from school avoids me already,mono one ever talked to me again. Ever since that happened more people had reasons to dislike me and I am so surprised I did not did anything, I had 1 ex who only used me for his revenge to his ex and 1 ex who used to love me so much suddenly he just fall for another girl, nothing bad even happened to us during our relationship I was the best girlfriend as I could to him. Not only that, if before my creativeness was always awarded with. Y friends compliments now not even a stranger would notice all my creative efforts anymore, like I became invisible no matter how hard I try, unlike before they always ask me to do for example creative cartoon portraits of them, now no matter how great I do to my arts no one sees them anymore, even if I tag the, on social media.., the year continues that way. And if in the past I can easily be accepted in modeling, now people just laughs at me. Even new people I meet. No matter how hard I try to be successful, it’s not anymore getting seen or appreciated, I cannot have my life anymore. I had so many other unsuccessful relationships, being cheated and one time I’ve been verbally abused. Like whenever I go out I get laughed at. Before people used to admire me. I attract friends right away back then…, I don’t know what just suddenly happened. Is this a curse? It’s 2016 and things like this are still happening to me.

  4. Victoria says:

    I have had 2 miscarriage’s. My boyfriends baby momma has threatened him and me saying that since he didn’t take care of his 1st child then he will never be able to have anymore kids, or never be happy. We have been fighting alot thru all the years we have been together. I don’t know what to do I need help

  5. dameion says:

    I can’t seem to get ahead every time I go forward something knocks me back there’s a woman I’m involved with that I can’t seem to get away from it’s like she has put a curse on me or something I feel it

  6. Milenia says:

    My mom died januari the 25th.. in december i came to the conclusion my mom had some bad energies in her aura.. because my mom has been trough a lottt of stuff in the last for years.. it now has ended with someone she trusted beating her to death.. she has dealt with alcohol addiction, serious health issues, a war errupting out of nothing in her home land (ukraine) her parents live there.. her husband my father died when i was 3, i am 18 now, 17 when she passed. My brother was 1. She has been trough the toughest of things and in december i just realised it had to be that.. but i didnt understamd jt well enough.. i had all these signs.. i just wanna know if she was really cursed or not.. i live in the netherlands..

  7. Cindel says:

    This year has been filled with many bad things for me, and has just seemed to sprout more terrible things. First, I got asthma and had to leave my house and due to me leaving, My relationship went south real quick and ended. Second, the day of my breakup, my uncle died, then two days later My cousin died of cancer. Third, my grandfather was sent to the hospital. Fourth, I get diagnosed with Post Partum Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Fifth, My ex apologizes, says love comes and goes, and is super nice to me, then all the sudden cuts me and his son out of his life and starts sleeping with other woman. Sixth, he comes back and is a complete ads to me. Seventh, my grandfather is in a near death situation, and my grandma goes into the hospital. Eighth, my grandpa dies. Ninth, I get hit in the parlinglot today, my phone cracks, and my phone and internet semm to not work as I try and look curse stuff up.
    I feel like I’ve been in a really bad cycle recently, and don’t know why. My ex’s mom used to have a bunch of witch craft stuff in her house, and I’m afraid my ex and his friends used some of it against me now, and he is busy being happy, while I’m sort of happy, but not really, and keep having terrible things happen.

  8. Rhi says:

    MY life sounds quite a LOT like yours!!! A LOT like yours!! Please tell me if anything has changed for you and what you have done about to change this??? I am sorry to hear all your challenges as well… I AM one who gets it!!! I feel like Im the only one in this world with constant problems, challenges, set backs ALL THE TIME…. just like you I come up for air to be slammed back down…. WHY ? I been searching for WHY for so many years and still come up with nothing…… I am now 39 and STILL LOST.

  9. Kelli Ringer says:

    I believe that my deceased mother was cursed by my stepfather. I believe that I am cursed my first husband is cursed our son is cursed all by my 2nd husband and that he cursed my 3rd husband as well. I believe that my sons ex girlfriend and his current girlfriend who is pregnant with his baby is cursed. Please help. Kelli

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Seems like a lot or cursing going on there. I would need to speak with you directly to know exactly what’s going on. I am going to bet it is not all curse related but won’t know until we talk. I’m here when you need my help. 614-444-6334

  10. Brittany says:

    I’m not exactly sure how I go about this but I’m at lost on what to do because ive tried it all.. I feel like my life has been cursed i have 3 kids and I struggle everyday I cant seem to find a job in always getting evicted from houses and I dread waking up every morning because in the back of my mind I know something bad is going to happen and 99% of the time its true .. I try absolutely so hard to better my life but I feel like theres something pulling me back I have nothing but negative vibes i guess what I’m trying to say is what can I do to scare this negative energy away I wanma be positive but its like my life wont let me

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Positive is a state of mind that cannot be influenced by outside forces. Keep your thoughts positive and see what happens. – Tana –

  11. Carina Flowers says:

    I think I am definitely under a curse. Either by two people, an ex-best friend or by my half sister, both into magic and one is very into the dark arts. So much so she believes to be possessed by the spirit of a witch. I thought she cared a lot about me but I cut her out of my life a long time ago, and four years ago I got into a work accident and ever since then I haven’t been able to walk and have to use a wheel chair and everything in my life has been going from bad to worse. My parents have become horrible and abusive, I’ve lost everything in my life from friends to loved ones. I think the only thing that can explain it is a curse, and the pain is getting so unbearable along with the abuse that I am on the verge of suicide. I have had various treatments and surgery and have had to go to a psyche ward because the abuse from my parents have driven me to attempt suicide already, and they admitted already that they caused this in me and lied to the psychiatrists about me. Now because of the Trump Administration and their Policies I will lose my insurance and my medications, and my cat, the only thing I have left in this world, has run away. I can’t handle this anymore, I need help or this curse will claim my life. My doctor is no where closer to progress with my CRPS (my nerve disorder from my work accident) and when I believe I have made any progress with my parents they suddenly take ten steps back. The pain is spreading to my back and has gotten to the point I can hardly breath from the intensity of the pain. I need any help I can get.

  12. Mbali says:

    In the African cultures . Curses are a dime a dozen , but since we’ve become quite westernised , many of us don’t know how to deal with them . I accept that there is a curse over many members of my family . If you know o of people people who can do curse removals correctly, in South Africa . I would greatly appreciate their contact. Before it’s too late . And I can feel the negative energy gearing up to throw something traumatic.

  13. Bridget says:

    i started “dating” a guy around may 2016. didn’t know he had a gf at first but i couldn’t leave him even when i found out he did. we worked together and he would always want to be with me but wouldn’t leave his gf for one reason or another. then another girl we worked with started getting close to me. i had always heard bad things about her and how untrustworthy she was but i decided to give her a chance since i didn’t have many friends.she spoke to me about how she use to be into black magic before so this is why i suspect her of doing something to me. she was very jealous of me. slowly things started getting worse. i crashed my car in october then the day after christmas he stole my car and crashed it. back to back tickets in march, then i got the strength to get him out of my life completely after the tickets because i felt like he or that girl we worked with had to be doing something to me like a curse. then i lost my job june 1, i was pretty depressed after that. then mid june i got rear ended. i need your help before something else happens please. I’m scared and tired of feeling like nothing good can ever happen to me. ps got my oil changed today and they told me i need a new battery. coincidence? or curse on my love life and car. help me please and thank you!

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds more like a Psychic Curse. I recommend an Energy Evaluation to know for sure if ypu’ve been cursed. If so, I can remove it for you, no problem. Call my offcie at 614-444-6334 or fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to schedule a session woth me for an EV. – Tana –

  14. Peter says:

    i need to know whether am cursed or anything supernatural have been involved in my life. i earn money lots whether legal or illegal. when i receive the cash even if it’s clean i get nervous and immediately head to drink all the cash to the last penny

  15. Raphael says:

    I strongly believe that im a victim of charm or a curse. I dont know from who, but i have 1person in mind. My instincts deeply believes she is the one but i dont have concrete proof. Jealousy could be the strong motive. My physical outlook has deterioated since several years. My stomach is bloated With hardness at navel area, hair lost, complexion turned dark especially around eye area. Insomnia, and the strongest symptom to verifies my suspicion is, where i go in my daily routine, there is a big black fly that appears out of no where. Even while im dining at a restaurant, shopping or even while sitting at my balcony. Like its watching and monitoring my every move. My carrear is gone, my love life diminish down d drain. Impossible to cultivate or hold a relationship for long if one arises. Men have seem to keep their distance from me or afraid to even look at me for long. Sometimes i feel and ask myself am that ugly to deserve such treatment. Do yu feel i have been charm with a poison arrow blocking my positive vibes? The fly presence constantly deepens my suspicion. Pls help. Thanks tana.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      There is something going on. But I would need to do an Energy Evaluation (EV) to know for sure. If there is a psychic curse, I can remove it during our evaluation. You can call my office at 614-444-6334 to schedule an EV or fill put the Psychic Reading form on my website. If it is a curse, you don’t want to ignore it. – Tana –

  16. Joy Winfield says:

    Hello my name is Joy and I’m think am cursed every since I was a child I allways felt like nothing but bad things been happen too me ..And as a adult I just feel like i can’t get ahead in life no matter how hard I try it’s like I no i need too make good choice and I plane to make good choices but it just don’t happen and my biggest problem is money it’s like I can’t save it’s like when I need to staye focus on anything I can’t…pls help me..

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Joy,

      I would be more than gald to help you. Psychic curses are very easy to remove. Please callmy offcie and scehdule a time with me so I can help you. Call 614-444-6334 and speak to Renee or Steve. – TH-

  17. Douglas says:

    I believe I’ve been cursed.
    I’m 12, but I really need someone to listen.
    For most of my life, I’ve felt happy and peaceful.
    But recently, I’ve just felt depressed.
    I feel like I could just cry at any moment.
    I even attempted suicide once at 11, And for the longest time I didn’t have any idea why.
    And whenever I try to do anything it always goes wrong.
    Even if it’s just warming up frozen corn dogs.
    I don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Douglas,

      Thank you for your honest post. First, I want you to know you have angels all around you who will help you and guide you. You can call on them whenever you feel down, and ask them to lift up your spirits.

      You are so young to deal with such dark emotions, and I wonder what might be going on causing you to feel so depressed. If you are having trouble at school, please talk to your parents about changing schools. If you can;t talk to them , then talk to a friend, a friends parents, or a school counselor.

      I know when you are 12 and feel sad, the world seems like an unhappy place. But I can assure you it is a beautiful place.

      This might not make sense to you, but I am going to tell you a very important spiritual truth. Our mind lies to us. Our minds will always tell us everything is bad, it is going to get worse, and never get better. But that’s a lie, because the mind lies.

      This is why monks meditate for hours each day, to learn to control what I call “the lying mind”. If one does not control their lying mind, it will control them, telling them lies. The same lies your mind has been telling you.

      The lies your mind has been telling you are: “Whenever I try to do anything, it always goes wrong”. This is one of the lies your mind has been telling you, bcause I’m sure you’ve done many things right.

      I don’t feel you’ve been cursed, as much as I feel something has happened in your life that caused you to get depressed all the sudden. I’m not a doctor or psychologist, but this is what I am picking up.

      I want to encourge you to talk to someone. Your parents, your school counselor, or even get on the internet and look for an 800 number for youth, that you can call and talk to people. These hotlines are free, and they do exist. I just googled a Teen Hotline where you can talk to other teens. The number is 310-855-4673 or you can TEXT TEEN to 839863. I also found a teen to teen hotline that is an 800 number at 877-968-8491.

      But I want to tell you that suicide, although it may at times feel like the only way out, is not the way out. That is just another lie your mind is telling you. There are many ways out! And one is just knowing these feelings will eventually pass! I promise you that, Daniel.

      My little friend, believe me when I tell you this, because I have no reaosn wahtsoever to lie to you. Life is beautiful. And the way to see this beauty, is to change they way you look at life. this is easy to do, when you know the steps involved to changing your thoughts.

      So if you send me your email address, and if you have a kindle, I will buy you my favorite book, that will change your life, and help you feel better. It has all the steps, and its easy to read, fun to read, and it will change your life. I promise!

      If you don’t have a reader, please email me back directly at with your full name and address, and I will send you this book to your home.

      I sincerely hope you will reach out to me, because this book will change your life, and you will start feeling better – again, I promise!

      You and your life are precious and an important part of the entire world, since we are all connected by an invisible energy thread.

      Please keep your head up, and if your parents will allow it, I will even give you a reading for free.

      Please remember, depression and sadness are a part of life sometimes, but these feelings pass eventually, no matter how long they last.

      I am sending you losts of love, peace, and 200 angels to watch over you and surround you with their love. You will feel them around you as soon as you read this post!

      In light, love, and peace,
      Tana Hoy

      Douglas, please go to my facebook page and read all the love and supoport from peoplewho care about you. Here’s the link to that page:

  18. Magda says:

    Can curses come from two people, maybe?
    My story, two people involved.
    First person: Couple of years ago I went through a pretty tough break-up. The guy was truly angry and hurt. He bid me ‘an unhappy life’ and a very unsucessful relationship (sex-wise, too). Much of that seemed to become my reality. There was a lot of resentment and I am wondering if that’s a first curse!

    Second person: My mother is this seriously weird religious individual. Her views are narrow and I spot hints of envy in her attitude towards my looks (particularly my hair and slim body type) and super-high education. Every time I share an opportunity i get with her, the progress falls apart. Each time she does this thing where she sends my name to some monasteries to be mentioned, I have horrible bad luck spikes and serious sadness. She’s had some reiki technique activation, too that i suspect she’s not making use of correctly. She had a lot of resentment directed towards me in the past and it would be interesting to see if that translated into a curse. It just does not make sense that with incredibly high education, skills and opportunities to get a job, been struggling to find work. It’s insane! Thought it may be something else involved…
    Can this be a curse? My fiancee is also being afected by this, what are we facing here?

  19. Every since I was little if I got confrontable with a guy he will fall out of love with me. It will go like this the guy would go out of his way to make me like him and when I finally admit it to myself that I like him he would automatically be like I don’t feel the same way. At first I just thought I was having back luck with guys but this has been the truth every since I liked guys. If I like them they will not like me but if I didn’t like them they would spend time woing me until I felt somethinh. It would be the guys who would ask me on dates, buy me gifts,and wanting to hang out but when I said yes they would be like I don’t like you like that. It is really weird.

  20. Em says:

    Could you have met your soulmate already, but because you are cursed it hasn’t worked out?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thats a loaded question. Psychic curses can affect many things. The only way I can know for is by talking to you directly so I can tune in a see whats happeneing exactly. Hi Megan,

      The first step is to contact my offcie and schedule a session together so I can tune in and help you. You can contact me by clicking on the Schedule A Reading tab here on my website. I look forward to speaking soon.

  21. Deborah Dills says:

    I believe that “something” has been placed on me. After finding out I had been adopted (only 3 years ago at age 57 years old) and that news has rocked my world, nothing, nothing has gone right in my life. I was born to a French/German Jew in Baumbolder, Germany with a different name entirely until my adoptive parents changed it through the courts in France to a more appropriate name for a now daughter of a reform rabbi.
    After my taking a DNA test, I found a 2nd cousin in the UK who helped me find a living first cousin named Gerard who lives in California and who I have since met. He told me that my birth mother told the family that she gave birth to a baby girl in Germany in 1957 but that baby- me- had died of a disease.
    Fast forwarding to now. during the past years, my son who has been diagnosed as bi-polar has tried to commit suicide many times. I woke up in Oct 2015 to blurry vision and found out my left eye retina detached, had surgery, and in Nov 2015, only 35 days later, my retina detached again.
    Hired 2 divorce attorney’s, one worse than the other with my having to file complaints against them with the state bar. One is still pending now.
    At 60 years old, I am living in poverty, having to go to food pantries, and in constant fear that I cannot afford to live and that the “next house” is going to drop on me.

    I believe that a curse of sorts has been placed on me, by whom, not sure. It could have been my birth mother’s mother, who concocted up the story that I had died of a disease. She was a strict Jew who lived in the late 1800’s and who was mortified that her unmarried daughter got pregnant so she told her to tell the family I had died, she then put me up for adoption and no one in the family would come looking for me.

    My adoptive family was not a loving one either, with my constantly having to run away mostly from my adoptive mom, who was abusive to me. I had to join the Army, chickened out, and then joined the US Navy in 1979 to get away from her.

    My husband of 36 years walked out of our marriage in Sept 2013, shaking me to the core as to why. He has nothing to do with either one of our sons, which breaks my heart to no end because they deserved a better father. Our disabled son cries every day about this.

    So, am I cursed? I reached out to a Kabbalah Rabbi who created a blessing for me to ward off evil thoughts against me, but it hasn’t worked yet. What now?

  22. Beauty for Ashes says:

    June 2016 my husband took me to the Bahamas for our 5th anniversary. We had a butler at the resort, she is from Jamaica. We befriended her.. I was her fb friend as well. Fast forward to Oct 2016,i went on an over night trip and when I returned home I learned she had been in town. It was not meant for me to know. My husband distancing himself from me and family. He really shut me out like so talking to me. The rejection and cruelty was awful. December comes around and he takes a trip to New York by himself. I was upset but I thought maybe he needed time. He claimed he was going to visit a friend but that wasn’t the case I’m sure. When he return home the talk is divorce came up. I was devastated. He distanced himself when more. They’re is so much in between. The lied for months about their relationship. I retrieved phone records one day because he was sleeping in another room and would be on the phone all night. The records showed that he would be in the phone with her all day and night. 120 min, 90 min, 70 min, 180min and this was sometimes back to back.
    Long story short, my divorce was finalized Sept 15th, they were married Oct.. 30 days later which was the waiting period. He only just told a few family members the day after Thanksgiving.
    He had so many lies about our marriage about his unhappy he was, but he never told me that. Never have a valid reason for divorce. At one point he would just say he didn’t know why, or he’d make up something.
    We moved to his mom run down house from my nice home. We had a plan to save money and buy land to build a home. Although I didn’t like where I was, they’re sad a bigger picture. For 2 years my faintest didn’t even have her own room. Now he’s married and didn’t go to that house.. He is buying or renting a very nice home for he and his new bride. So many of his bills are behind at the other house. He doesn’t know I’m privy to that information. He is beyond angry about child support as well.
    I dont know who this man is. The entire situation is evil.

  23. Evelyn mallari alcanar says:

    Tana the psychic said i have a curse in love thats why all my relationship are failures everytime im involved in a relationship its been separated all the time pls help me

  24. joseph says:

    hi my name is joseph i think a curse been put on me when i was 13 cause when it started i been having dreams about snakes inwanted astral projecting fight these negative being nd its been on going now im 20 i cant keep a job or move forward feel like im stuck nd i dont get tat much sleep if i do i astral project then i gotta worry about fighting these negative beings that seem to be attracked to me ireally need help there s more to but its to much to type

  25. I’m starting to think I am cursed in relationships. I have the best of intentions and there’s nothing I want more than to have a Godly man in my life. I wish I could afford your fees, but I cannot at this time. I’m just curious about my future and what to expect somewhat. I want a man who is faithful, financially stable and beautiful inside and out. I know when I see him, I’ll know him but the waiting is really starting to weigh on me.

  26. Samantha Mars says:

    I know I am cursed and I need help asap I can’t take it any more and I no it is my family doing it I wish that this person could help me heal I am suffering so many yrs now it’s time I know who I am and be myself again think you for listening I thought I was going crazy and curses don’t excise

  27. laura ann contreras says:

    I was told by several different meduins that i was cursed since birth .. i have had a very trying childhood and it has followed to adult hood.. i sure who ever placed this on me has passed by now. So now my question is why on earth would some one place a cures on a baby.and make them suffer all their life.. any way is there a way to remover it or should i leaveit be since im 56.. so not many years left on this earth.. i have over came so much that has been thrown at me from this. But was just wondering what ur segestion .thank you for listening .

  28. Mary ann says:

    I have definitely experienced unusual unexpected situations throughout my entire life. No matter which direction I go, it does not matter…

    I have thought someone cursed me but for fear of people would think I am crazy, I have not acknowledged this discovery within my self to many people.

    All I know is I am a good person and smart and was blessed to have a good life but there are always obstacles in my way… Always…

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Never give up. Past life karma can rear its ugly head when we least it. But, this too, shall pass.


  29. Sabrina Jones says:

    Have been single for so many years feel like my love life has been cursed

  30. Gina Boscia says:

    I have pretty much the same story as the others, I can definitely relate to April who wrote you in 2016 but I have a lot more. I really need someone to help me. I really feel that I’ve gotta do something cuz I cant take much more of all this bad stuff.
    Thank you

  31. Mary says:

    Dear Tana. My fiances ex wife and her mother used a bad luck curse on us for our finances and our health can you help me please my dearest friend.
    Before she left she told him she will make sure we going down and he will never be happy. Her mother buys stuff from sagomas for years now. We had a car accident recently. Our finances is a mess. We fight alot and hes using very bad words over me when we had an argument. Show me ugly sighns in my face. Buy me presents tell me its mine. And when we fight hes taking everything back again. He sleeps alot most of times we dont sleep thrugh we wake up alot. Hes got a split personality one moment hes nice next rude . One moment he says something next it otherwise. Please let me know did hes ex and her mother cursed us. Regards Mary Hoffmann

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Mary,

      We would need to have a Curse Evaluation session for me be able to determine this accurately. You can contact my office at 614-444-6334 to schedule this.

  32. Harry says:

    Hi Tana,.

    I really think I’m under the physic curse, because I feel like there is a person putting very bad thoughts into my mind…. I mean these evil comments are thoughts that I know 100 percent would never be generated from my normal thought process… I have all the symptoms of being cursed, the only thing is I cant seem to confirm who it may be. I have my suspicions but it’s not fair to assume a innocent person…. I use to be so well like, people always wanted me around, but for about 4 years now I feel like people want to be away from me at all times and try any effort in doing so…. Also everybody I come in contact with, whether in person or not I feel like there making continues comments about me under there breathe si it would make it hard for me to make out what there saying about me…. Please help I really need it cause im heading in the wrong path and I’m afraid of what the outcome maybe. I struggle with addiction, so I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that I’m heading down the wrong path…. Thanks for your time reading this, any help In this matter will truly be appreciated and life changing if all works out….

  33. Leeanna Feagins says:

    I absolutely have no doubt at this point in my life that I have been cursed many, many times over, probably by a lot of different people. Since very early childhood. People have been extremely vicious, malicious, and unkind, and negative towards me. They attack me, verbally abuse me. People I dont really know, Even those I considered my friends. I grew up a victim of severe bullying ,and just utter hatred has been generally directed toward me all my life, for no even valid reason I could ever even wrap my mind around.I am living as a target, a punching bag for everyone else to attack. I have been so used, and destroyed, and mentally abused by guys in the past when all I ever truly wanted was a serious relationshipand marriage. As an adult now at 30. I have been held back my entire life, trapped living at home because it seems whatever dark curse keeps taking away and squashing any progress I attempt to make wether it be financial, a job anything that could move me forward is immediately disrupted or ruined.I have lost all hope, all confidence. Whatever this is wants me to be as unhappy as possible and possibly take my own life, which I have contemplated, over, and over for years as well. It is seeing to it I never finding that happy ending I had once dreamed and hoped for. I am also now in a 5 year relationship with someone I believe is also very cursed and I’m still unmarried. I am begging for any kind of help at this point.

  34. James B.Banks says:

    My name is James Banks my mother’s stepmother put a curse on me when I was 11 years old I did not find out until I was 59 years old I have no children I have no wife a woman cannot conceive from me the woman that Dad says it’s no longer with us can you help I would appreciate it thank you very much making Corrections if you read the comment

  35. James B.Banks says:

    Thank you very much

  36. King Kamara says:

    My girlfriend has a curse and I don’t know if its affecting me indirectly. I don’t get money again as I used to get. Is there any counseling that I need to go through ? Thank you

  37. Charlinda says:

    I have trouble with love as people keep walking out on me without fully getting to know the full me. In the past few encounters it seems as if the folks like to argue and say I’m the victim . I recently have not been to work in 4 weeks bc I feel like the spirit of depression has took over. I spoke and wasted money last year on a psychic Hilary Lawrence who ultimately scammed me. I just want to get back to me athletic, loving, caring, individual and get a gig that provides work life balance and manage my finances better.

  38. Lynn Bell says:

    I have been single for some years I can’t seem to find love my life is up and down I believe in God and I changed my life sometimes I feel like I’m cursed because I haven’t found love and I’m by myself and bad things keep reacuring with me and my son I would like to know is there a chance something is wrong with me.

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